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21 Giffany

I love characters that seem nice and innocent at first but become creepy and menacing when you say the wrong thing or let them become too attached. Giffany is one of those villains that gives you a chill down your spine when you see her get angry. How she says things in a cute/affectionate voice when the context is horrifying, the way she cannot handle rejection (after being returned 3 times, and almost being deleted), and the expressions conveyed beautifully through a well-drawn character add to her charm as a villain. Personally she is one of my favorites and I hope she returns for another episode some day down the line.

Five nights at Giffany's

She's kinda creepy. I loves that episode.

I love Giffany! She's really cute and also she isn't a reference to Yandere simulator but she does have a Easter egg in Yandere simulator

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22 Tad Strange

I don't think he's normal, I mean anyone in gravity falls isn't as strange as strange. I think he has something to do with Bill Cipher!

"Hi guys, Tad's the name, and being normal is my game."

Best funniest guy even though he's only been in one episode guys a okay.

Hillarious Minor Characters are the best - Organ

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23 Toby Determined

The monsters thought Toby was one of them

This just in this arrow in my shoulder

Oh toby your so weird

"Toby Determined"...
This name reminds me of Toby Fox and Undertale.
Both are males, both have the name "Toby", and it also reminds me of Undertale, because his last name is "Determined." When you die in Undertale, ASGORE tells you to stay determined.

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24 Stan's Brother

We barley got any of him, but we all know he is going to be a major character.

People calm down this was added before Ford

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25 Judge Kitty Meow Meow
26 Time Baby

He is an amazing character with lots of power yet a baby

May time baby have mercy on your soul!

He's just as cute as a normal baby

He got killed by a triangle

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27 Shandra Jimenez V 1 Comment
28 Soos' Grandmother

She's old lady soft.

"I go vacuum my face now." LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Lol. "I go vacuum my face now."

Wonderfully laughable

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29 Shapeshifter

This guy should get some more love. He's a real trickster and a snakey bastard, and also somewhat entertaining. Whatever. I like him because the ability to change form is just awesome. And I will admit, I like his true form. - XX_HydraVirus9860_XX

I wonder how he'll react to Ford being back.

Can't believe everyone forgot about him. I hope he plays a major role in the fina episode! - yasirzxzxzx

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30 Tyler

Education, Get 'em. Prosperity, Get 'em. A Gravity Falls we can be proud of, GET 'EM! - SmashBall

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31 Shmebulock

Lol. All he says is his name.

Shmebulock senior or Shmebulock junior?

Shmebulock is very funny

He should be first.

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32 Big Henry

He died it's so sad and he looks at a picture his daughter drew before he dies

He was a golf ball. He was in 1 minute of 1 episode. Yet you still got emotionally attached. #neverforget

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33 Blendin Blandon

HE IS MY BAEE! 1! 11 Blendin-in my opinion- should have a higher place. As shown in Weirdmageddon 1, Blendin brings the time police to Bill's castle. After Bill kills the time baby and time police Blendin goes back... somewhere.. and who knows what happened after that?! Point is Blendin might become even more of a main character making him 10x more fabulous then he already is.

Oh future dangit! Who misspelled his name!?

Billdin (like my parody name? ) in Mabel and dipper vs the future

Well, here we have Blendin Blenjamin Blandin, from the year 207012!

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34 Manly Dan Manly Dan

"The fish! They seek revenge! Swim boys! SWIM! "

"Ow, Ow, who put that wall there? Ow! "

I only use my right had the manly hand... That's so rude to left handed people lol

ManlyDan's truck: sevral timez rules
Mabel rights on the cars window : sevral timez is overrated
Manlydan : WHAT NOOO : rams truck into car :

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35 Sheriff Blubs Sheriff Blubs

I love him and deputy durland! I love how they're so obviously gay but it's never spoken out loud because it's a Disney channel show... heck, they almost kissed! - Organ

He's a sterotype, but it's not hurting anybody.

36 Cute Biker

Puma shirt, panther shirt. Puma shirt, panther shirt. Puma shirt... Panther shirt.

Do you have this in a different animal?

It is just so cute when he says get em I do like Dipper and Mable more because put them together and you have an explosion of sunshine and rainbows pus fluffy kittens :3

Givin' you a heads up, his name is Tyler.

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37 Duck-tective V 3 Comments
38 Aoshima



The future is in the past. Think about that. Think, HARD.

"The future is in the past. ONWARDS AOSHIMA! "

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39 Deputy Durland

When with sheriff bulbs he is awesome

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40 Melody

I like her because she's kind of my type of person.
"I just wanna ride tiny trains all day! "

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