You must check them out if you like goth rock and metal. They rock!

'Casue they showed me that I have to love myself first, their music is so expressive and make me feel in a better place... when I feel so depressed, they always give me a little reason to smile. They're a very simple guys :3

Thanks Satoshi, your lyrics are amazing and showed me a lot things ;w;. Thanks Nii, your humor makes me smile and your are my guitar idol number 1!. Thanks Shuu, you always showed me I have to be a more expresive girl!. Thanks Ryo for your amazing compositions in the music!

They are the first band which made such impact on me! They are just fantastic! Girugamesh music is so powerful as well as they during their concerts. I wish I could be on one some day*. * I also admire them because of the fact they work on their music themselves - Satoshi (vocalist) writes lyrics, Ryo (drummer) write most of melodies in which Nii and Shuu help him. You just should listen to they!

Girugamesh was the most amazing j-rock band that I've ever heard. The very fist in fact. The vocalizes, guitarist, bassist, and drummer all have it down which coordinate perfectly together which just sounds amazing af. If it wasn't for Girugamesh I would have never given j-rock a chance. Now it's my favorite music in the world. Girugamesh will always be the greatest!

Without a doubt the best J-Rock (in the early work metal) out there. I love their music and really respect them. Good lyrics, nice songs, very good live (had the pleasure to see them once :)). Don't get why they are at this place and not 1st but still, nice to see they get some recognition ;D.

I love their Music, it's my favorite band. They inspire me in many aspects of my life, When I'm angry I listen their music and then I can smile again :D. I love those guys so much!

I usually don't listen such hard music, but they have something different in their music and I just can't resist their energy and power. They are amazing band and should be awarded

I just want to say that they are amazing! Not only by their musical style but also in the lyrics which is very deep of sense...

I just Love them. Their music makes my day happier, just play "Evolution" and you have new positive energy for the day. They are awesome!

Girugamesh is such an uderrated band. Their music is unique and there isn't one single band that has the same sound as they do. With such original intrumentals and heart warming lyrics, with the energy they give you during their songs and the impact they have on people's life, Girugamesh should definitely be listed as the number one band. It is really hard to put in words how amazing they are, I just love this band to death!

This list is fake girugamesh are the best. This awesome jrock band has only 0.9 it is not true it must be 1st place in this list. Girugamesh rules!

I just love these guys to pieces. Their music is fantastic and the members are so sweet.
They're versatile and aren't afraid to experiment with different styles, so I can always find a song by them to fit my mood.

Really really superbly greatest rock band ever! T. T

SPEECHLES! Girugamesh has to be like the number one band here they are incredible and all their songs are amazing! They have a mix of everything from rock to alternative to metal. THIS is definitely a great choice for ANY jrock lover!

Just love all their songs that´┐Ż's all y have to say I JUST LOVE GIRUGAMESH!

Pitty they disband. Saw them a few days ago. NEVER seen so much power on stage. NEVER!

Girugamesh was one of the first Japanese bands I found and is still one of my favorites to this day. I'm even getting one of their jackets for Christmas~ ^. ^ They're how I really started getting into Japanese music, but I still find myself listening to them and can't find any band that really compares!

Guys you are just the most amazing band in the World. I would to see your live in Poland one day. Your songs are just awesome and good to listen in every time (^_^) Everyone who likes haevy music should to listen to Girugamesh!

Without girugamesh, I don't really nknow what I should do.. They are my favorite band, and I can't pass a day wihout listen to us. Thus, their lives are... So perfect!
Therefore, ShuU is for me the best bass player!

Girugamesh is a Nu Metal Band and They Are Funny I love you girugamesh and I will always waiting for a new album and song form girugamesh!
Yeahh lets headbang with us^