Best Pet Insurance Providers

Your pets are part of the family and you want to be able to treat them as such. This includes providing them with high quality health care.

Veterinary costs can be expensive. Like all living things, your pets are susceptible to illness and injury. On top of regular preventative visits to the vet's office, this means you may also have to pay for testing, medications, surgical procedures and more in order to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. This can end up being quite a financial burden, but even worse is not being able to provide your pet with the care they need. Nobody want to be put in a situation where they have to measure the health or even the life of their pet in financial terms.

When you make the decision to bring a pet into your household, it is impossible to know what the future holds as far as your pet's medical needs are concerned. Some pets need nothing more than their vaccinations. Others will require much more. To ensure that they are able to provide for their pet's well being regardless of what the future holds, many people insure their pets.

As is the case with medical insurance for people, pet insurance helps cover office visits, medications, treatments and more. Also like selecting medical insurance for yourself, when shopping for pet insurance, you'll want to make note of what exactly is covered by the policy (surgeries, stays, therapeutic foods), what limits are in place (coverage percentage, per year limits, per illness limits), what deductible amounts will be charged, and whether the plan pays based on the actual veterinary bills or a predetermined schedule.

To help you get started, here is a list of top pet insurance providers.
The Top Ten
1 Pets Best

Great Company, fast response & have been really happy for my 2 dogs.

I love pets best. Only the best for my girls!

Visit Website
2 Trupanion Visit Website
3 Embrace Visit Website
4 PetFirst

I've been a PetFirst policyholder for almost two years. They've always paid claims promptly, and their customer service people are very friendly.

5 Petplan
6 Healthy Paws

They are #1 rated by CUSTOMERS. That should really count for something. Not as expensive as a lot of others, but will pay quite a lot of money. I think like, 90% of the vet expenses, something like that. Just awesome. I'd at least take a look at some reviews and comparisons of this insurance.

8 24PetWatch
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