Best Hoenn & Sinnoh Grass Pokemons

This list involved Pokemon that are introduced on the 2 most latest regions of Pokemon.... The list below doesn't include legendary Pokemon, Fully evolved Starters, and ultimately strong Pokemons....

The Top Ten

1 Leafeon

His image is far more cooler and different than any other grass-types. His vibrant appearance looks refreshing and nature-friendly.

Definitely my favourite grass type. It has such a great appearance, and its eyes are gorgeous. It is also one of the best eeveelutions, and has great attacks!

Love leafeon and how it's a eeveelution and my favorite Pokemons are eeveelutions and one of my top teams

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2 Treecko Treecko

Sceptile and grovyle are epic pokemion, Sure treecko isn't one of them, But yeah. You people loved charmander? You'll love treecko.

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3 Tropius Tropius

I love Tropius, I've had Roserade first and I have beaten the Elite Four with Roserade, but I highly recommend Tropius. I've never loss with Tropius and never will.

4 Turtwig Turtwig

turtwig is by far the best grass type in the world!

5 Breloom Breloom

Fighting Grass = awesome combo and a cool looking hat thing

6 Roserade

Probably the best Venoshocker of all time, one of the highest base stat totals of all Poison-type Pokemon and with a unique typing giving several aspects a pure Grass-type wouldn't have.

7 Ludicolo
8 Carnivine Carnivine
9 Snover

Ice grass= macho strong, no competitor for him.

10 Nuzleaf

The Contenders

11 Torterra Torterra
12 Sceptile Sceptile

The fastest Pokémon with a large movepool and almost all abilities to counter his foes.
He is definitely the best!

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