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41 Stephen Curry Stephen Curry

Stephen curry is awesome why not put him on the top ten

Curry is not only a good player on the court but he is an amazing person. He respect his wife and children unlike Kobe. He is a basketball player I look up to. He came to an NBA conference being close to the last person picked to go but his strive and power for the game made him to be how good he is today. He pushed harder than any one of the other people there. He is unselfish and has great awareness if he needs to score to help the teams situation he will but still shares the ball. He is my favorite player and is pushing me to try to be the player I want to be.

There is no way the he pushed himself harder than every other player on this list. - HiBye

Stephen Curry is a very unique player, he has many things yet to try and go forward to advance to be the one of the greatest players on the NBA. His shooting skills are very mesmerizing, his deep 3-point shots are very consistent and shocking. He is a player that doesn't play for himself but for the rest of the team. Right now he is considered to be the best shooter on the league, Why? Look at his shots, they are very incredible. It doesn't look like he is a human but a cyborg shooter or a video game character controlled by a professional gamer. But seriously, he is a great player.


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42 DeMar DeRozan DeMar DeRozan DeMar Darnell DeRozan is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

An amazing player for Raptors Team!

An amazing player for the Raptors.

You being in the all star game is great

The best SG in the current NBA, and also is my other favorite Raptor (other than A.D, Vince, KLow, and Tracy Mcgrady) - Canadiangamer

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43 Kyle Lowry Kyle Lowry Kyle Lowry is an American professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

Hehas the mind of being a leader and knows how to turn around bad game into the best game

Kyle Lowry is #1 in the Raptors and he plays really well!


More and more trash

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44 David Robinson David Robinson David Maurice Robinson is an American former professional basketball player, who played center for the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association for his entire career.

Respectable player of the San Antonio Spurs for many years.

Am I reading this list correctly... Gervin 60, Robinson 61, Kemp 62, and Payton at 63. Wow this is ridiculous. come on Irving is at 25. These guys r legends. Irving has done nothing in his career; he is yet to play in a postseason game. This list is a joke

Great player best player I have ever seen play

Give me this list so I can put it in a garbadge can

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45 Shawn Kemp Shawn Kemp Shawn Travis Kemp is an American retired professional basketball player, who played in the National Basketball Association for 14 seasons.

Best in game dunked of all time! Hands down well next to vince and d wilkens

The Reign Man his shoes were so comfortable and dope his dunks were electric and moved crowds he is the reason why people loved the Super Sonics - mountainhawk

The best dunker and good fighter in 90's. He created one of the best duo (with gary payton)in nba ever.

Shawn kemp should be better or in the top ten

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46 Tony Parker

3-times NBA Champion and Finals MVP ans he's far behind players like Sabonis, Stojakovic or Vince Carter? It's a joke!

Fast, fearless, nice guy too

I like tony parker.. The way he move.

Tony must be 30

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47 Bernard King

Greatest basketball player of all time. The guy couldn't be stopped. Magic Johnson was scared of him. His magical dunks wowed crowds all over the world.

Bernard King should be at least in the top 20?

He is way better then how you put him

Top 13

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48 Rudy Gay Rudy Gay Rudy Carlton Gay Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

He would be a legend if he swallowed his pride and went to a contender like the pacers heat knicks celtics spurs - mountainhawk

Boo should barely crack top eighty

Rudy gay looks very good

This guy is very good but I think he shoul be number 60 instead of number 49

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49 Jermaine O'Neal Jermaine O'Neal Jermaine Lee O'Neal is an American former professional basketball player. The 6 ft 11 in, 255 lb forward-center had a successful high school career and declared his eligibility for the 1996 NBA draft straight out of high school.

My uncle went to school with him.

O'neal you are the best player but why are you in 52 place, anyway I am your 2 biggest fan

I love your dunks

His punch at the malice at the palice will always be funny dude was getting up to get knocked back out again lmao - mountainhawk

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50 Amare Stodumire

He is beast. He is one of New Yorks best players. He averages good points per game. He is also a good slam dunker.

I would put him on this list if he ever did any thing great. What great thing has he done to even be mentioned.

He has good slam dunking skills. - paasadani

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51 Richard Hamilton

Best at hiding kids in his closet.

Because he should be he awesome

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52 Bob Pettit

One of the best.. Great team player.

Awesome pump fakes and crossovers from this knight in basketball armors!
-Celine, 13

U guys are stupid for thinking that Amare Stodimire is is better than Pettit

53 Penny Hardaway

Best player opponent of Michael Jordan
Number one endorser of Nike

He was a great player with the Magic and o'neal he deserves way better probably 6

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54 Kevin McHale

I think Kevin McHale was a complete team player and did what ever necessary to help his team win games and he did it within the rules of game in the time period that he played. He was also a very nice gentleman.

Seriously!?!? The most unstoppable post moves the world has ever seen and I can't believe he is ranked 52nd... How can guys like Baron Davis, Toni Kukoc, D-Wade be better than this guy? He lead the Celtics win multiple championships along with Bird and Parish how can you put him in 52nd... I tell you one more time! The most unstoppable post moves in NBA history. Better than Olajuwon's post moves or even Tim Duncan's post moves... Not the greatest but boy 52nd is too low for him...

Kevin McHale was unstoppable around the basket...this ranking is absurd...McHale would beat Scottie Pippen in a 1-on 1 game 9 out of 10 times.

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55 Shaquille Johnson

If you've never heard of Shaquille Johnson, just face it you don't know basketball very well. In my opinion the greatest player to ever step on a court. His incredible athleticism and field vision allowed him to dominate the tight end position while standing only 5'12". He is truly an inspiration to us all, that anything is possible, even if you only have one leg like him.

Who? This list is the dumbest thing I've ever seen! 1

Shaquille Johnson was a dominant force on the court, his presence in the paint was undeniably the best of all time. That along with his incredible synergy with Kobe Brown make him a serious contender for the number one spot.

Everything after the top 10 is crazy. bench riders are beating Olympic all stars.

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56 Bill Walton

Injury plagued, short career, but when healthy made so many above him on this list look like children.

This guy made the blazers win the championship.

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57 James Worthy

If he was playing on another team and didn't have to sacrifice for the team his stat would make him the best small forward next to Larry Bird and Lebron. The best defensive players of his time, Rodman and Pippen, could not defend him; he was too quick for them to move to basket and he had great 14-16 jump shot. Just look at the game 7 of 1988 final and the 1985 final and what he did to Kevin McHale.
In 1991 playoff, before he turned his ankle in game 5 against Portland, Lakers were going to win the title easily. In game 1 of final, he played his guts out and Pippen had to defend him. This made Jordan defend Magic; big advantage for Lakers. However, when Phil understood that Worthy cannot play even at 60% he moved Pippen to guard Magic,which made Jordan free. That changed the whole series. I still believe if Worthy was at 100% Lakers would have won that year. Pippen would not be able to stop Worthy and Jordan having to defend Magic would not be totally free to dominate the series as ...more

He played with 2 of the most talented ever and still made his presence known on the court.

Worthy is the most underrated player of all time. He is on my all-time first team, meaning he is in the top 12 all time. He was a "revolutionary" player, as he was able to play either forward position, and showed more speed and agility of any player 6'9" or over, ever. He was also an excellent defensive player.

James Worthy was one of the best players to ever play in the NBA, as well as college. He should definitely be way higher up on the list.

58 George Gervin George Gervin George Gervin, nicknamed "The Iceman," is an American retired professional basketball player who played in both the American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association for the Virginia Squires, San Antonio Spurs, and Chicago Bulls.

His commercial with D-wade is the best Ice Man put in work had the sweetest finger roll period - mountainhawk

Are you kidding. Michael at 1 is the only thing right. Ice man is worth top 20. Better than him: MJ, Kobe, then tied with pistol Pete. I've man was great at scoring and took on the also low ranted Dr. J in the famous dunk contest.

TOP 15

Ice man is behind harden!?! they might as well put Kendrick perkins at number 2 behind mj.

59 Jerry Lucas

Jerry Lucas was easily the most underrated player on this list. For several seasons he was right there with Chamberlain and Russell as a rebounder and scorer. One of the very best ever centers to ever play the game. Possibly the best ever college player and high school player. How soon people forget!

Lucas is my name

Jerry Lucas was one of the best basketballer of all time! He should at least be in the top twenty...

60 Jose Barea

Jose Juan Barea or "JJ Barea" is a point guard from Minnesota timberwolves.

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