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62 VideoRulz

This doesn't look like a video sharing site. - Mattwo

63 Perform-ers

Weekly Video Contest, very cool

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64 Anyvideos

I agree. I love VidLii, it's a great website. A very good community and good customization! It's like the old YouTube, it's great!

Yet again they only take big local main corporation email providers that can be tampered with or hacked, not very many people there its boring as well as wenoo they both suck

Best YouTube alternative, hands down!

2009 YouTube pretty much, so good!

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66 Youku

The chinese website with a lot of videos of anything. Some in chinese but others in another languages.

It's Japanese but still a major video site.

67 Gozie

Yeah. Gozie is awesome because they don't have video advertisements, censorship removal, and it's way easier to get views and subscribers. Plus they have lots of content that Jewtube already has lolol.

This looks like possibly the best one! Because Exposure Room appears to be gone! YouTube just jumped the shark!


Can someone please tell me why this is ranked lower than all the non-sharing, live streaming and dead sites? - Mattwo

Best Video Hosting and Streaming Website. It's as bigger as YouTube and Dailymotion. Each user can upload up to 2 GB files in different formats.

69 VidBit

Best website and very similar to the old YouTube - darknova36

Wow. Never saw a site that looks THAT similar to the classic 2009 YouTube. It looks more promising than all other "Old YouTube" like sites. Lovin' it.

Best YouTube alternative hands down!

This is on the list twice o-o either way it's aweshum

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70 Vidme

Vidme is boring and they control and censor content and accounts, not recommended for the creative, a bunch of tight wads

They censor political content. Sucks

r.i.p. - themets05

It's dead

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71 Viddler

Viddler is amazing! They have so many functions that allow me to do exactly what I am looking for with my videos. I can monetize my videos through their pay per view model and I am loving the feedback I am getting from my customers. I recommend them to all my friends!

They have a very extensive API and a lot of add-ons which can be added to an account. If there isn't a feature they have, then I'll usually let them know and they're pretty good at implementing what I need in their next release.

Viddler offers an incredibly professional solution with solid points of differentiation from the competition. Check out the customer spotlights at and you'll be wowed!

Great People, Solid Product!

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72 Loading.Pk

Is that a joke? - Mattwo


73 WeSplash

EVERYTHING you loved about YouTube before it got messed up. Best alternative ever. I almost cried when I saw my profile page on WeSplash, I never thought that classic layout would exist somewhere again. 5 stars!

DeeDee here, the website is very simple and lacks some modern functions. Aside from that, it's simply AWESOME. It's a website for community and not for business like YouTube. The quality is satisfactory and for the first time ever in years, I feel like I'm inside a video website and not in a cubicle.

Wesplash Is an awesome Community Better than Youtube that's for Sure and Not to mention ZippCast was a Good choice BUT they Lacked Money Issues. This site Does not in this case is Good I Love this site and I'm NOT going away. I Would Like to see Banners and channel 2.0 BUT that's for the near Future Not now.

Dead and stayed dead. - Mattwo

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74 Anime V 2 Comments
75 Reh Dogg Videos

Has all the same features of YouTube and more. No 10 minute limit on videos.

Is this a joke? - Mattwo

76 GospelTube

Why post it if you have no info about it?

Is this a troll? - Mattwo

77 Izlesene

A place where you can find what you want.

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Access to videos from Youtube without any Proxy

It doesn't work without proxies, it doesn't seem to be reliable

80 Video Style V 1 Comment
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