Top Ten Best Benjamin Tucker Quotes

Benjamin Ricketson Tucker was a journalist & the leading proponent of American individualist anarchism in the 19th century.

The Top Ten Best Benjamin Tucker Quotes

1 I insist that there is nothing sacred in the life of an invader, and there is no valid principle of human society that forbids the invaded to protect themselves in whatever way they can.
2 The nurse and the teacher,like the doctor & the preacher,must be selected voluntarily,& their services must be paid for by those who patronize them.Parental rights must not be taken away,& parental responsibilities must not be foisted upon others.
3 Once for all, then, we are not opposed to the punishment of thieves and murderers; we are opposed to their manufacture.
4 Product and capital are essentially different things; the former belongs to individuals, the latter to society.
5 Laissez Faire was very good sauce for the goose, labor, but was very poor sauce for the gander, capital.
6 All freedom of trade must disappear. Competition must be utterly wiped out. All industrial and commercial activity must be centered in one vast, enormous, all-inclusive monopoly. The remedy for monopolies is monopoly.
7 ..State that creates..conditions which give birth to thieves & justify its existence on..ground of..prevalence of theft & murder is..logical process every whit as absurd as those used to defeat your efforts to abolish slavery & the Church
8 I have also seen it stated that Capital punishment is murder in its worst form. I should like to know upon what principle of human society these assertions are based and justified.
9 Now can you do this to the beach boys? Can you do this to The Beach Boys? Hell No!
10 Commanded love of all men indiscriminately is an obliteration of distinction between love and hate, and therefore is not love at all.

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11 But this is not to say that..society which inflicts capital punishment commits murder.Murder is an offensive act.The term cannot be applied legitimately to any defensive act.& capital punishment,however ineffective it may a strictly defensive act..
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