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1 Reading

Definitely number 1 on my list! Traveling to places through your imagination and mentally traversing landscapes you may not be able to physically, geographically, or logically access. Also, reading may be personalized according to preferences: genre, length, location, time, etc... Above all, it represents a hobby that elevates the mind, keeping it sharp and focused!

Its's free if you are near a library, and it makes you smarter

Love reading so much!

What's not to like?

2 Listening to Music

I listen to music everyday. I don't think I could survive without it.

My rock music library

I do this a lot

cage the elephant all the way!

3 Video Games

Video Games are the future of entertainment. They can appeal to all types of people from the competitive to the laid back.

I play a ton of retro games and Minecraft. Forza too, and other new racing games. Pretty fun what

Video games are my favorite hobby because it helps develop my brain and test out my skills.

Books are bad video games should be first

4 Writing

Along with reading, writing is a personalized expression and may represent basic reflection such as through a journal or diary, may illustrate creativity through the development of an original poem, story, or song, or may represent a brainstorming tool stemming from a list. Limitless possibilities abound, and writing itself further enhance introspection tied to emotional awareness, which often proves cathartic.

I love writing stories because it's fun!

5 Sports

I'm not as big on sports as my bro is, but I still love them. I love to play them more than watch them though, and that's the fun factor of sports, the competitiveness. I love being competitive with other people. Although me and my brother did used to play basketball together and he just stood there blocking every shot I took because he's like double my size

I play upward basketball. My first season we were undefeated. The second we lost 2 but beat a undefeated team. Can't wait for it to start again!

Yes! It's so fun; I do Martial Arts and Swimming and it's super fun. I've also dabbled in Soccer and Football and sports is really awesome

I play upward to. But where I live there is an age limit so I can't play anymore.

6 Surfing the Internet

Not healthy, but fun, and that's how I found this website! Be careful though..

Let's get one thing straight :

NOBODY has said "Surfin' the internet" since 1995

I love that hobby because it helps make new friends on the Internet.

The coolest time pasing way internet some times for fun and some times study we can play online games. But net is amazxing flolist marvelous fabulouis and no words

7 Dancing

Dancing is the best!

Yeah! I love dance, but it wil nt help me

8 Studying

Physics is cool

9 Watching Movies

It is the best hobbi

10 Watching TV

My hobbie is watching T.V.

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11 Cooking

Uzbeks are master to cook

12 Playing Music

Actually Sports are better but, music is much more fun

This has got 2 b the best cus it keeps your mind open

Relaxing difficult challengful
I play it all day long so I can't reserve time to other hobbies :)
That's why I like it

13 Drawing

People waste their lives on video games don’t know the true meaning and importance to life. Drawing can calm you down and make you feel more open and relax, plus the final result looks great.

Drawing is a great way to show your feelings and portray some of the best things in life.

This is totally a great hobby!

I love drawing.

14 Running

lowers blood pressure, elevates mood and confidence, makes it easier to manage weight and appetite, overall a really healthy and fun thing to do

15 Hiking

My wife and I look for new places we haven't been for our vacations and they always involve a nature hike.

16 Colouring
17 Exercising 
18 Making Models

Making models is a fun thing when you got nothing better to do

19 Making Art

Painting, Drawing, Sculpting etc. They're all great because not only are they a lot of fun to do but also the artist is making beautiful things that other people can enjoy. Also if you get really good than you can sell your creations and make money.

Art takes patience, concentration, time and skill. Anyone can kick a ball in a net.

I've been drawing for a LONG time. Best hobby next to writing or reading.

I love making art since I was young!

20 Hacky Sack

Once you learn hacky sack and get into it, its an amazingly fun challenge

21 Board Games
22 Knitting
23 Singing

Great hobby to have for those whom are gifted with a beautiful voice. Unfortunately I can't even mime in tune or sing any song in my head in tune. Not sure I can even talk in tune. *sigh*

24 Making Videos
25 RC Cars
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