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121 Remioromen

the greatest, the best , they are Remioromen

122 My First Story

Such an awesome band, with a strong personality and a good vocalist. Good lyrics written by them. Clearly my favorite band they deserve better than that!

They are awesome, no 'awesome' alone is not enough to describe how good they are. Their music are captivating, the members are groomed to be one of the best. Even though they are facing trials lately, I saw how they handle it bravely. Hands down for this group!

MY FIRST STORY was the first band that I listen to and instantly was hooked. They have awesome musicians(especially Sho, man I wish I could play guitar like him). Even through all the trials they're facing right now, they manage to overcome them. Definitely a band I recommend to check out.

Look out world, MFS gonna electrocute ya by 2021

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Vistlip's music is the mix of slow serenades, pure hard metal screaming and sometimes even jpop. I love them because they aren't frozen into one style of music, but show their talent by using different types, therefore bringing the original quality to their music. I'm really sad that they don't get the fame they deserve, but I'll keep supporting them the best I can!

Adoring this band for its formal, calm yet stunning rock atmosphere and the fact they look amazing live and on stage!

Only just started listening to this band but they sound incredible!
I have looked at their live performances and they always put on a great show for the audience hope they get popular and start going all over the world as I would love it for them to come to Birmingham

I'm a big fame of vistlip
I love vistlip
Tomo, tohya, yuh, umi, rui

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PIERROT combines aggressive lyrics and pop melodies, the fragile balance and the stable performances.
Anyone who knows the Japanese V-Rock may have seen the peculiar makeup in the shape of a cross at least once.

125 No Regret Life

NoRL is so great! Listen to their "can't explain" song and you"ll know they're awesome!

cool guitars, nice singer, very nice melody and ending soundtrack in naruto.

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126 Nano

Nano's voice is so unique, I love her so much. She is very talented. The use of English and Japanese lyrics is amazing.

Nano is awesome. If you like a strong vocals like Hailey Williams with a bilingual touch, Nano is for you. I have every song Nano ever released. The bomb.

127 Porno Graffiti

In my top ten! Their song "one more time" is one of my favorite.

They create songs which nobody can create.

Good music all around: Melissa, Mugen, Ai ga yobu ho e all top notch songs

128 DOG in the PWO
129 9mm Parabellum Bullet

These guys are so good. I don't know how they can be ranked so far down. Their music is technically impressive on all instruments and their songs are wildly diverse. They generally sound like some combination of alt metal, classic rock, punk (tempo wise), and even some reggae sounding stuff. It seems like they have endless ways to create music that is interesting and really easy to rock out to.

This band is definitely a great band to listen to give it a shot I'm sure you won't be disappointed and if you do it won't be that much.

My favorite Japanese band. Sad to see them so down. really great music and great tech musicians.

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131 Hemenway

Dude ->Hemenway<- is really Mesmerizing. I wish it could be at least at Top 20's. I really feel their songs. I don't know why japanese songs and anime feel so much. It's like I can see >Inside Me<. These songs has the ability to sooth thy heart.

They are young up coming band watch out, you might know them from Naruto ending, they are a really good band awesome punk rock.

Young hot good Japanese/punk band very bright watch out for these guys.

Although they broke up I still believe that Hemenway is the best modern rock band, without forgetting Isaac'c amazing and unique voice
Hemenway is the only band that I usually listen to all their songs without exception
By my side, the music, escape, future kousatsu, hanafuru yoru, hanbun ningen, koko ni inai kimi e, not about, inori, dream bout, dust, will you be there, listen, goodbye, shiffting, tonight, will you stay, yasashii kotoba, hakanai kotoba, hanabi, mayoi michi no ue de, uraheme welcome to the other side album

wish we can listen to them in the future

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132 ZARD

Zard is the best, miss them..

133 Anli Pollicino
134 Destrose

An all-girl heavy metal band that recently released their first album. I really liked it and the voice is really powerful, guitar is amazing and so are the drums. Check them out!

135 Ikimono-gakari

Nice songs! I really love it! Especially the song of naruto shippuden opening and ending nice!

Ikimono gakari should be at least one of top tens. I listen to there song every day they rock. And specially because there song (Blue Bird) was the first japanese song I heard. The second song was (hanabi) and then (hotaru no hikari). And the main thing is they are the reason I have started listening to japanese songs.

Love them! All their songs have deeper meanings to them if you search the translations. I especially love Bluebird and Hotaru no Hikari ( Naruto! ) Check em out because they deserve much more than 98!

This was one of my first favourites bands. Many good songs to listen.

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136 SiM

Mah-sama forgive them, they don't know what are they doing

I love the punk rock/metal style of this group, is amazing.

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137 Aldious

Rami (Vocals) left the band though and was replaced by Re:NO. Their music are of heavy metal but melodic pieces. Definitely a kick-ass girl band you have to listen to. I really like them and hope plenty of J-ROCK lovers will support them. Its just sad that, Aruto (drummer) left to get married. Whatever her decision may be, I will support her. She is replaced by Marina.


KAT-TUN.. Best of the best.. I love this boyband since one year ago and, I miss akanishi jin's voice in their song.

Their songs are just amazing all of their singles/albums/DVD EVERYTHING has been #1 at some point or another - Hyde33

They change my WORLD! They made me love music in a different level that it became my LIFE. KAT-TUN will always be the best band for ME.

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139 Gallhammer
140 Super Beaver

What the hell? This band is awesome. Every song I hear from them makes sense that I instantly liked their songs and I only heard every one of them for the first time.

Great band with a great singer and great songs especially "Shinkokyuu "

Great Vocal, Great Songs, Great rhythm, and cool look

A great band, a really good band.

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