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21 Jordan

There great can't believe there not in the top 5 or at least 10

Should be #2 right behind nike come on now.

Best shoes ever I 10 pairs that I bought in the last 2 years the best shoes ever even better than nike because of it's explosiveness,and speed.
P.S. what the hell is Slazenger?

22 Kaypee

What are those

What are those

Are they still exist?

They suck

23 Asics

Japanese made so you'll be sure of its quality.

24 Pro-Keds
25 Supra

Very comfortable but I wouldn't say for basketball

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26 Ekito

Best brand ever not well known but look up the Ekito post ups on amazon... sick

27 361

Kevin loves old shoe

top brand

28 Lotto
29 Gola
30 Muck Boots
31 Starter

Starter brand are also made for Basketball compare to Diadora, Le Coq, Gola and Lotto.

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32 Spalding

One of the few brands here that actually sell basketball shoes

Worst mine ripped in 3 days

33 DC Shoes

Not even close to basketball shoes

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34 Puma Puma

They used to have the Walt Frazier signature shoes

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35 K1X

New brand, cool look

36 Slazenger V 1 Comment
37 Athletic Propulsion Labs

The nba banned shoe 👟

38 Grosby
39 Add In
40 Le Coq

Best ones ever I lover the name

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