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81 Jinn

This is my favorite Japanese band ever. Listen to their Sound, each of their song, and you'll know why this band is so special

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82 BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
83 DuelJewel

Deathgaze is just awesome, really. Its one of the best bands around the world, Ai's voice just awesome, it's really worthwhile listening.

Amazing heavy metal band and their voices are amazing too! I am obsessed with this band!

Deathgaze is in my opinion, one of the best j-metal bands out there. There's not a single song that I hate from them. Deathgaze rocks m/

85 Spitz

Many great songs they have indeed

Spitz is Japan answer to britpop and jangly alternative rock band

Spitz should be on the top 10 list, though they're more popular for their pop songs, their rock sound are just as awesome. They have perfected their own unique and instantly recognizable sound and have lasted in the industry for more than 25 years. Vocalist Kusano is also an incredible lyricist with a smooth and beautiful voice that isn't afraid to go husky on harder rock tunes, leader and bassist Tamura is energetic and incredible on bass, guitarist Miwa plays smoothly with his cool vibe and drummer Sakiyama is known as "King of the Drums" in Japan due to just being a kickass drummer.

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86 Phantasmagoria

I found this band by happy mistake while looking up some visual kei for my fashion class. I was young, didn't know much about visual kei, and assumed that it was a female band, until I heard the music. Fairy times memory is the first song I heard, and my all time favorite by far. Just give them a listen, and you'll fall in love as I did.

Eternal Silence was the first song I had ever heard by them, fell in love instantly. The instrumentals could bring a tear to even the iciest of hearts.

I love this band. It's a shame that they no longer play. But Kisaki created Lin -the end off corruption world-! Good.

Riku, Kisaki, Jun, Iori and Matoi, what more do you want!

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87 Black Line

Black Line is my favourite Band and I'm so happy to see Mikaru and Syu there. Their music is really good and I can't stop to listen to their music. Jun and Yudai are two funny and cute guys and it's great that they are parts from Black Line.
I'm happy that I was able to see Black Line 5 times. Every concert was special. I love them. I hope to see them again next year

Awesome band! They're really friend and they're also joking during the concerts. Members are also really talented and they make really deep contact with the audience during gigs. Though they're really young band, they're talented and I can't believe, they've already done an European tour. 14.12, when they had gig in Finland, was the best day in my life!

Really good shows, really friendly. Love them

They are still a very young band, and they make some mistakes for sure, but their closeness to the fans is the best I ever experienced! So, they deserve to come much more known in the music business. Please support them everyone! That they can come back to Europe 2013, with an even more exciting tour!

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88 Oblivion Dust

Oblivion Dust (sometimes OD) is a Japanese rock band first active from 1996 to 2001, they reunited in 2007. Although they were originally largely influenced by early 90's American grunge bands, since reuniting their music has become straight alternative rock. They stand out in the Japanese scene as most of their songs are written and sung in fluent English

This is a great band. Should not be this low on the list. They can really rock!

89 Breakerz

Anyone heard of them?
this is daigo stardust's aband

90 Do As Infinity

very nice and meaningful from this band......and they are great musicians... - deathangel

i was so sad when they broke up. tomika van is hot and her voice is awesome

Their music have a powerful character.. Very nice, keep compose new song!

Best Japanese Rock Band

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91 Back-On

I heard Chain when I watched Air Gear, and I immediately though, damn these guys are like the Jap Linkin park, but better. After that I found the rest of their music and was blown away by them. Awesome band, certainly the top played on my iPod

First J-rock band I ever listened. This practically made me get into anime. A Great start to something new. Chain will always be one of my favourite songs!

These are the guys who inspired me to listen to J-Rock. Like one of the other guys, "Chain" is still my favorite J-Rock song to this day.

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92 Loudness

If not for Loudness and their attempts in breaking into the English market, I wouldn't have come to know and hear about so many other great bands that Japan has to offer. And these guys can really rock it. Akira is no doubt the virtuoso here, but each band members has so much to offer that, together as Loudness, they really are greater than the sum of its parts. I use to hunt down and buy every single album they release till I was broke because I was still a student. I feel that the only reason they are not even in the top ten in this list is because they are not

I wouldn't say they're THE best, but definitely one group people should recognize. Reason being - They're one of if not, the first band to introduce Hard Rock into the Japanese music industry. X Japan - probably my favorite group has the most respect for the group and you can actually hear Loudness' influence in some of their earlier music.

Loudness is a huge influence for all the rockers out the in the early days especially in Japan. Their music is kinda unique with combination with some western and Eastern music. With a great guitar solo by akira takasaki I can recommend you to listen to them.!.

One of the first rock bands to break into the US Mainstream of R&R.

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93 Taia
94 Yuyoyuppe
95 Plastic Tree

Their music and talent are underrated, as always!
I found it difficult to listen to other band's music after I got hooked on theirs.

They are the best! Ryutaro's voice is perfect, I can't compare them with The Gazette, because the music is different, different style. But without any doubts Plastic Tree is a great band with unusual performance and melodies! And the lyrics are out of this world, really charming and impressive!

I love Plastic Tree, they are that perfect middle ground between hard and crunchy, and lyrical and melodic.

T.T why do I find them on bottom? They're really original and creative.

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96 Acid Black Cherry

They are amazing!
You're missing out if you don't listen to them!

Acid Black cherry is a good band they if everybody here heard there song "Rebirth" I'm pretty sure this band would sail right to the top

Yasu is one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life. Period. His showmanship as a performer is top notch. He knows his craft and is so humble about it. Honestly, he should be in the top ten. I can't live without ABC's music.


d'erlanger is one of the best bands ever born in japan. the song "moon and the memories" is one of their rock anthems that every citizen of japan knows about. they reunited again in 2007 after disbanding in 1990 to achieve more success and rock again their beloved country. once again, one of the greatest bands of japan with b'z - ronluna

Cool punknoise ballad rock visual band touring in Taiwan but I'm getting annoyed by dead end, this one, zi:kill, gastunk, etc are UNDER APPRECIATED than new indie yr2000 bands - ronluna

very underrated band, why does everyone knows x and forgot this band? dir en grey even cited that d'erlanger is one of their idols - ronluna

The first band in the history of the j-rock, they are on the same level as X, they are still almost been formative for the direction of visual kei as X...
Why they are not among the top ten? That they had earned more than...

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98 A -Anonymous Confederate Ensemble-
99 Anthem

Anthem is the one Japanese metal band that has always delivered great, melodic, powerful metal since the 1980s, without going off into some strange (and boring) areas on a few albums like Loudness did. Their sound (and production) has gotten more modern, but not in the sense of going nu-metal or any other such abomination. Straightforward, heavy, energetic, with nice, tight instrumental work.
As a plus, Anthem has yet to record even a single ballad on any of their 16 studio releases (as of November 24, 2013).

Close to NWOBHM with excellent references to late 80's European metal (Accept/Helloween). The most listenable to those Brits new to J-Rock/J-Metal. Enjoy then Vote.

This is as straight forward as good ROCK gets. If you like rock you have to like this.

Easily comparable to Judas Priest, and therefore amazing. - dubsinthetubs

100 Kiryu

Kiryu is a visual kei band that takes its visual identity from traditional Japanese culture. Wearing elaborate outfits with stunning prints, the band often appears around breath-taking settings reminiscent of ancient Japan. Kiryu's music does take some influence from their image, it can be calming and relaxing and matches very well with the idea of old Japan in a modern context. However, some of the band's music has definite heavy metal tones and will surprise the listener with how forceful it can be.
Bass: Isshiki Hiyori.
Guitar: Sakai Mitsuki.
Guitar: Kujou Takemasa.
Voice: Kurosaki Mahiro.
Drums: Tokai Junji.

Kiryu is amazing. The visuals, the vocals, the instruments. I have no words to describe how mystical this band is. I love each of their songs. They never cease to amaze me.

Their music is more than awesome, and they look so damn hot!
I can't understand why they aren't in top 10!

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