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61 Bareilly

This is really a beautiful city, now very much commercial. you can c all big brands in this beautiful city

This is most beautiful city of Uttar is also called nathnagari.there are top most research center IVRI are situated.priyanka Chopra and paras arora (bollywood star) is also citizen of this city.this is clean and green city.the army cantonment board is also situated.
So I proud on my city

62 Erode
63 Muzaffarpur
64 Alwar
65 Guntur

The rising capital of new Andhra Pradesh with green & clean streets & skying up real boom with high raise structures

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66 Amravati

Amravati is "swarg"of India. Super road transport, malls. Best climate. I like amaravati.

67 Utraula

Utraula is a best city

68 Bokaro Steel City

The most beautiful and clean city in India and safe one also

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69 Jabalpur

City of mother nature!..

Best city to live


Also known as marble city and sanskardhani...jbp is d best place to live and enjoy your has a lot of place for tourists...and many more

70 Bhilai V 1 Comment
71 Agra
72 Dharamshala

Beautiful city..!

Dharmshala is a clean hill statation.

73 Ajmer

Small city but truly beautifull... and Best example of religious Harmony Peace between different communities.

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74 Tirupati V 1 Comment
75 Angul
76 Udhagamandalam

Very beautiful city.queen of blue hills. Switzerland of south india

77 Patiala

City of gardens and a major educational centre in North India.

78 Pithoragarh

It's a divine place in earth.

79 Fatehpur
80 Rajahmundry

It's the best town in India

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