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Derrick Martell Rose is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.


I'm a Bulls fan but Rose does not deserve to be on this list. A couple good seasons and sitting out playoff games when physically cleared to play. 10 years from now he will not even be considered on this list let alone ahead of players like John Stockton, Moses Malone, Karl Malone, and a long list of others that will pass him even thought they don't play any more.

Derrick Rose #1 of the Chicago Bulls takes a pass... to the best record in the NBA since, guess when, Michael Jordan did the same thing... Michael Jordan could do it all: take the ball up the court, catch and shoot, drive to... Of course Michael Jordan is better than Derrick Rose.

What are you talking bout? Who ever posted Derrick is gonna be the best of all time is way off! Your obviously a bull lover. Kyrie should be ahead of Derrick rose! I hate curry and I'm still saying he is better then rose! Rose is number 25 I think. But still rose is really good

Derrick Rose is the greatest player of all time. he has only been in the NBA for 2 years and has already the MVP

I love derrick rose and I have never missed a single of his games and I have all of his d-rose shoes collection and all of his jerseys and all other shorts t- shirts E.T. C however after his injury he seems to be getting stronger for some reason, its like his injury changed him forever :D

Derrick Rose is the youngest MVP in the MVPs history! The Bulls the nothing without him I mean he is the best point guard they have.
Derrick is still young and he is good, what can he do when he will be older then that?!

Easy, Exactly What He's Doing Now.. NOTHING, He Only Had Like What 2 Or 3 Terrific Seasons & After That He's Been Washed Up & Hasn't Been The Same Since Injuries #FACTS - JayJayB

I'm from Chicago Illinois and Derrick rose is one of the best when healthy and not injured and is good at playing in fatigue also he can drive shoot and much more I think he is just a gritty player with persistence and a variety of things to do

Sometimes I wish he never got injured, but his mid range game got so much better. His abilities as a point guard has improved, and he still has that quick step. I hope he gets some rings in the near future to show everyone else how great he is.

derrick rose is the best because he is a 100 mvp and he should play hard vs the heats today bulls rock het sticks, but they aren't that bad. Derrick rocks he should be first.

Rose may have an mvp, but he was only good for like what... three years? Now he he's practically in a wheelchair even though he's only ten years into his career. ESPN didn't even rank him top 50 all time

I think they're a girl should not be the 17 East said that good like Wade and LeBron Dallas Craigslist yeah he's a good point guard but not that good Chicago treated him for New York that's kind of harsh their degree

He is leading Chicago the way you think Michael Jordan did, he is beginning to rise to the top of the NBA

Derrick Rose is the best amazing player ever he's highlights was so amazing no one can't do tricks that he do and no one can do better ball handling like Derrick rose, he's fast with those spins and stealing the ball, slam dunks.

Derrick rose is beast! He can play well whenever he wants and where ever he's at. He's a complete player and can shoot from anywhere. He's the next Jordan!

Derrick rose is real legend he has got the best crossover he very fast I think he is the second basket-baller after real legend Michael Jordan

D. ROSE is like the best bulls player around the year the first time he came into the Chicago Bulls he was the BOMB

Greatest Chicago Bull player besides Michael Jordan, this guy is to good, he will be a future legend!

He's really good he is right now on the bulls the best, man he can drive the ball to the hoop and that's all I can say right now and I could go on and on about him.

D rose may get injured but when he is on the court he is unstoppable and I hate when people say he sucks he doesn't I mean look he has broke nba history he is the best in my opinion

For me... Derrick rose is the best player in NBA HISTORY, because Derrick Rose can do everything and impossible things in the world of Basketball

Derrick Rose should be a better place then 23 he is excellent period end of discussion

D. Rose please give me one Adizero... You are the best player and point guard I've ever seen... No can stop him even the nba legends can't stop him...D. rose you're the Best!

By far my favorite player in the NBA. I'm 16 and started watching basketball when I was 10 and he has been my favorite for all of those years.

I think he is after Jordan because he can shoot perfect dunk perfect that is my opinion derrick rose all the way I support derrick

Derrick rose would be a top point guard of 2016-2017 if he was never hurt he is explosive and is a very good shooter something like westbrook