Top Ten Reasons Avatar Is Better Than Gravity Falls, Total Drama Island, and Sanjay and Craig

Avatar is a good movie and all three of the shows above suck
The Top Ten
1 Avatar is exciting and Gravity Falls, Total Drama Island, And Sanjay And Craig Are Boring

I agree with you on Sanjay and Craig but I disagree with you on Gravity a Falls And Total Drama Island.

Who made this list?

2 Total Drama Island, Gravity Falls, And Sanjay And Craig Have Fart Jokes

First let me ask something. When did you here Gravity Falls use a fart joke? Unlike Sanjay and Craig, they use real humor. Second, Sanjay and Craig survive off of fart jokes

There aren't any fart jokes in Gravity Falls and Total Drama but Sanjay and Craig does, idiot.

Gravity Falls does not have any fart jokes, idiot.

3 The Avatar people look cool with blue skin

Wrong Avatar. You mean Avatar: The Last Airbender, right?

Avatar is one of the worst shows ever

4 Avatar is a masterpiece

Gravity falls is more enjoyable to watch

5 Dipper looks ridiculous

I could say the same about Aang. Better stop before everyone starts bashing you instead.

This item is ridiculous

6 Gwen is a bully

And there are no bullies in either Avatar? Look, Comparisans. You need to stop bashing TDI and Gravity Falls.

The only reason I voted was to tell you she is not a bully

7 Craig isn't funny
8 Avatar is actually funny while Gravity Falls has no jokes

There actually are jokes in Gravity Falls: "but her aim is getting better! " -Grunkle Stan

Gravity Falls is funny and awesome and does not suck!

9 Avatar has good animation while Total Drama Island's is choppy
10 Avatar has a good plot and Sanjay And Craig sucks at plots

Not saying avatar always has great plots, but yes, Sanjay and Craig sucks at plots

WRONG sanjay and craig has good plots

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