Worst Major League Baseball Umpires

This is a list of worst umpires in Major League Baseball so if you have an opinion please list them in the comment section below.
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1 Angel Hernandez

There's long been a huge problem with MLB umpires, stemming from the widespread attitude among them that it's THEIR game; that they OWN it. There's no respect for the strike zone. It's whatever a particular ump feels like on any given day. And that's subject to change at any moment. They squawked like old biddies back in the late 90s when the overhead plate cams came in, cause they didn't want anyone to know how bad so many calls are. And too many infield umps don't position themselves for a clear view of close plays. Finally they're being challenged more often, and video doesn't lie. Suck it up.

2 Joe West

Are you kidding me? Today he threw Aaron Boone out in the 2nd or 3rd inning for arguing balls and strikes. But he was the third base umpire! Why, because his work was so bad last night behind the plate and Boone and Gardner got in his face about it and he didn't eject them. Then the media killed him about how bad his work was and many called on him to retire because he has lost it.

But, big ego prevails and he is protected by a union that only wants to make sure that its employees have jobs, no matter how bad they are at them.

Joe must go! Angel right behind him and Ron Kulpa too. All should and could be replaced by robots

3 C. B. Bucknor

Beautiful combination of a wildly inconsistent strike zone, bad calls around the entire diamond, and a fuse so short when he's called out that there's no doubt how well aware he is of just how bad he is.

I don't understand how I can know he's a horrible umpire just by seeing him every now and then and MLB can't see that he's a bad umpire. Shouldn't the worst two or three empires we fired every year? That's how it is in real life

I have seen C.B. Bucknor intentionally make bad calls of strikes and balls and then laugh at the batter or pitcher. Bucknor is a pathetic sadist.

4 Bob Davidson

Short tempered, especially against Joe Maddon and Charlie Manuel which I thought the incident between Bob and Charlie was hilarious even though MLB suspended them both for one game.

Davidson is precisely the most controversial umpire if you want to argue with him.

5 Phil Cuzzi
6 Vic Carapazza

I remember watching the blue jays game on canada day 2016... Vic carapazza is the worst umpire in the mlb

7 Alfonzo Marquez

I am watching him tonight and he can't call a strike unless the batter swings at it.

8 Marty Foster

He robbed the game away from the Rays in Texas by calling strike three on a full count from Ben Zobrist whichever the pitch was clearly out of the strike zone.

Doesn't know a strike from a ball.

9 Jerry Meals

He blew the game for the Pirates and it would have cost them playoff contention.

10 Ron Kulpa

No mea culpable, bad Ronald Clarence ends games when Opentable calls.

Disrespectful and unprofessional.

The Contenders
11 Laz Díaz

Along with Hernandez and Bucknor, you KNOW that you'll be amazed at how bad they are before the end of the first inning.

This guy looks like someone who is recruited from off the street to ump a game because there's no one else around to do it.

When you see him (or the other aforementioned clowns) on the diamond before the game starts, the first words out of your mouth are "Oh no, NOT HIM! "

Brings new meaning to the word INCOMPETENT.

Awful Strike zone. He may need new glasses. Pulls the rip cord on 2 strikes. Not sure he ever knows the count..

12 Fieldin Culbreth
13 Chris Guccione

Acts like the game is about him as much as the players. Terrible inconsistency with the strike zone. Will toss a player/coach from halfway across the diamond. This clown is a walking disaster,

A Hot Head who initiates confrontations with players, and managers.

14 Jim Joyce

No way Jim Joyce should be on this list. Yes, he blew a perfect game from Armando Galarraga, but he shouldn't only be known for that. We're only human, we're bound to make mistakes along the way. Joyce was a very good umpire for the entire time he was in the league. The same goes for Bill Buckner. He was a solid 1st baseman for 20 years. He has over 2,700 hits, and a .289 batting average. But he'll always be remembered as the guy that made the awful error in game 6 of the '86 World Series against the Mets. People don't look at the whole picture, they only see one slip up, and I just don't think that's right.

15 Doug Eddings

It's the incredible vanishing strike zone! I guess he blows an equal number of calls for both teams, so that's fair I guess. I wish he wouldn't call time *while the ball is traveling to the plate*, though.

16 Mike Estabrook
17 Andy Fletcher

Inconsistent strike zone. Short tempered. Throws managers and players out of a game way to quickly.

18 Mark Wegner

This guy threw out a White Sox player for throwing a ball behind the batter (which didn't even hit him) and he was a rookie. Not to mention the atrocious strike zone

19 Joe Maddon
20 Tripp Gibson

Needs remedial instruction on strike zone. His ability to correctly recognize that a pitch is off the plate or low is non existent.

Worst ball/strike umpire I've seen since Ken Kaiser. When Kaiser left the game, he gave his coin to Gibson (heads = strike, tails = ball),

Needs remedial instruction on strike zone. Simply ridiculous.

21 Joshua Wharton
22 Paul Emmel

Extremely inconsistent strike zone. Pitches that are balls are called strikes and vice versa.

23 Sam HolBrook
24 Jordan Baker
25 Gerry Davis
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