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Electronic cigarettes are nicotine deliver devices and a safer alternative to cigarettes. If you're new to electronic cigarettes, you'll probably find it difficult to select a product that you can rely on. There are hundreds of e-cigarette companies across the world, and not all of them are reliable. So how do you sort through them and find a few good ones? Blogs, forums, and social media hubs are a great place to start.

Below are the top ten most useful electronic cigarette resources that can help you find, compare, and learn about e-cigarettes.

The Top Ten

1 E-Cigarette Forum

Largest e-cigarette forum, since 2007. You can find anything from reviews, discussions, coupons, giveaways, news, and much more here. Great place to start but might be overwhelming at first.

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2 EcigAdvanced

Voted as the best e-cigarette blog of 2012. Reviews, coupons, and information are organized very neatly.

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The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives. This voluntary organization helps support the e-cigarette industry. They also offer useful information and recent studies on their website.

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4 E Cigarette Reviewed

Good place to start if you're looking to read reviews and compare e-cigarette products.

5 Steve K's Vaping World
6 Ashtray Blog: An Electronic Cigarette Blog

Ashtray blog is managed by the e-cigarette company called "The Smokers Angel". Once in a while they'll try to sell you their products but 90% of the time, they provide really interesting information about e-cigarettes.

7 Vapor Talk E-Cigarette Forum

Another e-cigarette forum worth your visit.

8 Spinfuel eCigs Magazine

An online magazine dedicated to e-cigarettes and vaping.

They have a real unique way of presenting some of the best reviews and opinion articles on the ecigarette industry. The e-liquid reviews are outstanding. From what I understand they have a team of 5 people who vape the juice they are reviewing for a few days and then they come together and hammer out their feeling on it and present what they refer to as a narrative review. They are an awesome resource to beginner vapers all the way to advanced vapers. I go there everyday!

9 The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary

Probably the best place to read about the e-cigarette industry. Managed by Dr. Michael Siegel from the Boston University.

10 Guide to Vaping

Good site with tons of guides and reviews

Reviews on electronic cigarettes and APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizers).

The Contenders

11 Heaven Gifts

One of the largest distributor and retailer of electronic cigarettes. The online shop provides a wide range of vaping devices, ship to all over the world.

This is a very good site for purchasing my gadgets. they literally have everything here.

12 Nic Hit eCigs

Nic Hit eCigs are best cigarettes. Nic Hit ecigs give you the freedom to vape wherever you want, including most places where smoking is banned as you only exhale clean water vapour instead of cigarette smoke, which allows you an authentic experience with your chosen nicotine strength without all the hassle of traditional smokes.

13 Cig

Great resource of news, information and electronic cigarette and e-liquid reviews.

14 Vapehut

An awesome vaping blog full of reviews, news and guides on everything e-cig related.

15 IEC
16 Juul
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