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L'Arc-en-Ciel is a Japanese rock band, founded in Osaka in 1991. With a reported 40 million records sold, they were the first Japanese act to headline at Madison Square Garden.


L'Arc en Ciel is the best rock band for me... Their songs are magnificent and the voice of Hyde is wow... I can barely describe it in words... And difficult to copy. They are incomparable and irreplaceable to me. They make my whole world in music go round. I am madly in love to Hyde, Tetsu, Yuki, Ken and even though sakura was long time not in the band anymore I still do love him also... They make an exceptional music that truly moves your heart and soul

the very very very first japanese band/artist I know. they look weird for me at first but I then fell in love with the song "PIECES" (even though I can't understand it). I love them so so much!

I'm also a fan with other bands like Dir en grey and I love them both. I'm not comparing them because both were unique in their own way and they're all good!... but L'arc en ciel is still my number one in my heart!

They're one of those bands who's been around for so long and will stay for a long time because they're not afraid to change their sound, yet they still create great music. Awesome energy on stage, too. It was so heartbreaking for me to miss their 20th L'Anniversary, but I will definitely see them next year when they come back to Hong Kong.!

L'arc en Ciel should be first... X Japan was yeah they are great but what the even though they made history in Japan and Visual Kei's they shouldn't be in top... No offense for those who are X Japan fans... L'arc en Ciel on the other side is far way better... Speaking of their fashion sense and their songs are wonderful... Hyde here is greater than Hide in X-Japan...

Someone may say they are Japanese Rock themselves. But I just wanna say they just the God of us, giving us faith through their melody. They just tell how they think of the world and show their passion by playing.. And this is what music means to us. They are true musician. There songs have kept me for company for many hard days. And it's sure that they will be with me forever. And the four let me realize many important things of life. So I just vote them with great gratitude.

One of the first Japanese bands I ever heard, and always a really loved one (no matter how much k-pop I hear now). Each one of his members are amazing in their own way, and some of their songs are deep connected with important moments in my life, it's just a band that marked my life, and always would have an special place in my heart. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

L'Arc~en~Ciel is just one of those bands, once you get into them, you can never stop listening. Their music is very versatile and they incorporate many different styles of rock. Hyde's vocal range is really great, he can sounds soft and gentle one moment, then go dark and deep. Tetsuya's bass lines are always something I look forward to listening out to, as well as Ken's wonderful solos. Yukihiro is very skilled at drumming and pays attention to rhythm when he composes music, so his compositions are the sort that make you feel like dancing.

L'Arc~en~Ciel is really one of the most inspiring and beautiful things to enter my life.

Watching their live videos really makes me want to go. They've come to my country once, but I didn't get the chance to go. I hope I can watch them live one day, from watching the live videos, I can see that both the crowd and the band have a great time.

If you are new to L'Arc~en~Ciel, I suggest that you start listening to their older work ...more

L'arc en ciel has a unique sound which no one else can mimic. Not only do their melodies flow so well, but their music are classics; their songs from the 1995 are still being listened today. They're also really skilled musicians, and use very little studio effects as their live performances sound almost exactly like their studio performances.

LOVE LOVE L'Arc~en~Ciel. Simply because of their music is giving most sense in term of balance. Good melody has to be presented well then it would become a good song. Their songs are not too light and not too hard. Always give motivation and courage, somehow. If you listen to detail of each instrument, you will hear the effort they put in to balance up the songs until very beautiful. Totally pieces of arts.

you know that... this is l arc en ciel
they have been 20 years in industrial music...
they music awesome...
full harmonic...
every instrument have their own skill and to gather to be one that is l arc en ciel

Talent. Style. Emotions. THEY ARE ROCK ROYALTY. Currently celebrating their 20th Anniversary in style! With a world tour in Japan, US, UK, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Thailand, they rule the globe! Tell me, which band can last for 20 years and still have such enduring popularity all around the world?

This band have tetsu as a leader..
And no one have a leader in band..
Just laruku..
And all the personnel is never old..
Hyde always have the same face when its just the new band..

I like all of them, the kind of song is make someone happiness and make the real of world, I want this band is more and more take number 1 place in another band, thanks

I admire their style. That voice, and the music - it has that familiar quality, the sort of feeling that makes you want to listen over and over again, whether you're trying to fall asleep or you're on a road trip--

Hyde's voice is so WOW. , everybody knows!
Tetsuya : no body dares to stand up before him!
Ken : Are you kidding me if you say about his plays?
Yukkie : He plays with 2 drum bass!

the most extraordinary japanese band ever, still the best for almost 20 years, still legendary until today... this band is the real taste of japanese music...

L'Arc is indeed the number 1 jrock band..! Their songs are original and different from others.. X Japan is great but L'Arc is the best!

The band is unreal. Their music is unreal- a kind of transient music that symbolizes the bitter sweetness of the here and now because you know that the sweet taste of this moment will eventually fade away. You live on contently pleased after having experienced something unique and likely estranged from what most people are capable of feeling.

The best, forever :c
Since I listened the first time, I liked it. The 4 members are important, Laruku would'n be the same without hyde, ken, yuki or tetsu. And they music is especial too, for me. (my engish sucks)

Their songs have some kind of magical power. You always can find a perfect song that fit your mood. I have been loving then for over 10 years and I will keep loving them. The first time I listened to their song I don't even understand Japanese, it's the pure power of music.

No one does it like L'Arc.

While other great bands have faded away over the years or last their originality. Laruku are still there, doing there thing while still captivating the masses. - -Din-

Absolutely love them their music their sense of friendship is inspiring. They have such a fun time together it is always so obvious. Hyde is my favorite but I adore them all and know together they make up L'arc not just one or the other.

L'arc should be first and DeG second... I don't care about the historical significance of X Japan, L'arc n DeG are better

Their songs are just great; great melodies, great lyrics with great meanings. They can really inspire one by just their songs. Continue composing and playing great music, Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro! The world is with you! Cheers from Malaysia!

They have a nice sound. I really like Hyde's voice as well. the lyrics are very inspirational and the people in the band seem to be very passionate about what they do. I mean 23 years is such a long time and I'm happy to see that they are still successful and going strong!