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141 Black Gene For the Next Scene
142 Rottengraffty
143 Ensoku
144 Ellegarden

Japanese and English lyrics. Punk rockish style band. Its sad they broke up but their new respective bands are great to listen to too. Ellegarden!

Their punk spirit with beautiful melody and lyrics is great..Almost of the Asian Punk Kids are get into the world of punk rock by listening to the ELLEGARDEN. SO COOL! - releine

This is one of the best band in japan that made history, but ifelt sad when I heard they broke up when I just got to know them, first time I heard one of their songs and I was like, what!? I need to know who this band is and so yeah I started listening to them and got all their albums m/

Please let Ellegarden be known to the world! and please continue your activity, have been so long on hiatus

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145 Siam Shade

Great musicians, great vocalist, lyrics, and compositions. They are ORIGINAL, they have inspired so many bands with their style that it's only logical they're the best.

Siam shade was a great band with daita being one of the best guitarist I have ever heard they were so underrated and that made me sad.

That's one of great band, the sounds are special, unique compositions, but the harmony sometimes weird. whatever, I like that band...

No way siam shade is way down here

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146 Murasaki

George Murasaki has been around music since the 60's. His bands put Okinawa on the map not to mention Mariner which he formed in California.

This is a briliant band entertaining americans since the 70's. Very humbleing

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147 Vidoll

its an awesome band I love the lead singer sing awesomest check it out

I have loved Vidoll for years. Never mind that they are no longer a band, they're music is still great. I cried for an hour when I read that they broke up. The whole band was amazing. Even though Jui brought a lot to the table that kicked it up a notch (read: his overall sexiness), the entire band was full of talented, creative people. Whoo weren't to bad to look at, I might add.

How are they so low on the list? Jui is a fantastic vocalist and the guitarists were great. Especially the music on Occult Proposal - Johnnyt800

148 Home Made Kazoku

I just love their music. Very enjoyable. Best J pop/J hip-hop band. - eminems_718

All of their songs are unique but really fun and enjoyable to listen to. Their songs never get old!

Love the "feel good" vibe to their music, makes me dissapointed their not even in the top 20 at least.

149 Judy and Mary

It's awesome, I like Sobakasu (Rurouni Kenshin First opening), continue for your talent. Good luck for you!

Judy And Mary were No. 1 Ichiban in my books! Yuki, the lead singer, has turned into one of the more interesting solo artists in the last decade. She's still making great music. However, I'd love to see a JAM revival tour!

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Their lyrics are very philosophical :)
They also use sound of heartbeats, fireworks, water and so as new "instruments"

Oh I love them so much! I'm impressed how underrated they are on this List. Wow...
Awesome lyrics, combined with an unbelievable soft and great voice and catchy melodies made them my absolute #1 band.
Listen to "Mehrmals Rhapsody" And "Dragon Night" If you want to listen to something really awesome.
(Those two Songs are from their latest Album, "Tree", it's definitely worth its money)

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152 Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

Best Rock punk alternative western touch esque cinematic feeling, I'm searching all over the place for more j bands bud none as TMGE.. UNIQUE SOUND

Heavy Fast Rockabilly Rock that is really in a genre by itself. Such a great band.

Incredible band with a great feeling and swing, exquisite combination, but unbelivable fantastic!

Awesome band, very underrated

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153 Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber's "Memeshikute" is actually a really great song.
Even though some might say they are the worse, some songs are actually really good.
I hope this comment helps you to understand that even though you think all
Japanese bands suck (which they don't) they try really hard.
Give them a chance :)

This band have the power to make happy at the people! Are really funny and their music is really good too! Have catchy songs! And always have a new idea how to entertain people! Golden Bomber are awesome

Their songs are really really great.
I am attract by their songs, and they also give people fun and let people enjoy music not only in inherent form.

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154 Monoral

Monoral really has that special "thing" that makes a band something worth loving. Their mucic is a beautiful blend of so many wonderful sounds that can be heard in the music of such greats as the Foo Fighters, or U2, or Coldplay. Whenever I listen to the beauty of such songs as Kiri, or the "happy go lucky" mood of Tuesday, or the earnesty of Guards of Mice, I can't help but smile and love these guys. I would strongly encourage listening to them.

I found this band few years before and I like both sound and lyrics because their music is more international than other Japanese artists.

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155 Dragon Ash
156 12012

Love them always, always. Wataru's voice really conveys emotion!

12012 never stop listening their songs, currently over 100 tracks in my collection. Other artist don't exceed 50 at all, haha

My friend just showed me this band 10 minutes ago and I fell in love with them. listen to the song Over... - Jrock-LOVE

Listened to them for around 8 yrs, even though they have disbanded, I still listen to them every now and then.
Wataru's song talents are great, and his vocals are actually amazing. He gets more amazing with each album. His range can start from low to high. Check out fast songs like Vicious Of Absolution, story of a different dimension, The Red, Silhouette.
For slow songs, his emotions and texture in the voice is great too, do check out songs like, Lovers, Hallelujah, Alone, Aqua.

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157 Moi dix Mois

Why isn't Moi Dix Mois in the top 10? Best Gothic Metal band out there. THE BEST. Ethereal vocals, enchanting keyboards, beautiful strings and a great thundering metal sound with the guitars, drums and bass. All with a sprinkle of a electro-industrial feel to the sound. The atmosphere and image of the band is wonderful. Can't believe they are 122 on the list.

Moi dix mois is the BEST gothic metal band! I can't believe they are 135 on this list...

This is not the best but one of the best and shpuld be on top because of the great music and creativity they bring to the music industry, so unique, I love them

LOve it

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One of the most influential Japanese rock band that inspires many Japanese rock bands like l'arc~en~ciel, buck tick and janne the arc - ronluna

159 Sambomaster

I don't know any other band who can make me feel as groovy as this one does.

They can manage to make a big variety of different styles of songs and they all make me smile.

This is the best Japanese rock band ever in my opinion.

One of the only greatest Japanese rockpunk-bands! I've been listening to other bands but couldn't stand them until I listened to Sambomaster. They even play theme and ending songs for popular anime like "Seishun Kyosoukyoku" for Naruto and "Hikari No Rock" for Bleach.

No matter what kind of music they play it just feels right
and their live concerts are more than that they pump up the audience before every song its great - Hyde33

Energetic, fun music. Each member of this great band is master of his instrument.

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160 Kagerou

Such an amazing band, Daisuke really had the most versatile voice I've ever heard. With Kagerou, the studs and his solo project he always gave his music such life and passion.
Just irreplaceable.
RIP Daisuke

One of my very favorite bands. Daisuke's voice was so unique and beautiful.
I'll never forget him ;____; RIP Daisuke, we love you and always will

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