Best Gangsta Songs Ever

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21 Where the Hood At - DMX

Great beat, great lyrics, what more do you want

The man

Homophobic as anything I've ever heard, goes in hardcore kills ja rule in this track
IF YOU ain't gonna listin to the explicit font listen at all

22 Shook Ones, Pt. II - Mobb Deep

It simply defines east coast rap and life in the hood in general. Over a dark piano-infused beat Prodigy delivers one of the best verses of all time while both members of Mobb Deep call out all those who claim hood but have never even been to the ghetto. Probably the most intimidating song ever, Shook Ones Part II. Not for the faint od heart, or half way crooks.

23 Shut 'Em Down - LL Cool J
24 I Found Me - Z-Ro

This is actually a pretty phat song sung by the hardest rapper of all time - Marrero0413

25 Hood Mentality - Ice Cube
26 Bring the Pain - Method Man
27 Real Mutha********' G's - Eazy-E V 2 Comments
28 Stop Being Greedy - DMX
29 How High - Method Man & Redman
30 I Run This - Birdman
31 Guerillas in tha Mist - Da Lench Mob

This song is what you put on to get pumped for sports. "I need some elbow room so I can BOOM SHAKA LACKKA BOOM". "Just like EPMD I don't like abitch named J to the A to the N to od E". Ice cube found soethi nspecial in these guys.

32 'Till I Collapse - Eminem

Bull, that's what it is. He is not a gangster.

He made it out of the trailer park to he hood then out of the hood

I love Em he made it out of the hood and bout a mansion but he also bout a regular house in Detroit in the hood to show hood love he also sleeps on the couch because he doesn't like his king bed he is a real og

This song is good, but it is far from gangsta. This is BS

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33 Mercy - Kanye West V 1 Comment
34 Welcome 2 Detroit - Trick Trick and Eminem
35 Whoop that Trick - Djay
36 Beamer, Benz, or Bentley - Lloyd Banks
37 Kiss My Ass - Trae

One of the hardest songs you guys will ever hear

38 Real Gangsta - South Park Mexican

One of the greatest rappers from south Houston! No doubt about it.

It's true gangsta rap. That album as a hole is great

39 Put It Down - Redman
40 Locc to the Brain - Brotha Lynch Hung

What a great rapper to bad he ate his girl

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