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81 blogTV

Lots of amateurs broadcasting live. It's fun and different. You get a great little customizable home page.

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82 VidiCast

VidiCast came out in late 2012, but shut down because ZippCast came back.

VidiCast is now in development, being hand-scripted by a development team with its own unique design.

Shame because Zippcast ultimately sucked and is just going to keep dying and coming back without any real improvements. - Mattwo

83 ACG-tube

Full movies and series for free

84 ABC News V 1 Comment
85 eBaumsWorld

Is this a troll? - Mattwo

This website copies videos from other sites without permission. Like Ebaum takes Animator vs. Animation into his site without permission - Super64Mario

86 Hitbox
87 VidiLife
88 TeacherTube

So much of a rip off of YouTube I will barf LAST PLACE

Man my social studies teacher is awesome check him out on teacher tube mr. M - SOUTHPARKFANHH

89 Mimuz

Please simply go to, the good thing about get them is they get results from all the big engine they are fast evolving and provide proxy for chine, pakistan and many other countries

(Final fantasy fanfare) Dead dead dead dead dead, dead dead dead dead dead! - Mattwo

90 VidoEvo

Bull site stupid angry laugh out loud white people spreading propaganda

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92 Aparat
93 SnagFilms
94 Yukou

China YouTube


Which is available on youtube

I'm laughing so hard right now.

Amazing and helpful how to's!

96 Cardboard Box TV

Wow I just read someone's thing and it was stupid

The worst ever made! TRUE FACT!

Make a T.V. out of a cardboard box, and pretend you're watching something. BAM! No power is wasted. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes


97 PseudoTUBE
98 CreatorsCast
99 WineVidz
100 Mediagoblin
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