Top 10 Best Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers Teams of All Time

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1 1955

The best Brooklyn team ever. After so many decades of last place cellars, also rans, so close moments. The Dodgers finally got their monkeys off their backs and capture Brooklyn's only world championship. The New York Daily News front page said it best WHO'S A BUM! The Dodgers got a stack of Hall of Famers including National League MVP Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese , Roy Campanella and manager Walter Alston. The Dodgers also have Gil Hodges, and a team that in the World Series beat the hated New York Yankees, and became the Ultimate Boys of Summer.
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2 1963

1963 can be summed up on two big words: SANDY KOUFAX. It was a year that he belonged with the best pitchers in baseball. A 25-5 record, a 1.88 ERA and 306 strikeouts. The Dodgers did battle with the St. Louis Cardinals for the pennant. But unlike 1962, it was no heartbreak, the Dodgers prevailed in the National League, then shockingly swept the New York Yankees in 4 games to bring its 3rd world championship back to Los Angeles. For Koufax and his season was awarded as he was named The Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year.
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3 1988

I don't believe what I just saw. Those words by radio announcer Jack Buck best described not just game 1 but for the entire Los Angeles Dodgers, a team with just 2 proven stars but a manager who believes anything is possible. The team believe and did the impossible and brought home a world championship for Los Angeles.
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My favorite series of all time!

4 1977
5 1981

It was an upside down year in baseball with a 50 day strike. A season that was split in two halves and the unofficial beginning of the League Division Series. But one of the 8 we're the Dodgers and they we're led by outstanding young talent form Pedro Guerrero and Ken Landreaux. But it was Fernando Valenzuela that became the hottest rookie of the year. The Dodgers in the post season we're the Cardiac Dodgers and it led to their oasis and beat the New York Yankees AT Yankee Stadium in Game 6 of the World Series to clinched their 5th World Title.
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6 1947

Yes 1947 was a banner year, its where Jackie Robinson first played with the Dodgers, its where the Dodgers won the pennant, its where the first World Series to be played, and its where Cookie Lavagetto and Al Gionfriddo shined in the World Series, and finally its where the Dodgers began an era of World Series appearances 1947 to 1956
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7 1965

After an off season in 1964, the Dodgers we're back in 1965 as they chased for another World Series appearance. Standing in the way we're the San Francisco Giants, a team who we're ready for another World Series Appearance, it all came to a head on August 22 when a fight broke out between the Giants Juan Marichal and the Dodgers Johnny Roseboro. The brawl became big news but in the end it was The Dodgers who clinched the pennant by just 2 games over the Giants. The Dodgers went on to beat the Minnesota Twins to win their 4th World Championship.
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8 1953
9 2009
10 2014
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11 1959

What a change of Scenery! said by Vin Scully long time voice of the Dodgers who described the 1959 World Series WITHOUT a New York Team for the first and only time in the 1950s. It was the Los Angeles Dodgers who we're a lightning in a bottle team that won it all. They won ONLY 86 games and had to survive a Milwaukee Braves team that we're hungry for a third straight National League Pennant. But the Dodgers survived the ordeal and win the Pennant in a 2 out of 3 NL Pennant Tie-breaking Series and then the World Championship in 6 games, It was the Dodgers first Championship representing Los Angeles, California.
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2ND. Year in L.A. beat the White Sox, won the world series.

12 2020
13 1916
14 1941
15 1966
16 1974
17 1949
18 1978
19 1962
20 1980
21 1995
22 1952
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