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21 Rajkot

It's the world's 22nd fastest developing city. Well, it is also the sucide capital of India but its nice one. - jeet_pipalia

Rajkot is very peaceful city

Rajkot is the city which is famous for kindhearted people 😘

22 Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram, formerly known as Trivandrum, is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Kerala.

Very beautiful roads with footpaths, side trees, parks, good people, educational institutions, high litracy, very good water supply scheme, health facilities with world class hospitals, civic sense of citizens very high, high standard general awareness of public on political, economic and social matters, good traffic control with modeerate vehicle population, neatness, high standard sanitation facilities, good housing facilities, neat and clean streets, markets, buildings etc, contributes to trivandrum as the best city in India

Best city in the world

Most beautiful and clean state capital in India

It's the only city in India which have monorail! - glambert

23 Shillong

Beautiful place also known as the "scotland of the east" and rock capital of India

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24 Jammu
25 Indore

Indore is a great City and is know as MINI BOMBAY.

Indore is the best place for live

No more temperature no more cold no more rain fall all is well

I think so... - Shiv_Yadav

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26 Anand
27 Gurgaon

One of best city for youth to live in India. life is full of enjoyment with lots of malls. Ambience and people of Gurgaon are very good.

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28 Bhubaneswar


Best city in india

I loved the city.

#best city

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29 Mangalore

If you find a posh city in India... You are in Dakshina Kannada, Yes you are in Mangalore.

Restaurants, Pubs, Wine malls... You will find here
The clean city
The Banking city
The Educational/Health Hub
The Mall City
The Ice cream city of India
The Emerging Petro/IT hub
High Literacy, Lowest infant and maternal mortality.

Best city to live in. People are friendly. Amazing roads. Clean n educated city. Best among the rest.

The best city in India. It is very clean, has good infrastructure, beaches, forests, hills and rivers.
Many good educational institutions, Banks and Hospitals are located in this city.
With a literacy rate of 94% and very high HDI of 0.83, Mangalore will definitely become the Smartest City in India.

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30 Nagaur

Most silent city in India

Cute and most green city.

The best city

The best historical city in rajasthan " called,nagina,

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31 Amritsar

Amritsar is also known as a holy city.. Amritsar is 2nd big city of punjab state. It is population more than 2 million.. City is famous for tourist place and also religious places like Golden temple, wagah boarder, Durgiana temple, Jalia wala bagh,. Amritsar also famous for their food..

This is a historical place and a very beautiful place
Many tourists visit golden temple and jallianwala bagh and durgiana mandir and many many many many... more places to see
It has to be on top

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32 Kozhikode

Of course the best city in world...

East or west.. calicut is the best

Developing city in iundia

33 Navi Mumbai
34 Jamshedpur

Day by day this city more beautiful no comparison other cities

Most comfortable and beautiful city

Well planned city Indian first planned city

Jamshedpur is the Best cities in India
Very beautiful green Citi and clean Citi.

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35 Bhopal

It's greenest state capital...10 lakes and 7 hills inside city boundaries... It's a city cum picnic spot... Awesome place to live

It is the best city in India has a very nice climate all the months best place to live

The city of lakes, holding the culture of all religions... Must visited

Bhopal is best in central india

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36 Allahabad

I visited so many time @ Allahabad, I realize perfect & so organize peoples

One of the cleanest cities in north India. A seat of literature,culture, gateway to Eastern India.
City of great importance in Ancient, Mughal period and freedom struggle. Nice to see the picturesque view if Gangs and Yamuna rivers. Memorable to visit Allahabad to see Magh Mela and Kumbh Mela. A lovely peaceful city to live in.

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37 Mysore Mysore Mysore, officially renamed as Mysuru, is the third most populous city in the state of Karnataka, India.

Apart from being blessed with a rich history and culture, this heritage city is a growing educational and industrial hub. Being at the nexus of various popular tourist destinations, it has a great potential for growth. Marvellous palaces, wonderful people and a clean environment set this city apart.

Good Road, planned houses, good people, good climate, growing city.

Mysore is Indian Paris..

The city in India. The city of Kannadigas!

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38 Nagpur

Well people out there? Don't you remember that CNBC Awaz have crowned Nagpur with 5 awards with top greenest city, best transportation and various categories

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39 Delhi
40 Coimbatore

Yesterday's City, Today's Destination, Tomorrow's Metro
The best non-metro of India...
Sprawling city known for its best climate(25-32Celsius)
Tastiest Drinking water in Asia(siruvani)
Clean roads and greener environment
The Best... Come and Visit.

It is the best city in India... I have lived here 19 years and this is 20th.. Every Facilities are available.. The best ever city which I have seen ever in my life... love you Coimbatore

Good climate and good culture

Best city

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