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181 Megaromania

A good band to be recommended since its music is delicately composed like Versailles, including the costumes and has an elegant flair. They are as good as Versailles.

182 Ayabie

I LOVE Ayabie. Although they disbanded, Aoi's vocals, Yumehito's bright colorful outfits and cute appearance, the way the band members looked as if they had so much fun, it always kept me going! All the songs, so beautiful that I can hardly describe them. I would love to see this band be #1 but it would be just as good if others took time to listen to this band and say, "oh gosh, I love these people" like I have. I will forever love Ayabie, AYABIE and Aoi from Ayabie. I'll always hope they get back together or continue their separate ways successfully.
Forever a fan and always loving them.

Ayabie or AYABIE this band is and forever will be the greatest band I've ever heard. Their music is the best.

There is not one Ayabie song I do not love! Their music is beautiful and Aoi's voice is entrancing. I'm really sad that I found out about them after their disbandment... But Aoi and Ryohei's new projects 168 and Megamasso are amazing as well ^_^

183 Breakerz

Anyone heard of them?
this is daigo stardust's aband

184 Gedo

Just pure silly rhythm+blues/ punk rock n roll. Been around since the mid-70s, Their first and most well known album (self-titled) was recorded entirely live and not even mastered properly. I'd say The Stooges are a similar-sounding western comparison.

185 Yousei Teikoku

I really like this band. Not my favorite but they should be higher on the list

How can this band be this low on the leader board vocal talent and musical immersion is second to none.

I love yousei Teikoku, this band is amazing, magnific, is perfect.

I love You sei teikoku, is my favorite

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186 Hello Sleepwalkers

I can't believe this isn't even in the top ten...Hello Sleepwalkers is one of the most amazing bands I've ever discovered. Everyone needs to listen to them.

One of the best bands I've heard in a while! Definitely worth checking out.

They are more of a new band but boy can they play your soul out. the vocals are great male and female. and 3 guitarist!

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187 Band-Maid

Incredible hard rock compositions that they play themselves! These are not just seriously cute women in a rock and roll band, these are talented musicians who bring it at every show! Two fabulous albums released in the last six months, and now they are starting to tour the West, with Seattle this past March, and London this month (May). MISA on bass, Akane on drums, and Kanami on lead guitar are as solid a back line as there is in any hard rock band in America.

They rock hard, beginning to end, awesome vocals and a beat that makes you move. Number one band of 2016.

They're such a great band. They just need more time just like Scandal.

One of the all female japanese band that will rock your head

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188 The Oral Cigarettes

Listened to a few songs so far and love them!

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189 Wagakki Band

They are the best in folk-rock, just awesome, all of them have an impressive talent.

This far down? How can anybody dislike Wagakki Band when they produce flawless songs like Iroha Uta, Noushou Sakuretsu Girl and Kagerou Days? They should do their own songs and not just Vocaloid covers.

Really? All the way back here? People really need to do some more research on good music. Wagakki is EASILY better than ALL the bands listed on the top 10, in every. single. way.

This is an amazing band! My favourites are Senbonzakura and Kagerou days.

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190 m-flo

I love their "m-flo loves..." series, especially "miss you" with melody. & Yamamoto Ryohei, "Astrosexy" with CHEMISTRY", "tO yOUR bEAT" with YOSHIKA, and "the Love Bug" with BoA.

191 Snorkel

They may be relativly new but they have gone up fast. the first song i heard by them was Namikaze Satellite and i instantly fell in love with them - Hyde33

This band is famous for "Namikaze Satellite" which is used for the tHe "Naruto"

The best rock band ever! Give them a chance and you'll see what I mean. Keep up the good work, Snowkel!

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192 Creature Creature

I've recently watched their live dvd and I'm impressed. They're just a session band that contains of few really famous musicians, yet there's no ego clash on stage, when it comes to music their communication is flawless.

193 Lion Heads
194 44 Magnum

Classic Japanese Rock, that is what they are best for, because its what they do, 44 Magnum goes off like a 44 Magnum

195 BADD
196 Spread Beaver
197 Mephistopheles
198 globe
199 Aburadako
200 Boøwy V 3 Comments
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