First and foremost, I'll say that I'm still quite new to the GazettE. The first song/video I listened to/watched was RED, and I loved it as it suited my taste. Then I saw SHIVER and that was good for me too.

After a while, I started listening to more of their songs and I really got into them. The boys have great fashion sense and hair to-die for! X) Another thing I commend them for is their beautiful lyrics. I believe Ruki-san is the one who mostly writes them and his prose and language is absolutely gorgeous.

The music too, is great. Each GazettE song has its own unique solo, which I love to listen to. They're very creative to have to come up with guitar solos for every song!

Hmm.. Lastly, I just love the members. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai. Each have their own personalities that shine through when they perform. Ruki-san has a great voice that isn't like the norm, I should say. Uruha and Aoi are awesome guitarists. Reita's bass grooves are damn great and Kai ...more

The GazettE is unique and inspiring just as X Japan is in their own way. They have touched so many lives, and why I voted for the GazettE is because their music really got through to me first, when other bands never could. Each and every member has their own qualities that create the whole of GazettE, and their team work has pulled them through to their coming of age with their tenth anniversary coming up. Each song is, of course, different, but they all talk about many different lives, something that connects all of the fans together and isn't just limited to the youth, but the older crowd as well. They have so much determination, have struggled to get this far in their early years, but with their example they have shown future generations of rock bands that, they too, can do it and aren't limited to just the confines of their dreams; they turned their dreams into goals, and for all of their hard work and lives they've inspired, I think they deserve the Best Japanese Rock Band title.

It's true that there are plenty of classic bands like X Japan and Luna Sea, but if we're talking about now, you have to admit, the GazettE is taking everything to new levels each time they release a song and play a live. They're not only a band, they're the five people who so many people, teens like us, adults, even some little kids, look up to. Ruki's talents in writing lyrics and providing the artistic vision of each project they do touch countless people's feelings. Uruha and Aoi's guitars sing just as sweetly as Ruki does, Reita's bass gives a core to the music and Kai holds everything together as the leader and drummer. They've reached 10 years, and they'll definitely keep going for DECADES. Not to mention the variety of music styles they use in their songs, and you can just rock out to them anytime! They are the band that saved my friend's life, and a lot of others who lost hope. Please vote for the GazettE!

The GazettE are the ones who have stayed true to themselves. When their fans leave them, they don't bother trying to get them back. Instead, they do their own thing and whomever happens to like their music, they rock on with them. I love the fact that while there are many trends going on in the music industry, the GazettE never paid much attention to that. They got their own style and they know what it is that makes them THEM. I admire that their thoughts regarding music are not influenced by any other person such as their label company or any other stuff like that. Each band member is unique and no one completely stands out. Like Uruha had once said, the GazettE is like a team. When they all work together, good things come out of it. I will always follow, I will always support, the GazettE.

They are the BEST, that's what I think! They're very professional and they deserve to be in 1st place! They are the best musicians I have ever heard in the hole world, not just in Japan they deserve this title and a lots more because for all of us, Sixth Guns, they are greatest musicians and their music touches our hearts, and make us different, it make us Sixth Guns! I'm never gonna forget them or their music because for me they and their music will always be the best thing that happen to me! It make me a all new person and it also brought me to Visual Kei and JRock world, and my life change so fast I almost couldn't see it! I'm glad to be in Visual Kei and JRock world because this world is special, this world is unique and I hope it stay alive forever! Because this is the world of all of us, it's our world and I'm proud to say that! The GazettE will be alive forever in our hearts and we will never forget the time we listen to their music, we will never forget the friendships we ...more

Kai's drums give the song a heartbeat, Reita's bass is like a pulse, Aoi and Urhuas guitars bring the music to life and Ruki's voice gives it all a soul. That is why they are the best, they put their all into everything thing do.

The GazettE is and always will be my favorite band ever! The first time I heard them I instantly fell in love with them and with J-rock, they mean so much to me. Since then my life was better, I found myself and I found new friends, very special friends. Their music is fantastic, it touches my heart and it's pure poetry. The members of this band are the best, they always try and improve themselves and they love and are loved by their fans. I can't find words good enough to describe what the GazettE is for me. What I can tell is that they are the best band ever!

I think the GazettE is the best band I've ever listen to. They have a song for every situation and even if I'm far from them (I'm Italian) I can feel them near to me through their songs. They're awesome, each member is able to share his own emotion thanks to his guitar or his bass or his drums or his voice and individually they're the best in their field: but together they create something hard to describe, which captures you and moves you to tear, to sing out loud your feelings or just to headbang! I really think they're the best and I will always thank them for what they did, they do and they'll do because when you become a Sixth Gun you really feel like you are part of a family who's always there for you!

Everyone has their own opinion on them and that's great, not everyone's going to like them but personally, for me, they're one of the only bands that really touch me. Their lyrics, melodies, rhythm. For me they sum up what music is really about. If they're having fun and inspire other people, which they do, they truly deserve to be looked up to. Here's hoping they've got many more years ahead of them as a band. On another note... Luna Sea is too far down this list considering they inspired a lot of these bands.

The GazettE - The currently rising superstars of Japan. They have a wonderful vocalist, a mind-blowing guitarist duo, a marvelous bassist and a fabulous drummer. Their music varies from ballads to hard rock. They've almost experimented all types of rock. Ruki has one of the best vocals and a voice like gold. His lyrics are pure genius and a master composer. Uruha and Aoi are a power-packed guitar duo. They synchronize perfectly and they make it look like they are the right and left hands of the guitar track in the song. A fantabulous pair. They have my vote for President. Reita's bass tracks are good, though I love his backing vocals better. He backs up Ruki perfectly and I just can't help but wish that Reita's voice could be added more in the songs. And finally Kai, the backbone of the GazettE. The leader of the band is becoming better and better with his drums and is pushing the band up higher and higher. They are the best. I'm really happy to see they are getting popular all over ...more

The GazettE.. this band, their songs.. Only they can speak to me. Honestly, I have never ever had such a strong bond to a band, their music. I don't know how they do it, but through music they can somehow speak to me, make me feel good and happy even if I have some harder days and so. Every member of this band is so precious! Ruki - his voice is wonderful, I've never heard such voice that can be so beautiful while singing and still so beautiful while screaming; also he is (to me) too sexy, his expressions, looks and everything makes videos (pv or from concerts) full of energy, desire, he just makes them electric. Uruha - his playing on guitar is so damn good, as well the way he looks. Aoi - just like Uruha, awesome guitarist, pretty boy. About both of the guitarists I love their solos! Reita - his bass is making every song sound like a heaven. Kai - really handsome drummer that makes this pretty beats, makes catchy rhythm that youll be singing in your head. All of them put so much ...more

The Gazette is by far the most professional modern band I have ever seen. They're lyrics are well put and the music is composed better than others. They always surprise you with what kind of music they're playing next and try to see what kind of music the fans like. The vocals get to you and the hard smashing of the drums make you jump while the brilliant rhythm of the guitars make you wonder why you ever listened to anything else. The GazettE is truly brilliant and I will always remember the days they made me cry.

I've followed GazettE since their very beginning, and it's been amazing watching them evolve into the band they're in today. Their music is constantly evolving into something better, and every time they release new material, I'm reminded on why I fell in love with them in the first place, and why they have a special place in my heart. Not just mine, but in the hearts of all the loyal fans they have recruited over the years. They not only know how to make fantastic music, but they also know how to make the fans rock out during the lives. GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD!

Ever since I first heard this band about 8 years ago, I have been in love with them. They can go from ballads to hardcore screaming, to a more synthetic/electronic sound (as in Vortex and the entire Division album), to a hard rock sound (as in Filth in the Beauty and the Stacked Rubbish album. )
Since their original drummer Yune left and was replaced by Kai (who is now the "leader" of the band), they have done nothing but grow. Although I don't like all of their songs, I can't disregard the passion and talent that goes into every single song they have. They function perfectly well together, are visually appealing (not just to women who are into the JRock/Visual Kei look, but men as well for being just a band that is genuinely enjoyable to watch with outstanding stage presence), Ruki's vocals are amazing, Kai can play drums insanely well, and Reita is excellent on bass, Uruha is an exceedingly talent lead guitar, and Aoi can play rhythm and acoustic guitar flawlessly.
Some of ...more

The Gazette is the most dedicated band I have come to know. They are always on tour, always evolving, always learning, always creating, and always united. You can tell from interviews just how different all these men are yet onstage they come together as family and when creating music they balance each other out and give each other the creative edge they all need to make music like no other band can. The icing on top is the love and respect they have for their fans, or sixth guns, to go out there and give them their all as well as let them know how appreciated they are.

Gazette is the best Japanese visual kei rock band, song, person and the quality of music they ever had. Is so awesome, they can fix the guitar distortion and the dynamical of acoustic, it's very great. Plus the bass and drum's play, and of course the strength of ruki's voice,... I never see band like this,.. The gazette great...! 1

The GazettE is the reason why I started liking JROCK and they are still my favourite band so far. All of the members are incredible! I absolutely love Ruki's vocals and he is my favorite vocalist. Same goes for every other one and especially Kai's drumming. I look up to him and he inspired me to learn drums!

The Gazette never ceases to amaze me with each single, each album. The musicians put their heart and soul into performing, and their lives are stunning. You can see the tears, the toil, the sweat they pour into making absolutely touching music - they have mastered music, for they have proved time and time again that they can not only write, but flawlessly perform different genres of music.

Their music is so uniquely GazettE, it's amazing, really. Their style is absolutely spectacular. I've never heard anything else like them! They honestly make the best songs I've ever heard. They can't really be compared to anyone either! xD

From the amount of dedication and time spent touring and making music, it is obvious these guys love what they do. That passion for creativity, for success, is what inspires me as an artist. If I hadn't discovered them, I would honestly not have a favorite band today. Their lyrics often expose the uglier or tragic side of humanity (DIM Scene, Guren, Toguro) and plead for us to keep alive our hope (Saraba, TOMORROW NEVER DIES) or in other cases attack the media (13 stairs). The songs that impact me the most, though, express the complexities of a romantic relationship with lyrics like those of Without a Trace, Chijou, Naraku, DISTRESS and COMA. Gazette captures poignantly how vulnerable we become when we trust someone with our heart. This person somehow becomes the only one who can hurt us. It's never easy to convey these feelings without falling into a pit of cliches, but Gazette steers away from that so there is always a sense of authenticity about their lyrics. As a writer, this is ...more

Words lack for me to tell you how great the GazettE are. They are quite talented musicians, their songs go beyond just being songs. Their songs are so well composed, composed from the heart. I feel like music these days lack the love and passion, but the GazettE fortunately makes up for that. I'm glad they keep on trying new things and play with different styles and rhythms. I have a hard time saying that they are the very best, because I know that there are bands out there who are quite as talented as these guys, but still hands down to this band and they surely deserve to win this title!

I have been a fan of The GazettE for about seven years now. I have cycled through varying music phases throughout my life, but The GazettE is one band that I always go back to. The GazettE has such varying music genres there's bound to be a song that you will like. Their songs vary from jazz inspired to metal to ballads while retaining their own style in each song. Plus, each member of the band has their own style and personality that you cannot help but love. Their live shows are absolutely amazing and filled with emotion. My only complaint is they have not toured worldwide yet!

The GazettE is the best Jrock Band... Ruki, Reita, Aoi, Kai, Uruhs are the best in what they do... Some musics: Cassis, Reila, Filth in the Beauty, Chizuru...
My Point is they have great beats and great guitar solos. Plus Ruki's voice...
And they are the cutest thing that you'll see on the stage...

I love this band. They showed me a lot, they made me feel things I never felt through their music.
They re so expressive and talented and no j-rockers compares to them. They re just perfect. Ruki s voice it s so warm and beautiful, Reita bass it s so sexy Uruha's guitar give me chills on the spine, Aoi s it just as good and he and Uruha create an amazing harmony while singing... Kai... Well... That boy knows how to beat! Laugh out loud
The Gazette it s so visual kei... So original, so... THE BEST!

The GazettE are simply amazing. With strong vocals, awesome guitars, and a good bass and drums, they really do earn this spot. What I appreciate most about this band is that all their music is entirely their own. Lyrics are mostly credited to singer Ruki, but the rest of the band do contribute too. Their songs are meaningful, be they about love, hate, joy or anger. The melodies are beautiful and the guitar solos are wickedly amazing! They have just reached their DECADE and still going strong. We can expect more amazing songs from the guys! Let the GazettE live long! GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD!