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101 WineVidz
102 Mediagoblin
103 Videscape

New streaming site but rapidly growing, pays 1 cent per stream, or about 1,000 times what YouTube pays.

104 V 1 Comment

THE BEST if you want to watch Asian dramas, T.V. shows, movies, and/or variety shows. They also have a lot of American shows and pretty much anything that needs to be subbed. Very professional and easy to use-- one of my favorites.

106 ListenonRepeat

Its YouTube with no info taking and repeating video's. 8/10 - PugLlama

107 Instagram
108 Socialvid.Tv
109 Sytecee

Populate your site with material quick as, get it to function like YouTube, you're the closest at the moment, and if you've got any suggestions on how to assist you in that endeavour because we really need an equivalent replacement fast and we'll stick.

Good alternative people.
At least you can copy videos from YouTube.

Closest to YouTube by far, WOW, really like this one

This is pretty cool!

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110 FC2

The Japanese version of youtube, been out there longer than youtube. Probably the best place for anything Japanese.

111 Africa TV

I know many people wouldn't know this, but ask any Korean whether they have heard about this site, and 90% of them will say yes. It's somewhat like YouTube, but it's different.

112 CrapTV

Heck no LOL

113 Cincopa

Early access videos (almost a day before upload) to some of my favorite YouTubers.

117 Megashare

Great to watch movies

118 Seven Wars Gamer

The Winner Of YouTube Best Video ever and amazing games created

None because nothing can ever compare to YouTube you loafs of bread

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