Best Japanese Rock Bands

No limitations. Put your favorite Japanese rock band here and vote for them. Rock/punk, Rock/Pop, Rock/Visual Kei and similar genres are accepted.

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1 X Japan X Japan is a Japanese heavy metal band from Chiba, formed in 1982 by drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi.

X Japan does somethings other bands can't.
They actually HELP people, their lyrics touch our hearts.
They disbanded 1997 and came back. Why?
Because not only are they the gods of J-rock and Visual Kei, They love what they do. And we can hear it. :)
We are X.

X Japan has changed my life completely last 20 years. They showed me 'The dream WILL come true, if you try very hard' YOSHIKI never betray me. How long take it, once he said so, he will do. 20 years ago, YOSHIKI said he wanted to go to the world. 20 years on, he is now conquering the world. As I'm Japanese, I'm really proud of X Japan. They are loved all over the world now.

I can't imagine my life without their songs. I'm a fan of X-Japan since 8-9 years and their songs are the best medicine for my sadnes. This year is unique, because I was at X-Japan's gig in Berlin. I must say that it was the best day in my life! And... how couldn't love Yoshiki?
We are X! Now, tomorrow, forever.

X JAPAN is the pioneer of Japanese symphonic metal and one of my inspirations to be the best musicians in the world.


2 Gazette

The most professional modern rock band what I've ever heard. They're fantastic. Very very good musicians, and they're the BEST band for me. I had a lots of impression of them to make my own music /I'm rock-musician too/

The GazettE is by far my favorite band simply because their music touches me and moves me. they have the ability of making me happy, accompanying me when I'm sad, cooling down my anger and just being fun to rock out to. It's the combination of vocals and instrumental that make the songs so touching. Every member is so talented. Uruha's and Aoi's guitar, Reita's bass, Ruki's voice and Kai's drums are just awesome. Their lives are always amazing and prove their talent and dedication to what they create and do.

The GazettE will be the band that every kid in japan will look up to, like how they did when X-japan or luna sea was together. They simply have every variation of music, from rock to metal to alternative metal and rock and of course BALLADS too. They are so awesome I will still listen to them until I get married...

First and foremost, I'll say that I'm still quite new to the GazettE. The first song/video I listened to/watched was RED, and I loved it as it suited my taste. Then I saw SHIVER and that was good for me too.

After a while, I started listening to more of their songs and I really got into them. The boys have great fashion sense and hair to-die for! X) Another thing I commend them for is their beautiful lyrics. I believe Ruki-san is the one who mostly writes them and his prose and language is absolutely gorgeous.

The music too, is great. Each GazettE song has its own unique solo, which I love to listen to. They're very creative to have to come up with guitar solos for every song!

Hmm.. Lastly, I just love the members. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai. Each have their own personalities that shine through when they perform. Ruki-san has a great voice that isn't like the norm, I should say. Uruha and Aoi are awesome guitarists. Reita's bass grooves are damn great and Kai ...more


SCANDAL Must be the first, SCANDAL have the fastest guitarist girl ever, the beat is impressive, all of them is Beautiful, Kawaii, Moe I'll always supporting SCANDAL, keep up the good work girls, I'll always waiting for you Mami chan

SCANDAL may not be the #1 Rock Band, but they're definitely the #1 All-girl Rock Band! They had it all---Talent, Looks, Attitude---and they're still improving! And the combination of Haru's and Tomo's voices is just so amazing! I'm so looking forward to what these girls can do in the future.

Scandal is the most powerful girlband! They must be the first. Other than that, their songs was really great and awesome just like them! So COOL! And take note! All of them were GIRLS!

Of course I was captured by the idea of cute Japanese school girls playing rock music, but I keep supporting them for so many more reasons. Their music is catchy and upbeat, they actually play instruments and really really well. They get better all the time. In a world and an industry dominated by idol groups this is worth support alone. They write their lyrics and Tomomi especially is very talented at this, though I mainly read translations (Switch is a great example). They are learning to write their own music as well. I've watched them grow up from their high school shows and it makes their journey seem so personal. Plus, they are just great people. Tomo is always out for fun, but is a sensitive girl really, and Rina, could be the typical, lofty beautiful one but she is very down-to-earth and her comments at every Sendai show since the earthquake mean a lot. She's always so caring. Their live shows are great too. They manage to keep the energy going and aren't afraid to banter with ...more

4 L'Arc~en~Ciel L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band, founded in Osaka in 1991. With a reported 40 million records sold, they were the first Japanese act to headline at Madison Square Garden.

you are the best l'arc en ciel...

you are my inspiration..

never die l'arc en ciel...

I just love them! I love every single of their songs. Each of the member have their own specialty and getting it all together resulting a very great and beautiful tone. Their music gives the same feeling when we see a rainbow on the sky, so beautiful, warm heart, comforting, and... Majestic! They are just the best! Simply the best!

L'Arc en Ciel is the first band I've ever admire since I'm a child and I will never stop listening to them. their music have its own style and I love all of their songs. I always get crazy when I saw them on TV.

Laruku! Never stop composing new songs! I wish to hear more great songs from L'Arc en Ciel! HYDE! TETSU! KEN! YUKI! YAMENAIDE KUDASAI YO!

I love this band so much, especially hyde! I even saw him live 4 weeks ago

5 Dir en grey Dir En Grey is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1997 and currently signed to Firewall Div., a sub-division of Free-Will.

I love Kyo's voice, it's great! And I find their music special. No other j-rock band doesn't have similar style.

"I think that we have the courage to do what the others are scared to. I mean, musically we go beyond the format established elsewhere. Our visuals and videos are meticulous, outrageous and grotesque. The whole identity of the band is unique. This is our strength. We motivate each other, the idea is to grow together, develop together, and continue to inspire each other with what we each bring to the band. It's definitely a plus. Also, most of the bands try to be friendly to the people, to the media ; this is not our case. We are not here to please anybody and we have the courage to do what we want to do in every level. " - Die

Need to say anything else?

I've followed them for over 12 years and have not gotten bored of their music. They really know how to reinvent themselves and keep their fans interested.

Dir en grey, from Gauze to even their newest album Dum Spiro Spero, have always had their own sense of uniqueness and originality and have never ceased to progress in each of their albums and stated their own identity, which subtly changes every year ha ha, in not only in japan but also in the United States. Kyo stands as an extremely talented vocalist, and also versatile above everything else. Kaoru and Die have always shown their overall technical proficiency and their own brand of creativity with their parts. Toshiya has well is able to make these very creative parts that hold the low end while taking the forefront and along with Shinya, whose drumming has always being original and shown to also provide solid and subtly engaging or even technical beats, are able to drive their music.

6 One Ok Rock One OK Rock, is a Japanese rock band, formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. The band currently consists of Takahiro Moriuchi, Toru Yamashita, Ryota Kohama, and Tomoya Kanki.

One OK Rock... One of the best, yet underrated J-Rock bands (most likely because of the ever growing emo VKs). Because of their many different genres of emo, metal, rock, and sometimes a mix of all three, you'll never get tired of this band. This is seriously the first band in which I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of their songs. So, if you haven't heard them before and want to know which song is best to try out? ALL OF THEM. From "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" to "Naihi Shinsho" you'll never get tired of One OK Rock!

If you want to know the meaning of the word "rock", listen to One Ok Rock!

there's no band which can vary in types of melody in their songs like theys do

One Ok Rock- definitely one of the best bands I've ever heard in my life. To be able to apply such overwhelming emotions into a song, it's amazing. They never cease to impress we with their great music. Moreover, their songs are incredibly catchy and also varies in genre... Not forgetting awesome band members The main vocal-Taka is a true genius. Voice, control, expression and stage presence. He has it all-hands down. Then there's Tomoya who always manages to WOW us all with his superb passion when playing the drums. Just watching him makes us feel so overwhelmed. Ryota and Toru the bassist and guitarist have such charisma that's incomparable. Their music is just AMAZING. Just hear a song, ANY SONG, Its love at first sight- well hearing in this case.

ONE OK ROCK taugh me what is good music. Their music has changed my life for the better.

I truly believe One Ok Rock are among the greatest bands you will ever find in your whole life- If not then the best.

7 Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I have every single songs they have made and they are so great. This band is the only thing I could listen to all day. Their albums is not all the same or one thing but they are all different in a way that no other band could do. The point is that this band you should consider yourself listening to because their lyrics are amazing but not only that the instrument is phenomenal, everything in their songs combine so effectively.

Great, Asian Kung-Fu Generation... A great band, with addictive music

the most amazing band in the world is ajikan. the first time listening to them you will already be addictive to their music. Awesome are their concerts played with an additional orchestra.

They are a brilliant band. My personal favourite songs of theirs would be Re:Re, Haruka Kanata, Blood Circulator, and Rewrite.

8 Versailles

Beautiful. Visual. Elegant. Skillful. Everything that contributes to an amazing band is seen with Versailles, even now that they have a new member they are still going and reaching new limits. Soon they will rule above most and when that day comes and it will, it will because of their musical skill and artistry. They will be on top one day!

Versailles must be the First! They're simply perfect. The Visual Kei are based on lyrics, ero guru, the costumes and overreality videos, and Versailles is more completly and their sound is like the GODS. The Versailles music expresses all you wanted to hear all your life. I love the Visual Kei and Power Metal, my favorites of all genres I listen and Versailles is a combination o both and more, and their customes reflect the greatness and superiority, when the members are like kids and have good heart. X JAPAN must be the second, but Versailles is the new generation and a young band with excesive tallent an charism above these other bands 'cause in Japan are very commercial. WE ARE VERSAILLES!

Definitely deserves #1; these guys will go down in J-Rock history, if you can even classify their music in that genre. Kamijo's vocals are outstanding, Hizaki and Teru's solo leave me speechless. Seriously these guys are so underrated.

The music is well fitted, the bass and drums complement each other wonderfully. The guitars are never overbearing, nor out of place, every rift sounds like it belongs. I love the way they start out slow, with piano and other music, then totally start rocking it by the end of the song. Kamijo's voice is velvety and unique, he really suits their usual song topics. What are their songs about? Well I've noticed quite a few about vampires, which is awesome! How many bands out there sing about vampires? But there's also loneliness, love, nostalgia... Etc. Their costumes are as amazing as their music. They all look really good. (Refraining for more provocative comments...)

9 Nightmare


This is a band that I feel is slightly underrated in the VK world. Their style has evolved much since their indies day and is more polished in terms of musical skills and performance.

They're the best band in the world in my opinion. I really love them and their music, they experiment with a lot of different styles and every one of them are amazing.

Flawless instrumentals, seamless arrangements and an amazing vocalist who in my opinion has one of the best voices of any artist anywhere today. Diversity of musical styles, all done so well with their signature style. An amazing catalogue of music for their 10+ years as a band. Nightmare is all I need in music really. The best band (Japanese or otherwise), period.

10 SID

Mao's voice is the best! I believe he really puts soul into his music. Also he's so hot :3 I LOVE THEM! I can tell Mao really cares for his band members, and when I was watching the concert on YouTube, they all seemed to be having fun making the music they were singing and playing. Which is important to me when doing stuff like that. You gotta love what you are doing to make it good. And they do that. They aren't just good they are epically awesome!

I like there music, it sounds great... Just follow what you see about SID, you'll love theme and there music, my heart... can't hide the emotion when I hear any song of SID! I love Mao's voice, so sweet like candy~ ^_^ Anyway, SID is the best Jrock Band in my life...

the best music ever! SID is my favorite band ever!
and Shinji is so handsomee

SID is the first jrock band I knew that time, and I completely in love with them.. they're songs are inspiring me. I could get through all the hard times with their songs. Mao has a wonderful singing voice, Aki has a god-like bass playing, Shinji has a guitar hero skill, and Yuuya with all his greatness in drum. Yuuya also one of the "All Drums in High Level Technique Drummer" category. not all of drummers could be in it since he was being recruited. I'm very proud of this band and couldn't get enough of their music. all of the songs are very unique and high-taste. every bit of their musics have it's own style. and it makes me love them even more. especially when they're having live. they played with hearts that reach my heart too.

Pleas vote for SID

The Contenders

11 Maximum The Hormone

MTH is so underrated and from what I can see, there isn't a logical reason for it. Even though I can, YOU DO NOT need to know Japanese if you want to rock out and dance to their songs. There first two EPs, Shine and Ootori had English songs and they rocked. Although everyone mostly knows the Buiikikaesu album, I'd say 99 percent of all their songs are awesome (excluding Kyokatsu...). It's 2013 and they've got a new album, Yoshu Fukushu. This ablum outdid the hardcore awesomeness of Buiikikaesu and has seven notable songs that top all the rest, such as Utsukushiki Hitobito no Uta, Mesubuta no ketsu ni binta KICK mo, Suwomints Hockelereiro Mifeho, A.L.I.E.N., (F), of course, maximum the hormone, theme song, Chu2 the beam, and Beauty Colosseum. Uehara-chan is fantastic on bass, everyone loves Daisuke-hans screaming, Nao's excellent and shockingly awesome voice and Ryo-kun himself shredding and singing on guitar and mike. MTH is uber-fantastic, has awesome shreds, screams, and hilariously ...more

MTH is just godly... I mean... If you blend Pantera, Tool, Red Hot Chile Peppers and System of a Down... You end up with Maximum The Hormone. They mix Metal, Rock, Punk and Alternative to make you become a slave of their mind-blowing music. Daisuke-Han is insanely hyper with his strong screaming vocals. Ryo is great at shredding guitar and sings most of the chorus and softer vocals. Ue-Chan is the Japanese Flea! He is INSANELY good at bass! Nao is one of my favorite drummers... She's good AND hot! And she even sings a lot in 90% of their songs as well! Everyone in the band is just so talented! I can't pick a favorite because they are all AWESOME! And they are original, name a band that is nearly identical. Considering they have a lot of change ups meaning they don't just do a verse and chorus through the whole song. They don't do the visual kei

Maximum the Hormone is amazing! Dir en Grey was my favorite band. And then came along the MAX! I love how everyone in the band sings. Daisuke-kun with his screaming, Maximum the Ryo with his awesome guitar playing and melodic vocals (sometimes funny sounding too! ) Newo with her metal drumming and her "pop" sounding vocals and (my personal favorite) ue-chan with his crazy god-like bass playing and he does sing every now and then. They are just so fun to listen to. This is the one band that I can head bang to and smile about! The other bands on the list are good too but Maximum the Hormone just influenced me to make music too!

I know them because my brother listened to their song What's Up People on an anime (death note I think? )

12 UVERworld

I just LOVE them, I can't explain it. They don't give me a headache like L'Arc~en~Ciel and Dir en Grey give me. They're just AWESOME! I can listen to them all the time and not get tired of them. They have such a great variety of songs that I just enjoy listening to them all the time.


yes I can listen to UVERworld songs at least a hundred times in a row!

I don't know much about UVERworld but they have the most number of songs here in my playlist above all of these j-rock bands. All I can say is I love their music and I support them!

I don't find any reason for UVERworld to be underrated! It should be @number 1!
Best thing about UVERworld that you can't find in any other bands are their beautiful lyrics and melodies (and the way they arrange all their songs freshly and uniquely! Anyway I'm a musician, so I know how thoughtful are Takuya and friends of all their songs. they are so talented, really). ALL of their lyrics always have a deeper and thoughtful meanings, and I really believe that UVERworld purely and only wants to motivate people to be better and give all their fans high+positive spirits everyday! Simply amazing.
UVERworld is truly a great band with touching songs. Their members have a deep musicality, which you hardly find in other members of a band. It's so sad that people often underrated them :(
GO GO UVERworld! Six Pride forever.

13 Fear, and Loathing In Las Vegas

I didn't think techno and scream went together when I first heard them, but after forcing myself to listen to them for awhile I found that I love this band. My music taste has changed insanely since I started listening to this band. This is my favorite group and I can honestly say that I love very one of their songs. Do you know how rare it is to not dislike a single song that a group has made? Falilv rocks. Go check them out!

Everyone should lists to Just Awake be Fear, and Loathing in las Vegas its a great song

Very creative band. They just keep getting better and better after every song they make. Minami's unique screaming plus the autotune voice with great guitar riffs and synths makes the band very unique from tje others.. My favorite band of all time..

I hate screamo, but Falilv is my all time favorite band! They nailed down how to use electronics with heavy metal, and how to make screamo a lot less emo. Every single member feels important, not just a background guy. Every member has a distinct look and a distinct role, which I find very respectable. I haven't yet heard a song of theirs I dislike. These guys are very talented and only growing in popularity!

(In commercial format) "Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, taking the emo... out of screamo. - Briguyflyers

14 Stereo Pony

The vocals for Stereo Pony are incredible! Their voices are just SMOOTH!

Stereopony has amazing songs, they have a superb vocalist, an amazing bassist and a very talented drummer! The girls have a style that's unique yet when they collaborate they create new magic! Go STEREOPONY!

Stereopony is the only Japanese band that Speaks to me... I really liked their lyrical wise and musical wise. I could really Relate to their songs when I'm angry or happy or trying something new, their song will always be there for me... If you're sad Listen to Hoshikuzu Kandelaar or Everything OK and more... If you're Happy, simply Happy A And there's much much more! And trying something new, with the "GO! GO! GO! " In OKAMI will really makes you go and do it... So Stereopony's the best band and you can relate too.. They are cute and Rock on the Same time..

Stereopony stands out as a band not just because they are amazing or the fact that they have style, it's because their music is full of life and their energy and their message travels way beyond words. Using simple but profound words, amazing talent at playing their instruments and a very fresh take on everything, Stereopony is a developed style that appeals because of their originality. Collaborating with other artists brings out their talent further~ YUI, Kariyushi58, Scandal and various others. STEREOPONY ALL THE WAY! ROCK THAT CARRIES US THROUGH THE DARK AND BRIGHT DAYS!

15 Abingdon Boys School

Those who dose not have any idea of music can easily be educated in music if they listen to it carefully but if they don't understand this because of all the extreme things these guys are doing then you better stop listening to rock. Abingdon boys school combines both guitars which plays in the same scale and level at same beat but with different touches... Keyboard not only supporting guitars but giving new effects and bass IKUO my 3rd god is awesome at everything, and drums makes it perfectly clear that this band is awesome... And then vocals TAKANORI totally makes this band immortal to music

Thanks God, you have been giving this band to the world
Their play, combination guitar, bass, drum and keyboard with great synthesis
Plus Takanori's voice is so damn sexy!

Takanori is just the best. Guitarists and the rest are doing an amazing job, because every song has that "something", that makes you wanna listen to it for eternity. And you can sense all these emotions they've put into it. Sorry for any mistakes, because I'm not English

I love all of they songs and specially for Takanori, you're the best quality singer for me. And now you back for so many long times I've wait for your new single "WE aRE". You make my heart and soul so down for "From Dusk Till Dawn -INCH UP", make me so emotional in "Nephilim", and make me so powerful day to sing "STRENGTH" all the times.

16 Girugamesh

I love girugamesh so so much. I can't ever get bored of them. That is why I can't come up of any idea would explain why the hell they are at the bottom of top 20. I bet you think the same as I do: girugamesh deserves in much higher placement for who they R. I know many fan stop follow them because they are disappointed of girugamesh new music style, but please do reconsider like how I did. Their music isn't just metal but always develops in unexpectedly great sound. The fact that each member getting older but they keep renewing their music like it was freshly made. They aren't outstanding like how they used to be in those old glory days(2005-2009) but still unique as ever. They are never perfect like the other bands that were voted that to be on top but nonstop working hard, also putting effort and soul into what they do, made them loveable and highly appreciated by us. Moreover, they hold unremarkably impressive lives both in Japan and all over the world. Not only that, their ...more

They are very Strong metal band. If you are into fast hard, melodic singing and hard guitar work. You should check them out.

I just love their music, and would love to see them in concert one day.. Satoshi, Nii, Ryo, and Shuu are absolutely awesome. I would hate to see them disband. GO Girugamesh ~!

You must check them out if you like goth rock and metal. They rock!

17 hide w/ Spread Beaver

Hide's solo projects were amazing, given that it wasn't like the work he did with X Japan but it had to be the most successful out of all the other members solo projects. His guitar playing is truly unique and even today people still remember him as a Legend

Hide (since he did not capitalize his name) was and always will be the best rocker for me. He was caring and amazing and his voice was just awesome. Hide, though gone now, will never, ever be forgotten because he is the best there is. He even had a museum built for him. Hide will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my music player.

Hide rocked! It's a shame he passed, talented musicians always seem to die young... I like hide because I've never heard guitar the way he played it and he was such a unique individual with his vocal style as well as his appearance. Pink Spider~

Just hear he (hide) play music an you all can know. Remember always hide
No anyone can play guitar like that

18 Alice Nine

Alice Nine should be no.1! Some bands don't deserve to be higher than alice nine! Try playing "the last empire", "shunkatshuutou", "blue planet" and "kousai"... And also "akatsuki" then reconsider...

I love this band very much! Shou's voice is so beautiful! The lyrics are meaningful and touched my heart. Hiroto & Tora & Saga are talented on compose and I love Nao's drumbeat! All of them are talented! I love them very much

"They are definitely a band that is unique from the rest. They have a classical visual kei look and more rhythmic songs. Good catchy music and all are very HANDSOME!

From Shou's vocals to Tora, Saga, Hiroto, and Nao's instrumentals, Alice Nine is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. They've got the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard, and their compositions are both deeply moving and amazing to listen to. This band really makes a big deal out of their music, and the fact that each member contributes to the overall song composition is a key factor when it comes to this band. I think they deserve a way higher rank because judging by their music, their lyrics, and their passion, they're definitely the greatest visual kei band I've ever come across.

19 SuG

I like SuG's uniqueness with the pop styles they add into some of their more recent songs. Their positive rock approach is a breath of fresh air from all the darker j-rock bands

I believe SuG is a very amazing band no matter how many diffrent people they will have in this band the imagionation is this band is outstanding! Cause who doesn't love a band that is very creative? Haha

Hearing them live was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. Their joy is infectious, I'm crazy about masato, though I do love Chiyu, Takeru, shinpei and yuji and their music just brings me through those bad days when you just need a bit of music to chase those blues away.

The music SuG creates has always been a wonderful medicine to me. It's helped me get through hard times, and I always wear a smile on my face when listening to certain songs. Their positive attitude and cheerful look seem much more attractive than the darker bands.

20 Luna Sea

If Luna Sea is not in the top ten in this list... this list is stupid. I love X Japan but c'mon there style never evolve (Dhalia: 1997 album containing singles from 1993 and the sound of this album nothing out of the ordinary)(Still would put them around the 3rd position), The Gazette: Its awesome that this guys have crossover to the US but that is about it. Nightmare, SID and SKIN are you serious... c'mon fanboy you can do better then this. Janne Da Arc: awesome guitarist but I haven't heard something worth putting in top ten. Never heard of UVEworld. Laruku first stuff was out of this world but their latest album have been half ass work (I still would put them in top ten). Dir en grey and Asian Kung Fu I agree in the spot they are. As for Luna Sea I would rate them number one and let the music do the talking (forget what they look like and diva attitudes, jut listen to the music)

I'm sorry, but a list based on fanboy/fangirlism tends to be rather ridiculous. LUNA SEA #27? You have got to be kidding! When J says that there is no band like LUNA SEA, sometimes he tends to sound rather arrogant, but I don't mind. The man can back those words up. LUNA SEA is a band where ALL FIVE MEMBERS are independent of each other. This is a band in which each member can do very well without the others. Each one stands with so much strength on his own and with a completely different style from the other. When those independent, different styles come together, they transform each others' works to result in something beyond what one would have presented on his own. I keep reading about the other bands "Each member is so talented. " What happens when each member leaves the band? ALL MEMBERS OF LUNA SEA have already put that to the test AND HAVE SUCCEEDED (proof that they do not need each other to succeed because each one can easily do it on his own)! I still have to hear that about ...more

What? No. 27? You must be kidding me. Have people simply never heard of this amazing J-rock legend or are most people that vote just some random anime fanboys and fangirls that only listen to anime theme songs?

Luna Sea is a very influential band, their music is unique and they are all very talented indeed (if you watch their live DVDs you will know what I mean). They always sound perfect live with amazing technique that often surpasses their CDs. You never hear Ryuichi sound bad live (as opposed to Hyde from L'arc en ciel), and Sugizo's guitar technique is world class! Not to mention Shinya's drumming technique which blends well with the songs, with a strong sense of rhythm yet difficult drum beats, as well as Inoran's unique arpeggios.

I strongly recommend this band for those of you who have never heard of their music, especially now that they are finally reunited to produce more music! I really look forward to their upcoming original album in 13 years which I hope ...more

What the...? Luna sea is the best! You know, luna sea can make it genre, like mix the punk rock with blues, or rock with pop. Luna sea should be in the first because it is the grandfather for visual kei genre. Luna sea I think is the visual kei blue print. Listen another band, and then listen the luna sea, another framework song are adapted from luna sea! This list is stupid enough!

21 Flow

FLOW are a popular modern Jrock band, theyre cool, fun and have a good mixture of crazy fun to kickass awesome songs

The first time I ever heard a Japanese song, was FLOW with the opening to Lelouch of the Rebellion. Still one of my favorite Jpop songs!

they are the best band that I heard to play good music with funny antics!

Love these guys I could listen to them all day. I sometimes do!

22 Mucc

This position is inappropriate to think a band like MUCC. MUCC is not just a band, but a project that has stood since they were kids. Miya, the leader has a great knowledge of music, a sad past but it does force, and always creates touching melodies, Tatsurou is the singer that makes me move and understand how much life is important, their lyrics are the proof. The energy of Satoshi, the" loyalty" of Yukke, their appearance so funny and original at the same time makes them a unique band in their genre, not classifiable as a visual kei genre. They like no other.. MUCC are not mere appearance, cool outfits and fanservice. MUCC are music.

MUCC are a band that can just do about everything. Any genre, they'll do an awesome job. From jazzy to electro, heavy rock stuff to poppy. They always play with a lot of emotion, and a lot of energy! Their bassist is just amazing.

MUCC is the best! Tatsuro's voice is simply amazing! MUCC is one of the best bands ever, their lyrics are great and MUCC members are the best, they are so cool, nice and kind really down to earth... I love them and they deserve to be on first places here!

Mucc is the messenger of hard core music for listening fans.

23 Beat Crusaders

Mad catchy songs! Every song has a different feel and very creative. Songs like Ghost, Let's Escape Tonight are awesome and can't be found anywhere else!

Beat crusaders is total ownage compared to the others. 'Hit in America' and 'Tonight' super sweet songs. Just can't beat the crusaders.

Why isn't this in the top 10! This dusnt make any sense

Really I don't get it...

Legends. Wish they got back together.

24 FLiP

FLiP's all the way down here? After Kazana and Kaa to Naigo? Plus putting all their PV's on the LE for their second album? Plus the B-sides from their two singles prior to it?

These girls are FAR more talented than 51st place. Yuko's guitar solos ALONE with Sachiko's vocals and how Yuumi can pull off the cute and cool thing are why I'm a fan. Their first full album sealed the deal and even in their indie days they were good. I was hooked the first time I heard them, and it pains me to see them all the way down here.

This band is outstanding! Girls! Kick out Scandal!

Good music, I like it a lot.

This band is The Girl Band! I like SCANDAL & Stereopony too
But FLiP Is just My all around Favorite Female J-Rock Band.

25 D'erspairs Ray

Forever the greatest band ever.. I miss them so terribly much, but I honestly really can't wait for the day of their comeback! I hope I'm not gonna die from happiness, that'd be really sad, ne? Their music gives me hope, strength, cheers me up and takes my anger away.. I've met the greatest people thanks to this band and they've saved my life so many times.. That a simple 'thank you' will never be good enough. Their music deserves to be appreciated more, plus they sound unbelievably AMAZING live. Hearing Hizumi's voice makes you tremble and shiver, makes you want to go insane and forget about everything.. Seeing Karyu fulfilling his dream as he plays the guitar, going all insane on the stage makes me feel alive.. Watching Zero with his pervy amazing smile, asking from audience for more noise makes me want to jump out of my skin and just give them my all.. Scream my heart out.. And hearing and watching Tsukasa playing drums makes my hear beat so fast I think it's going to tear itself ...more

it is simply, their music is for everyone who love rock with little metal sound, you will love and adore HIZUMI's voice and their whole sound, I know a lot of jrock bands, in past I was thinking they was only ordinary japanese rock band, but now I understand they are the best... try it... you can't be disappointed trust me

The first J-Rock band I've ever listened to in my live. I adore Hizumis voice, and Tsukasas, too. I was crying really hard when I heard that they broke up. Nobody can reach them, they will be in my heart forever. Their sound is just great, I'm really happy that I got to see them live once. I adore their dark sound and I LOVE every single song they released in their nearly 12 active years as a group of musicians together. I hope that Hizumi will get healthy soon and that the old D'espairsRay will have a comeback. I'm praying for it.

Hizumi's voice beats any of these other band's feminine sissy voices. He can hit the high notes, but at the same time, not sound like a total chick as some Japanese vocalists do. He also adds growling and screaming. The rest of the band plays the songs so melodically and so beautifully, yet unique in their own way that I really feel that they are the best rock band ever. Their songs are well put together, not just straight-up noise or nails-on-chalkboard singing.

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