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1 Dipper Pines Dipper Pines is one of the main characters from the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls which aired from 2012 to 2016. He is the twin brother of Mabel Pines

Dipper, the literal main character, easily relatable and likeable.. I still feel like he wasn't respected enough for his actions in the series, he is definitely number one!

He is really relatable. I'm about Dipper's age, and honestly, no one ever believes anything I say. Any time I do something, everyone ignores me, and then one second later, an adult answers, and everyone's like "wow that's so smart" and I just stand there. He is by far the most relatable character.

When I clicked on the "Top Ten Gravity Falls Characters" list, I was pleasantly surprised to see my personal favorite character, Dipper Pines, at the number one spot. Dipper has been my favorite character from when Gravity Falls aired in 2012. He has helped me through my childhood and told me growing up is fine. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like the female version of him. He seems so real I sometimes forget he's a cartoon character. I love how he's so normal but so creative at the same time. Even his name is creative. And even though Gravity Falls has ended, I feel he will always be there with me through my awkward preteen/teen years. Cheers to Dipper, my favorite fictional character of all time.

All the main characters in Gravity Falls are great, but Dipper has to be the best. He's funny, super smart, adventurous, nice, honest, awkward, and all around an amazing person. He shows signs of his youth when engaging in silly activities with Mabel, but yet shows his mature side when taking responsibility for his actions and protecting his family and the people of Gravity Falls. He sacrifices many of his own aspirations just to keep Mabel happy, as evidenced by how he gave up his chance to date Wendy just to let Mabel have Waddles, as well as giving up his dream job working with Ford just so Mabel would not have to go back home alone. He has some really funny lines in the show and never hurts anyone's feelings.
He also has some great lines in the show, like when he says to Gideon that love is not taken, but earned. When he does make a rare mistake (like kind of breaking Candy's heart), he apologizes and promises to not make the same mistake again. Dipper Pines is a perfect ...more

2 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that spent the more.

Mabel is absolutely awesome, there is no way someone could not like her. Yes, sometimes she can be a bit mean to dipper, but come on! They are literally siblings, its what they do!

I love Dipper but Mabel is something special. Especially when you look around and realise there really aren't that many strong and likable female cartoon characters. And depictions of sisters are pretty much always negative! Anyone remember Didi from Dexter's Laboratory? How about Candace from Phineas and Ferb? D.W. , Meg Griffen or even Lisa Simpson? Sure siblings can be annoying but you also need to show their good sides and make them more than 'just the sister'. Mabel and Dipper are a duo and a kickass one at that.

But that's not why Mabel is one of my favorite characters of all time. She's funny, she's goofy, confident and she's happy just being herself!

She is the funniest character, but she also is serious when she needs to be. I also like her because she is a good sister. She has good chemistry with Dipper, and usually helps him with quests and decisions. I also love this character because she is into girly things, but still likes having caterpillars on her face. A unique character with a unique style. Great voice actor. Too many great lines, both funny and meanigful, to not be #1.

Not gonna lie, I kind of have a crush on her, too. Not in a creepy way, I just think someone like her would be an awesome person to spend time with.

Despite Mabel having done so many bad and selfish things, I love her with all my heart. The show would've been bland to watch without her, she was positive, and I absolutely loved her personality, super funny and enjoyable to watch.

3 Stan Pines Stanley "Stan" Pines, also known as Grunkle Stan, is one of the main characters of the Disney animated series Gravity Falls, created and voiced by series creator Alex Hirsch.

Stan is seriously just one of the best people ever, and I mean even outside of the show, just literally one of the best people ever.. I can't think of any other words for him.

Honestly my favorite character in the show, he is hilarious, but also has a serious side, and he has something that few other characters in cartoon shows have, jokes for more mature viewers, and lots of them.

I love him. He makes me laugh every time. I don't like ford because of how he treats Stan. Stan spent thirty dang years trying to help him. And he totally ignored him. He is a selfless, even though he scams...

Grunkle Stan is great at taking care of Mabel and Dipper.He may lie sometimes but he's fine and humorous in a story he lets a bear drive the car.Here is my list and good quotes
1 Grunkle Stan:Yes Dipper I know! I mean not an Idiot of course there is something wrong with this town.2 Mabel:Mabel is not here shes in sweater town.3 Dipper:Wait do you have a helicopter,I'm sorry helicopters.4 Soos:Hello I'm a soos.5 Wendy:Uhh Dipper that's my bra.6 Pacifica:Well looks like you car is stuck in the mud enjoy walking home.7 Grenda:Its Grenda time! Those were my 7 favorite characters and some speeches.

4 Wendy Corduroy

Wendy, just great, she really just fits in well with everything else, In my opinion, she was a very good character for the plot and development of the show.

Wendy is dark, average and your normal teenager. NOT! She is actually Mabel, In the future! Wendy is my second favourite behind Dipper and Bill Cipher. She's cool with her parka hat and her clothes. She is a unseen employee in some episodes but I still like her. She also LOVES dipper! I like dipper too. It can be seen in the fixing it with Soos short in where they failed at a golf cart stunt together.

She's funny, relatable, and super competent. It's that fact that got her kicked out of a lot of the important stuff, which is a shame.

Really? Only number 6? Aside from Stan (maybe), Wendy is the most badass character in the series! She's one of those people who you just want to be friends with because they're so interesting. Who else in this series would be capable of back-flipping over an escaped convict who's twice their size & is holding them by the back of the collar, pinning his arm behind his back, grabbing the group's ring leader to use as a human-shield, yanking a key from around his neck, & hot-wiring an abandoned police car while drop-kicking said ring leader into the group of escaped convicts? That's just EPIC! While it would be nice for her to appear more, I also think the lower amount of appearances actually fit in with her personality. In conclusion, "Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! "

5 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.

What would the show be without, Bill? Our main man.. Well it wouldn't be as good as a show, and he is literally the main villain, soo yeah.

Bill is a perfect combination of my two favorite types of cartoon villains:
1. The over-the-top comedic jerk villain
2. The intimidating, scary villain

What makes Bill so great is that he can go from playfully insulting you or telling jokes to doing all sorts of messed up stuff like entering your mind or taking control of your body. He has such a unique presence in the fact that you're happy to see him because he's very entertaining, but also afraid at what he's going to do to your favorite characters. Whenever Bill is on screen, he just steals the show. He's basically a comedian with all the powers of Satan, and that's what makes him the perfect villain to one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

Bill Cipher is certainly my favorite character in Gravity Falls for these reasons: he's laid-back for a villain, he's entertaining, and he's someone you shouldn't piss off. He doesn't bother to care about the needs of others; he just shrugs them off. He's also really funny and entertaining to listen to. But don't go making him angry; I've seen what he looks like when he's pissed, and it isn't pretty. See? A well-designed villain is one whose anger and Malicious intents blanketed by his laid-back nature and his tendency to crack jokes. In other words, a true villain has character, and Bill Cipher fits this title perfectly.

Overall the best villain, he's funny yet indescribably evil but he still makes me excited when he appears on screen because that's when the fun starts, almost all his quotes are funny especially: "sure I am, what's your point?"

6 Soos Ramirez

Soos, Is literally the kindest best friend you could ever have, He is hillarious, relatable, and just so likeable in almost all ways. I don't know If I would of ever watched Gravity falls if Soos never existed.

I love Gravity Falls sooo much.

Soos is the best character on TV I love hi
He's the best! So funny and his voice is a masterpiece!

Soos and the Real Girl was a good episode and had some of the best Soos moments.

Soos is the best Gravity Falls character and just imagine him saying: "I'm the coolest dude!" He is the coolest, dude.

I love him because he seems like that regular fat and dumb guy, but he is actually kind of intelligent at times, has a huge heart, and has a certain style of humor that isn't quite like anyone else.

The average fat guy you want to be friends with. He's the cousin you have who likes to be funny and eat chips all the time. Quote from "Dreamscapers": "There's a rat in the kitchen! It tried t touch me with it's weird bat fingers! " Another quote! "Think I can take these Burrito Bites into Stan's brain? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? You know what, I'm just gonna bring 'em! " HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS GUY?

7 Ford Pines

Stanford Filbrick Pines is my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE character of all time when it comes to Gravity Falls. I mean like... Who wouldn't want to have 6 fingers on each hand? On Pix Panda, I'm even coloring in a picture of him winking for the love of Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons. Yes I will personally make that a phrase and he loves orange juice! I love this guy. If I were somewhere in my mid-sixtys, I would totally go out with him. I really hope that no one thinks it's weird that a teen would want to date him. He had gone missing into that portal in 1982, because the show takes place in the summer of 2012 and he had been gone for 30 years.

Lol it's sad that more people like Waddles and McGucket than Ford, when NEARLY EVERY part of the plot is influenced by Ford. I think a lot of the fandom doesn't give Stanford enough credit- when I first watched the show, I actually disliked Ford because he didn't show the rift to Mabel, he was arrogant, and he kinda started Weirdmageddon in a way- but I totally sympathized with him 1000% more after buying and reading Journal 3. I never realized all the trials he endured and how he was so traumatized after Bill's manipulation, I don't blame him for having trust issues anymore.

He's my favourite character! I'm surprised people don't like him more, with his history with Bill and him being the AUTHOR OF THE JOURNALS and all. He became even more likeable after the last Mabelcorn as we got a deeper look at his character. He is still sorely underused (cough roadside attraction cough), even after the show is over, but I'm so happy he got screen time in the finale. He's just so likable, him and Dipper make a great pair. His interactions with Mabel where pretty cute, to. Overall a great character, great backstory, even somewhat relatable, yet sorely underrated. (When he got turned to gold, I paused the ep and ran round the house yelling)

I don't get why Ford is kinda sorta the Scrappy for some people. They blame him for being selfish, I mean, almost every girlfriend character is! (Mabel, Stan, Dipper (at least sometimes) and of course the villains). Would you prefer a Gary Stu?
I think, Ford is loveable and a very important person for Dipper. And he's hella adorable!

8 Waddles

He's so adorable and caused both, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments throughout the show.
Bonus points for his super cute relationship with Mabel.

Waddles is the real main character of the show, I don't think he got enough screen time.

Waddles is just adorable, I don't know what else to tell you.

I like how this pig belongs to Mabel!

9 Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest is a character in the cartoon Gravity Falls made by Alex Hirsch. She's known for being rich and hating Mabel.

Pacifica is by far one of the best characters I have ever seen in a show, she has had the best character development out of anyone in the show. She started off as that stereotypical popular, pretty, and mean girl, and remained like this for a lot of episodes until Season 2, in the Golf episode is when she actually seemed nice, and actually was thankful for everything Mabel was doing for her, and finally a few episodes later, the Northwest Mansion episode is when she turned to my absolute favorite. She had a reason for her attitude and personality, and I felt bad for her, she finally stepped it up and beat the villain, saved the day, and let everyone in the mansion.
The best.

Like I said on waddles, Pacifica is somewhat similar, not in the fact of her being the main character or something, but the fact that these good characters don't really get much screen time, and they don't really get pulled into the plot of the story enough.

Whoever said she was the Draco Malfoy clearly is biased. Malfoy did not get development. He is just a case of Even Evil has Standards. Narcissa is better than Priscilla. Pacifica is better than Draco. Pacifica showed remorse. Draco did not. Pacifica is best character and I'm tired of her being compared to this mean dude.

Some people say that Pacifica can't be justified as a good character because it's just one episode. But it's not. It is true that we see the most of Pacifica's personality (and relationship with Dipper) in Northwest Manor Mystery but in Golf War we do see a little of her character. And I agree, she is not a good person in season one (or at least when we see her) but in season two she becomes such a three dimensional character and a lot more likealble than before.

Gravity Falls is the 12th greatest animated show (according to ratings not my personal opinion) but is underrated. The characters on the show are not just cartoon characters and seem like real people and Alex Hirsch talks about them like real people. They all have flaws and no one is perfect, not in real life and not in Gravity Falls, and Pacifica is perfect example imperfection.

10 Old Man McGucket

The "old kook" of the town is always a funny gag, overused or not. And Old Man McGucket is no different; random, nuts and sometimes quite creepy, he is a character that has enthralled viewers with his strange logic and unprovoked randomness. It's rather a shame that he didn't write the journals, but, then again, maybe it would be a little too obvious to have the most unlikely character to have written them.
I watch Gravity Falls primarily for the random yelling of McGucket and will keep on watching for the Mystery Twins, Grunkle Stan, Wendy and Soos. An amazing show with some amazing characters.

He is so funny! Honestly some of the best jokes that the show ever had were all thanks to Old Man McGucket, the local kook. I think he is a truly awesome character and he should definitely be in the show more.

I mean, how could you not love McGucket? He slaps himself to comunicate (As used in the Society of The Blind eye) Also that one episode where he's called "McSuckit", I mean, McGucket has such a well developed backstory and all that. I could go on with how fabulous he is..

He is really smart, and he may have written the journals according to the society of the blind eye episode. He's still cray cray though!

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11 Candy Chiu Candy Chiu is a character in the cartoon Gravity Falls made by Alex Hirsch. She's known for being Mabel and Grenda's best friend.

She's cool and adorable! She may not be in the show very much, but everything she says is so funny! And her voice actress (Niki Yang) does the voice of BMO and Lady Rainicorn in Adventure Time!

How can anyone not love her, Her awesome approach to life, "I'm a boy now... What's up Dude's lets grow some mustaches"
"I welcome you death"
"how many times do I have to tell you kevin I'm not interested."

I LOVE Candy. She's such an amazing character, I hope that she will be in future Gravity Falls projects. We need her back.

How did Candy get on this list? She's a really minor character, and doesn't do anything for the plot.

12 Grenda

I think Grenda needs to be higher on this list. Not because she's my favorite, but she is a unique, funny, and creative character- compared to her counterpart Candy, who is a flat and boring character, not to mention a stereotype as well. There are so many genuinely funny Grenda lines- the more I think about it, the more I think she is underrated. (As for Candy... she has no memorable moments or funny lines. I honestly think the reason Candy is liked more is by the Asians in the fandom who like her for her race and not characterization.)

She is awesome! Really is the shining star out of the female side character. Also she is voiced by a man which is awesome because her voice is 10 out of 10!

"Everybody QUIET! ", and "It's really hot out here, maybe you should take your shirt off" are some of the funniest lines of the show.

Grenda is an awesome friend to Mable and is self-conscious about her voice, and I think many girls could relate to her in some way.

13 Giffany

I love characters that seem nice and innocent at first but become creepy and menacing when you say the wrong thing or let them become too attached. Giffany is one of those villains that gives you a chill down your spine when you see her get angry. How she says things in a cute/affectionate voice when the context is horrifying, the way she cannot handle rejection (after being returned 3 times, and almost being deleted), and the expressions conveyed beautifully through a well-drawn character add to her charm as a villain. Personally she is one of my favorites and I hope she returns for another episode some day down the line.

She is like any typical anime Yandere. She is sweet and kind, loyal and madly in love. Then pause her to go meet a real girl and she will make your life miserable until she is the only girl left, if you would want love then the pixelated daemon is your only choice.

This girl is probably what inspired Doki Doki Literature Club...

I love Giffany! She's really cute and also she isn't a reference to Yandere simulator but she does have a Easter egg in Yandere simulator

14 'Lil Gideon

He's that sort of comically evil character who you rarely take seriously when he's a bad guy, but if he really needs to he can turn up the dial and be intimidating.

Hand that Rocks the Mabel, Little Dipper, Dreamscaperers, and Gideon Rises are all awesome. Thanks to Gideon.

Why everyone hates him? He's adorable. Funny and cute.

He may be annoying but he's also funny. And his scream is hilarious. WEEE!

15 Tambry

Another character I can relate to a lot! She's an emo, she doesn't care about things and she's hung up on her phone all the time. Like me!

I heard someone shipped Wendy with Tambry as a lesbian couple.

Ya, she's cool. I could see Tambry and Lee together.

I would like more of a main role of her.

16 Robbie

Robbie was literally just vital to the development of Dipper and Wendy, without him.. Dipper really wouldn't become as much of a man! Yes, I said it, Robbie really is useful.

Honestly, anyone who knows Fall Out Boy will understand this. The first second I saw Robbie, I thought "Wow. He's exactly like 2000s Pete Wentz, except Pete isn't a big jerk like this guy".

I like Robbie because he's very relatable. As a bit of an emo myself, he knows what it's like to be thumped on and thrown in the dirt. I am a very depressive person, and whenever I see his character, it's like I'm looking at a mirror.

I have a secret huge crush on Robbie. I mean I'm sorry, but he plays guitar like a rock star, and has a band, and is so dark and brooding...

17 Multi-Bear

This character only has one scene, but he's already on the list. Underrated. Hirsch, bring him back.

Beware of inviting Multi-Bear over your house, for he will use up all of your toilet paper.

I did research on Babba, and it's based on a real band called Abba, which ended in 1982, 30 YEARS AGO FROM 2012!

Did you know head 4 is the least liked by the other heads?

18 Summerween Trickster

You know a cartoon is awesome when they make a parody of No Face.

So why now do we have a Spirited Away reference over here!?

19 Soos' Grandmother

Aww Soos your grandma is adorable her skin is so soft! MABEL! Quit Being creepy

She is always so chill

"I go vacuum my face now!"

She's old lady soft.

20 Stan's Brother

We barley got any of him, but we all know he is going to be a major character.

He's already up on the list...

21 Toby Determined

"Toby Determined"...
This name reminds me of Toby Fox and Undertale.
Both are males, both have the name "Toby", and it also reminds me of Undertale, because his last name is "Determined." When you die in Undertale, ASGORE tells you to stay determined.

Razzle dazzle, friends! It's me, the Razz Dazzler! This is what my life has become!

"From now on, you can call me Bodacious T! "

Oh toby your so weird

22 Beavers

They love cavorting! That deserves a hug!

They are so darn cute. Enough said.

They don't count as a character.

They are not characters.

23 Tad Strange

I don't think he's normal, I mean anyone in gravity falls isn't as strange as strange. I think he has something to do with Bill Cipher!

Best funniest guy even though he's only been in one episode guys a okay.

He's so relatable. Everyone likes bread.

"Tad, that means so much coming from you! "

24 Judge Kitty Meow Meow

Haha it's so funny that they actually putted this here!

Why is this hammer squeaky?

Why is this here

25 Time Baby

He is a time baby. Do I have to say any more?

May time baby have mercy on your soul!

Evil cute floating baby

"Oh no a tantrum what ever will I do about that HOW BOUT THIS" "Oh snap he just killed time baby"

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