Top Ten Best Bengali Rappers

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1 Khodu Makhal (a.k.a. Naveed Jamal Khan)

This is the very cool rapper I've beeN searchin for.
The Guy's a joker a rap's funny but trust me his flow is the best and just doent rapp bout money and hoes.
All of his rap songs are meaningful. But nowadays I can't find that legendary gangsta who has a big heart.

2 Black Zang (Member of Uptown Lokolz)
3 MC Slicer
4 Fokir Lal Miah

All his tracks are in the language of his mothertongue,
Raps better than biggie and any other rapper, he is the number one bengali rapper! I love this guy!

V 4 Comments
5 Danny G

All his good personalities in his great rap!

6 Ac1d

The best deshi rapper by far. His got the tongue twister flow and can switch between English and bangla with ease. He should be number 1

7 Renegade Boy
8 The Teary Eyed Kid

This Bengali rapper is a very nice man, he raps for the needy and his country. And get's me emotional. Just take a look at his name and say what type of rap he does mann he's legendary.

9 Gamble V 1 Comment
10 SH8S

The Contenders

11 AKdotZ
12 Mo Money
13 CK Toff
14 Taseen (Bangla Mentalz) V 1 Comment
15 Mc Mugz V 1 Comment
16 Shafayat
17 Celestial BCF
18 33 (Bangla Mentalz)
19 Kanchan V 1 Comment
20 Labib V 1 Comment
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1. AKdotZ
2. Mo Money
3. Celestial BCF
1. Khodu Makhal (a.k.a. Naveed Jamal Khan)
2. Black Zang (Member of Uptown Lokolz)
3. MC Slicer



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