Best James Stewart Films

The TOP 10 movies of one of the greatest actors in history; JAMES STEWART.

The Top Ten

1 It's a Wonderful Life

The movie that can bring you back from the dead

This is one of my favorite movies ever! - Ajkloth

My 2nd favorite Christmas movie ever - Ajkloth

2 Rear Window

My third favorite Hitchcock film. Stewart was amazing, solving a murder while being confined to his room.

A man is capable to do good and good enough by just being in a wheelchair and with his brain.

an awesome thriller about curiosity with one of his finest performances

3 Anatomy of a Murder
4 The Shop Around the Corner
5 Vertigo

Even Rear Widow is epic, Vertigo is the best James Stewart film ever! It cannot be beaten! - aris3

All of his movies are really wonderful, this one just stands out as his best. - logblobo

Rear Window sucks. This movie is pretty good, though. - booklover1

Not only his best movie but the best movie ever made.

6 Winchester '73
7 The Naked Spur
8 The Philadelphia Story
9 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Liberty is too a precious thing to be buried in books.

10 Harvey

This one really should be number 1. Jimmy does such an excellent job portraying the kind-hearted Elwood P. Dowd. He makes the character come to life and we feel as though we can almost see Harvey himself. - ElleWoods

The Contenders

11 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
12 Rope
13 Bell Book and Candle
14 Malaya
15 Broken Arrow
16 Bend of the River
17 The Shootist
18 The Greatest Show on Earth
19 The Flight of The Phoenix
20 The Spirit of St. Louis
21 The Glenn Miller Story
22 The Mortal Storm
23 Shenandoah
24 The Man Who Knew Too Much
25 Call Northside 777
26 Speed
27 Destry Rides Again
28 How the West Was Won
29 The Man From Laramie
30 That's Entertainment
31 Sans Soleil
32 Airport '77
33 Magic Town
34 You Can't Take It with You
35 Vivacious Lady
36 After the Thin Man
37 Take Her, She's Mine
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