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Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.


Bill Cipher is certainly my favorite character in Gravity Falls for these reasons: he's laid-back for a villain, he's entertaining, and he's someone you shouldn't piss off. He doesn't bother to care about the needs of others; he just shrugs them off. He's also really funny and entertaining to listen to. But don't go making him angry; I've seen what he looks like when he's pissed, and it isn't pretty. See? A well-designed villain is one whose anger and Malicious intents blanketed by his laid-back nature and his tendency to crack jokes. In other words, a true villain has character, and Bill Cipher fits this title perfectly. - XX_HydraVirus9860_XX

Bill is funny he dresses nice but what really hit me was how mysterious he is in Dreamscarpers its not what he says in the beginning but its what he said at the end A darkness approaches a day will come when everything you care about will change this just struck me I can't wait for Bill to return and when the pines find out what Bill was talking about when he said everything was going to change if they ever find out there's something huge going on right under there noses but will they ever get to the bottom of it no one knows I can't wait for the next episodes I also like soos a lot but bill is a lot more better hey guys what do you think I think Bill should be like number 3 or 4 Bill is a charecter with no weakness but I think he's saying that he's a demon even though he's a demon I know this all triangles have a weekness

He's the main reason why Dipper even searches for the truth! Without him, Gravity Falls wouldn't have any mysteries in the first place. And he's not your typical villain, trying to conquer the world for revenge and anger. He wants to invade the world for his ENTERTAINMENT! Wow, he's so impotent he erased Time Baby (Note: That chaotic infant will recover 1,000 years later anyway, but still! ) Plus, you gotta love his creepy voice! I'm a fan of decoding illuminati, which is why he's my favorite character in the show!

He's silly (in my opinion), is a demon and makes fun of Gideon! (Which Gideon deserves by the way) and just a "Dream demon" wearing a top hat and a bow tie AND looks like the fudging Illuminati? Amazing! And if you look in the background of some episodes you can see him like in the episode "Rumble's Revenge" once Dipper enters the arcade and on one of the screens to your right you can see Bill there, like he's always watching like what he said in the episode "Dreamscapers" I just found him a really cool and likable character! Remember! "REALITY IS AN ILLUSION THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM BUY GOLD BYE! "

Bill is my favorite character on my list he would be number one he's interesting I like his saying REALITY IS JUST A ILLUSION AND THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM honestly I think he dresses nicely he is a triangle or mysteries please bring this guy back he is Awesome and Mysterious

Bill should be in top 10... His extreme wit just makes me laugh my ass off! His character is the most intriguing so far. Seriously, what's the multi-bear doing ahead of Bill Cipher?

Okay, seriously? How is this guy not number one? He's a very interesting character, he's funny, and very powerful. He is my number one favorite character. Seriously Bill Cipher is a great character. I don't really know what else to say, except that Bill is the number one character for me. Now remember, THE WORLD IS AN ILLUSION THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM, BUY GOLD, BYE!

Bill Cipher also wins as being the illuminati of the show, and it's filled with loads of illuminati, which people know is evil and satanic, but Bill Cipher is a cartoon-style illuminati and he was made by the creators of the show in real life. - nelsonerica

Bill Cipher is the exact kind of villain a lot of people are looking for! He's sarcastic, fancy-looking, and hmm... what else? Oh, right. What every kid in my class is talking about- you cannot deny this Illuminati look-alike. Plus, Bill loves torture. He laughs at it. He's sadistic. I love it! I LOVE YOU BILL! He's really laid back about things, like, "Oh, you won't let me into your mind? Well, WHATEVER. I WILL FIND A WAY." And then he laughs that cute little laugh and just sends you into mass hysteria.

Bill is the one people need to make a good episode I am gonna right the people Alex Hirsch suck a letter if bill does not come back to the show he needs the top spot he is handsome smart he can be a little stupid like letting the code fall into the bottomless pit but that's what makes funny bill needs the top spot - Truly

Bill is easily my favorite cartoon character of all time. First of all, HE'S A DEMON, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Second, he manages to display such a amazing combination of insanity and hilarity that you can't help but love him. He manages to terrify and make Me laugh my butt off every time he's on screen. 'enough said.

Bill Cipher is just about the greatest character. A lot like Discord, he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He's hilarious and the mayhem he can bring is always guaranteed to be entertaining. And whats not to like about a suave dream demon in a top hat and bow tie?

Bill is a perfect combination of my two favorite types of cartoon villains:
1. The over-the-top comedic jerk villain
2. The intimidating, scary villain

What makes Bill so great is that he can go from playfully insulting you or telling jokes to doing all sorts of messed up stuff like entering your mind or taking control of your body. He has such a unique presence in the fact that you're happy to see him because he's very entertaining, but also afraid at what he's going to do to your favorite characters. Whenever Bill is on screen, he just steals the show. He's basically a comedian with all the powers of Satan, and that's what makes him the perfect villain to one of the greatest cartoons ever made. - phillysports

He is my favorite because he is funny and is very classy by the way he dresses. I love this guy!

Bill is just the best villain ever. Really, he should actually be included in the Disney villains! All the greats are there. Everyone we feared as kids: Ursella, Maleficent, Scar, just to name a few. He might not be too serious all the time, but out of all of them, he's the best. Gotta love an all powerful omniscient dream demon that watches your every move!

Bill is just so interesting and different from the other characters. He is so mysterious and yet comical at the same time.

I love this character. I used to think he was four dimensional before the final episode. I believe Time Baby is, as he can control time. This character has great class, great attitude, and seemingly infinite power.

In my opinion, Bill should be number 1. He's such a fun character in the show, I mean come on! Look at him, he's like making the show better by 20%!

Everyone isn't bill awesome everyone lets get bill the top spot isn't he awesome Bill Bill Bill he's dresses nice and he's funny and intelligent and he's he's he's um he's A TRIANGLE so get bill the top spot - Truly

Bill is the best character so far. His design, his voice, his spot in the plotline; really, he's amazing!

Bill Cipher is unique, intriguing, dark in a humoristic sort of way, he's a totally snazzy dresser, he's intelligent, hilarious, secretive yet open, mysterious yet bright, his personality is so interesting AND HE'S A BIG YELLOW TRAINGLE WITH ONE EYE, A TOP HAT, BOW TIE AND A CANE. How can you not love him?

When you first see him, you don't think he will become such a big deal, let alone the main antagonist.

He's not only hilarious, but he's basically a demon. He's the best villain ever. He's also so relaxed and has some pretty nice quotes. Plus, he also looks just plain awesome!

Ever since bills FIRST appearance I've said on every episode

I'm ready to blow your mind. So bill says when he leaves "Reality is an illusion the universe is a hologram buy gold bye! " look closely at the gold part. Stan mentions to Robbie, "the apolcalypse is coming! Bury your gold! You have been buying gold, right? " this may be a hint that Stan knew the apocalypse was coming or he saw something of stanfords an figured out that burying gold is the only way to stop it. Keep this in mind when the final episode of gravity falls airs. I just blew your mind.