Perfect alternative! Looks and functions like the old YT. But, they are it running by slow servers which is a big problem, in my opinion.

This site has everything! Top and side banners, high quality sound, top video bar, hotmail codes for gif and even games, giant gif bg's, your own bulletins where friends can comment, a main bulletin by the staff keeping you updated, full channel transparency, friends and subs lists, other channel list, a great community... What more could you ask for? Yeah sure they have had problems and still do but if someone with big money could check this site out and help them stay on their feet then this is one monster site of the future.

This is the site to end all sites. Sure it has some problems but that doesn't take away from it's all over potential. If someone out there wants a good investment then look into zippcast. It's like a huge playground over there with so many great features and although it may resemble old youtube it's better that youtube ever was. If you're not on zippcast, then you've got no sense of creativity or community. If these guys can get through the hiccups then it will be youtube's successor without a doubt. Join up, have fun, meet friendly people and staff, but be a little patient. This is a killer site!

ZippCast is among the best YouTube alternatives around. Why? Simple. The development team behind the site actually listen to it's users and fans to create the best experience they can possibly offer. There have been growing pains, as aforementioned, however ZC's staff seem to keep bouncing back and reassuring us we will get the YouTube we all knew and loved back and better than ever.

Also, the channel layouts and everything are designed like the old YouTube. They really put the "You" back into the "YouTube" name. Do yourself a favour and go support and check them out! You won't regret it!

Zippcast is a new site with great potential. It encourages creativity and individuality on our channels. The Zippcast team has shown it cares and respects we the users. What a breath of fresh air that is compared to YouTube that snubs it's regular users while treating the big partners like spoiled brats that don't have to obey the same copyright rules as the rest of us. I could go on and on but hey, we all know YouTube sucks now and Zippcast rocks!

If you saw this site before a lot of people joined you would have seen something so unbelievably awesome and it's no wonder so many people signed up. It is better than any other site mentioned by mountains and it can and will get back to it's former proper working state if more people were willing to help out. You want YouTube to die? Then support zippcast in every way and it will.

I love this site it is just like YouTube! Its like going back in time where all YouTube began. But This time with the OLD layout plus Channel Banners and video custom thumbnails without being a YouTube partner it is now for the win, ZippCast Rules this will also be a new beginning for us new coming users like me for a chance to rise up and will show YouTube who is boss Now. LONG LIVE ZIPPCAST.

I believe Zippcast is the best YouTube alternative, because it shows how YouTube was back in the old days and it has greater features than the other sites. We can post backgrounds, edit the color's quality precisely, and the chatting is great. The Zippcast layout surpasses all the other sites, in my eyes, it looks simplistic, easy to use and it has a gamer type channel, which YouTube lacked, even before it was bought by Google.

The site is great. It has many features and customization that YouTube no longer has, and overall gives the look and feel of the YouTube from around 2007-2008. Some things need to be improved, such as speed, reliability, and financial condition. But the staff is great and actually cares for it's users, and if the issues are worked out, ZippCast could have great potential.

ZippCast may be slow for now, but I believe, that it will keep growing! The users support ZippCast, and ZippCast supports their users! Me and a thousand of other people who believe in ZippCast believe, that ZippCast shall be crowned #1 sooner or later! Hands down, the best alternative to YouTube ever!

ZippCast is the best YouTube alternative in my opinion because not only do they have a staff that cares about their users but they actually take what their users tell them and use it to make the site better. They have had some bumps in the road in the last little bit but they will rise to the top eventually. Keep up the good work ZippCast!

This is a good site, especially when works correctly. There is an excellent communication between managers and users and between users. System rating for videos and comments, is based on stars, like the old Youtube. Channels are 90% customizable, unlike the existing channels Youtube are only 15% customizable. DEFINITELY A GOOD ALTERNATIVE.

Awesome! This is site is best ever! The spirit is alive again and so is this site! We must stand united against the empire of the mighty dark google. Remember when we stood together! Now it is time to end this! The pain of the world lies in our hands! It is time to join the movement! Join ZippCAST!

Still the greatest place, but unfortunately it has a lot of ungrateful people on it. This was well put together then was used up and spat out by spoiled brats who have no patience at all. Zippcast will reap it's rewards one day. I wish them all the best.

It just simply has more going for it than any other site. More creative opportunity's, a friendly atmosphere, a staff you can communicate with, and much much more. The others sites just don't measure up. Sure they may work better and have less problems, but if you check out their member count compared to zippcasts, you can see why. Join today, and be part of this future mega site. Zippcast is the new YouTube, and then some.

It's everything that YouTube should be, sure the servers are pretty slow, but hey, it's just starting out. The staff is going to get their stuff right and eventually, Zippcast WILL replace YouTube. Right now, YouTube actually is no longer the largest video sharing website, in fact Vimeo is now :S

Still better than craploadsociety. The people on there are brainless sheep and the site is dog ugly and dark. All you see is gif avatars and pages covered with comments and the two stooges lagix and hayrider like it so enough said. Zippcast all the way.

Zippcast may have a lot of problems and not the best video support. Buy it has a great community and lots of people are supporting it along its path.
I hope Zippcast becomes great! The staff are very friendly and they get rid of trolls with no questions asked. Here's my opinion... Its me martialartsboy again, I have been on this site for 6 months 3 days now and I think its great. I have a few videos to upload so once you get video support down properly you can get this site running. Special thanks to rick!

ZippCast is fairly small at the moment, but it definitely has a lot of potential. Unlike the YouTube staff whose only motivation is profit, the ZippCast team cares for their website and its users out of love and devotion.

ZippCast is awesome, it is coming back on Feburary 22, 2013... It will be the newest and the greatest revolution in YouTube History. I must say, I am so excited for this, it will be the most successful site... ZippCast has the old youtube layouts from around 2005, it is beyond amazing and there is a new channel layout which is very amazing as well... We get free image mapping and everything!

Excellent customer service representatives, excellent speed of the site (on and off really, 3 seconds loading at peak performance) user-friendly layout options, original and beta designs available, excellent users and furry-friendly, too!

Ok guys, let's face it. Nothing (and I mean it) can be a perfect alternative of YouTube... I mean just look at the site, it is like a legend of video hosting, the grand master of Tube sites! And with a backup of a tech giant like Google makes it even invulnerable by its reputation and class.

And for your kind info, "" died a very premature death... Check it for yourself.

Best alternative. It IS the old YouTube we loved.

Basically, it gives you all the functionality of the old YouTube, with a growing community and promising features. May have some server issues, but otherwise, an excellent alternative.

This site has 100% support for any site problems, they are always here for you, even though they have reached bad times, they are fighting through it just so we can enjoy our time on ZippCast. It is one of the best Video-sharing sites.

Zippcast is the greatest website on the internet and will turn out to be the biggest it may take some time but it will make it to the top one day and everyone that has hated on it will feel very stupid!