Top 10 Best Major League Baseball Managers of All Time

List of the 10 best managers in Major League Baseball
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1 Joe Torre

One of baseball's great managers and here's his 2014 Hall of Fame Plaque: A beacon of serenity and stature in the dugout, won 2,326 games, fifth most ALL-Time, managing in five decades. led Yankees to post-season in each of his 12 seasons at the helm, winning 10 division titles, six A.L. pennants and World Series Crowns in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000. Also piloted Braves to postseason in 1982 and Dodgers in 2008-09. Won A.L. Manager of the Year Awards in 1996 and 1998. In 18 seasons as a player, hit .297 as a Nine-time ALL-Star and 1971 N.L. Most Valuable Player.
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He proved by making it to the playoffs that the yankees needed him more than he needed the yankees. Now the yankees are sitting at home watching the playoffs

Why doesn't Stratomatic make a player card for Joe Torre in their Hall of Fame sets? I'm just putting that out there.

Also a great baseball player.

2 Joe McCarthy
3 John McGraw

He was the best of all managers in the history of the Giants franchise, here's his 1937 Hall of Fame plaque: Star third-baseman of the great Baltimore Orioles, National League champions in the 1890s. For 30 years manager of the New York Giants starting in 1902. Under his leadership the Giants won 10 pennants and 3 World Championships.
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4 Tony La Russa
5 Casey Stengel
6 Sparky Anderson
7 Ozzie Guillen

"Does anyone understand what he's saying? "

8 Earl Weaver
9 Terry Francona

Ozzie Guillen is not the best, not near it. Francona is consistent, and won with a team that perpetually sucked.

10 Bobby Cox
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11 Clint Hurdle
12 Connie Mack

Connie was a great owner AND a great manager. Sure he lost a lot and destroyed dynasties BUT he also build dynasties and won a lot of games. Here's his 1937 Hall of Fame Plaque: A star catcher but famed more as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics since 1901. Winner of 9 pennants and 5 world championsips. Received the Bok award in Philadelphia in 1929.
Its Joeysworld

13 Lou Piniella

I mostly like him during his years with the Mariners. That's where he built up his reputation as not only a great manager, but a fiery one as well. When arguing with umpires he's been known to throw bases, pour dirt all over home plate, and kick his hat quite far.

He gave the Mariners their big 1995 season, to which I had season tickets! I was able to meet him personally, and he doesn't seem much like the hard manager he is on the field, but he's a really nice guy!

14 Jim Leyland
15 Ron Gardenhire
16 Mike Scioscia
17 Charlie Manuel
18 Walter Alston
19 Tommy Lasorda
20 Davey Johnson
21 Dick Williams
22 Terry Francona
23 Miller Huggins
24 Bruce Bochy
25 Frank Chance
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