Top Ten Best Bengali Rappers

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1 Black Zang (Member of Uptown Lokolz)


2 Khodu Makhal (a.k.a. Naveed Jamal Khan)

This is the very cool rapper I've beeN searchin for.
The Guy's a joker a rap's funny but trust me his flow is the best and just doent rapp bout money and hoes.
All of his rap songs are meaningful. But nowadays I can't find that legendary gangsta who has a big heart.

3 MC Slicer

He is the bengali eminem! Dem bengaal legends should be wrldwide knwn.

4 Fokir Lal Miah

All his tracks are in the language of his mothertongue,
Raps better than biggie and any other rapper, he is the number one bengali rapper! I love this guy!

Best rapper I have ever seen

He is a legend in bangla Rap.. Pioneer as well

Rappers were using mix bangla and english in their verses before Lal Miah emerged and took over the nation with pure raw bangla - lal ekla eksho.

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5 Danny G

All his good personalities in his great rap!

6 Ac1d


The best deshi rapper by far. His got the tongue twister flow and can switch between English and bangla with ease. He should be number 1

7 Renegade Boy

I don't need to talk bout dis guy. Chek him yo' self!

8 The Teary Eyed Kid

This Bengali rapper is a very nice man, he raps for the needy and his country. And get's me emotional. Just take a look at his name and say what type of rap he does mann he's legendary.

9 SH8S
10 Gamble

Oh man his flow is the best!

The Contenders

11 AKdotZ
12 Mo Money
13 Shafayat

The best rappers of bangladesh

14 CK Toff
15 Taseen (Bangla Mentalz)


16 Mc Mugz

Ever heard of deshi Mc's
He is one of the best Dmc.
If we compare deshi mc's with uptown lokolz (due to Black Zang in this list) then here's the logic behind that. Ay mama ay was Lokolz' best song, Dmc had more than 10 songs in one album which levels up a song like that.
Mugz definitely deserves top 5.

17 Labib

Like a Boss.From CBBD

18 Celestial BCF
19 33 (Bangla Mentalz)
20 Kanchan

Monica xvideos

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1. AKdotZ
2. Mo Money
3. Celestial BCF
1. Khodu Makhal (a.k.a. Naveed Jamal Khan)
2. Black Zang (Member of Uptown Lokolz)
3. MC Slicer


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