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181 Chatmonchy

Great Japanese girl band with catchy songs and clever melody changes.

This was my first favourite band. I will be always in love with chatmonchy. I really like the hard work of Eriko, she is perfect, cute and with a great voice. Those girls are an inspiration to all the power-girl bands.

182 Tetra-Fang

lead singer koji seto originally to promote a tv show they are rly awesome j-rock Supernova, idividual system, roots of the king, lightning to heaven, destinys play, no matter who you are. there best songs.

I think They are the best band in Japan! I very love their musics and Koji Seto! &

TETRA-FANG is an amazing band ever. All of their songs are mind-blowing. Especially the song Mind Garden. I don't think there exist any awesome like that... All TETRA-FANG songs have heart touching lyrics and mind blowing musics. seriously, their songs really charm people. I am very upset that they disbanded... it they continued, it'd be sure, they would be in good position by now. because their songs are indescribably cooler than many other bands' songs

183 On/Off

I love this band
Especially their song eien no setsuna and futatsu no kodou

I love their newer song butterfly its almost perfect I can't wait to see more videos

184 Kuroyume

The band that influenced them all.

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185 DeathGaze
186 Monkey Majik

A band of great variety from Rock to Jazz, so much to enjoy.

Great band, not exactly hard rock but great music

Perfect band, perfect fusion

Good good, love it

187 FripSide

In my opinion they are very original

I love them

Love the voice and the style they performed
Especially the "Sister Noise" and the "Only my Railgun"

188 Pay Money to My Pain

This is the best band ever! Really!
I can't believe they aren't in the first place.
All their albums are unbelievable.

So sad that K died this band has helped me through so much in life such a unique singer and they work together really well as a band

231? How come?
It's absurd! This band was beyond amazing. They are legends in the underground.

189 Supercell

The music is truly amazing! I love sayonara memories

Chelly's voice is so sweet, her voice is cute and lovely. I love her.

Japan's best musical band group and has the best singers such as Chelly and Koeda, powerful voices and great band members

They're good
the Guilty Crown soundtrack was a work of art. - SkullKing

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190 YUI

Amazing voice, good upbeat music!

Yui's work as singer and compositor will be always be wonderful.

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191 Creature Creature

I've recently watched their live dvd and I'm impressed. They're just a session band that contains of few really famous musicians, yet there's no ego clash on stage, when it comes to music their communication is flawless.

192 Boøwy V 3 Comments
193 Alsdead

Oh my goodness, alsdead is an amazing band their music is like sex to your ears I recommend every song. Listen to their music and you will be amazed. No really their music is really good. Strong beats, meaningful lyrics and a touch of screamo. Good music for thoses who love a blend of screamo and Japanese.

Just amazing music and superb vocals. They should way up there!

Puzzle and Pandemic are awesome

194 Unlimits

Unique band... Love their song it makes me turn into good mood

195 Gakido
196 Melt-Banana
197 Perfume

Amazing music by some of the best musicians I have ever heard

198 The Blue Hearts

This band is the most melodious!

Best Japanese Punk band!

199 Sakanaction

Best descent band in Japan

Sakanaction has the best music ever.Their otherworldly beats are truly gemstones.Tabun kaze is one of my best songs ever

200 Snorkel

They may be relativly new but they have gone up fast. the first song i heard by them was Namikaze Satellite and i instantly fell in love with them - Hyde33

This band is famous for "Namikaze Satellite" which is used for the tHe "Naruto"

The best rock band ever! Give them a chance and you'll see what I mean. Keep up the good work, Snowkel!

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