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1 Minigun

The Minigun is the deadliest machine gun in history because of its firepower and fire rate. It is attached to helicopters of American forces and is used in many other military forces. That proves that this machine gun is the deadliest of all time.

In my opinion, the Minigun would be the best weapon for long distances, like from helicopters. The 2,000 bullets in the magazine or bullet chain will blow you away!

This gun is the most dangerous gun. This gun also appears in Grand Theft Auto games, and I complete most of the killing missions with this gun.

2 Thompson

Ah, the .45 ACP-firing "Chicago Piano." This is one of my favorite weapons of all time. Just the very look of the weapon makes me love it. It was a true marvel of American ingenuity.

If you want to hit someone with great power and accuracy, then go with the Thompson.

3 M2 Browning

This weapon redefined the heavy machine gun role as a powerful, general-purpose weapon rather than just a man-killer. Mount it on a tripod, a pintle, a ring-mount, ball-mount, turret, or aircraft, and it will still destroy anything other than a serious AFV that gets in its line of fire.

Ultra-reliable, extremely powerful, long-ranged, and psychologically as well as physically devastating, the Browning M1921 series has proven itself to be among the longest-serving and most versatile weapons available on the battlefield and remains so today.

4 M60

I prefer this weapon over the Minigun because Miniguns are so bulky and impractical. The M60, however, is very strong, fires large, powerful ammo, and is built for any operation. You could throw this out of your helicopter before dropping down or throw it in a river. It would work like new.

This is a great gun because the army actually uses them! The Minigun is only ever used on helicopters, so it can't really be a contender.

Come on! Rambo has touched this weapon. That's enough said.

5 Gatling Gun

These guns have the highest rate of fire among all other machine guns. Try shooting a car, and it will be ripped to shreds.

One of the most recognizable machine guns originated in the United States.

6 XM214 Microgun
7 MG 42

This MG was designed 80 years ago. It is still probably the best of the medium machine guns. Its cyclic rate of fire is probably the highest of all mass-produced medium MGs. It fires so fast that you can't hear individual shots. It sounds like tearing paper. The USA's M60 was modeled after it. This weapon is likely responsible for millions of Russian and allied casualties.

First to use an air-cooling mechanism. Easily assembled in a factory and an all-around great machine gun with a very German quality feel. It also spawned several successors such as the M60, as well as its direct descendant, the MG3, which I would say is better but not as renowned on the battlefield as the MG42 was in Europe.

8 M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)

The M249 SAW is very high-quality and tough to beat with its high RPM, good range, and exceptional number of bullets per magazine. If you are considering all types of machine guns, besides light machine guns, you would definitely want this gun in the military.

The M249 SAW can fire from linked bullet chains of 500 rounds or from magazines. It can also fire from an M16 clip in an emergency. If you were shot with it, you'd be dead before you felt the pain. It is the most powerful machine gun that is both portable and mountable.

There are quite a few differences between machine guns and full-auto rifles and submachine guns. Anyway, SAW for the win. It's an awesome weapon.

9 Fokker-Leimberger

I got this info from Wikipedia, so if you don't believe it, it's not my fault. The Fokker-Leimberger was the first Gatling-style machine gun. It had 12 barrels and was capable of firing 7,200 rounds per minute. Believe it or not, this gun was first made in Germany during World War I. It was an experimental gun, and if put into production, it could have helped Germany win the war.

10 PKM
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11 Kord-12.7

This is the most accurate heavy MG in the world!


A Light Machine Gun that is lighter than the M249, the LSAT is versatile and uses 5.56mm caseless rounds. This gun could be excellent for all U.S. soldiers because the M249 is heavier and less accurate.

13 Ultimax 100
14 RPK
15 M240

This is the best machine gun with one barrel. It's not too big, has good accuracy and rate of fire, and a nice design.

16 IWI Negev
17 KPV Heavy Machine Gun
18 Bren Gun

A very famous machine gun made in the UK and used in the Second World War. It was very reliable.

19 Vickers Machine Gun
20 P-90

Good accuracy, low recoil, and fast fire rate. However, I feel the build design is too large and could have been more compact.

21 DShK

This Heavy Machine Gun originated in Russia in 1938.

22 M36
23 Sterling Submachine Gun
24 Breda 30
25 RPK-74
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