Google Video


Google owns YouTube, so the two ought to be incredibly similar. YouTube is great, so Google Video follows in that path. Google Play is not AN alternative, it is THE alternative! You also get a lot from a Google account, including access to both of these websites, so this is definitely the only alternative!

I don't see anything special about Google Video. It's literally just Google Images or anything like it, except instead of pictures, it's videos.

So a suggestion for Google video becoming a kind of YouTube here's a name Google tube or you Google

Never heard of it but Google's pretty cool

This is the best it shows everything that is on any website

It is awesome I just love it but why does google need to make a alternative to YouTube when they made youtube

Google owns YouTube so they're basically the same thing.

It is a really good website to use for videos to watch

I vote this because it's awesome who's with me

I want to watch full length movies. That is why I am surfing this site.

I want to watch nursery rhymes on this tube

YouTube is by google you know that - Unknownguy

A slight lag but similar to YouTube in almost every way

has ufc videos, something youtube doesn't have.

it searches through all the video sites - moose4life19

if you're tired of youtube look at google video! - Gaspar

Google video includes all the YouTube videos plus other ones too. - cheesemaster

Wait does this still exist? I thought it got destroyed when Google bought YT - SkaiSlays

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Google vidio is where I start with you tube so that makes both the best.

This site is my new best friend it's the best sub for youtube youtube now officily is the worst!

Google videos are okay but youtube is own by Google so whatevez and I'm sorry your wrong all the way Google youtube should be by its self I perfer watching youtube - Animerockstar

""I rue the day when Google /Youtube/ & Facebook collapse and fall to financial ruin""

- valterra blue - Vimeo convert