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161 lynch.

Super skilled band. Lots of interesting songs. They never seem to fail their fans. There's so much potential and even though they grew slowly, you can really tell that this band has fought/worked hard to get where they are right now. Help them grow fans, you all know lynch. Is worth it!

I'm in shock that a band with this much talent is so, so low on this list. Lynch has been around for over ten years, and for good reason. I am in love with Hazuki's voice, and it's a beautiful, melodic complement for the shredding guitars. I like the equilibrium of heavy metal and regular rock in most of their songs. Same for the vocals, the blend of screaming for some and traditional singing for the rest keeps it sounding balanced. And I love how the band also has ballads too; Eternity is such a beautiful song.

Lynch is better than 75% of the bands on this list, almost every other year they put out amazing albums and singles. Nagoya Kei is under rated just because they don't dress up as much and aren't as flashy, but their music is far superior. People need to wake up and realize superb talent.

WHY is lynch so low on this list?!?

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162 Yousei Teikoku

I really like this band. Not my favorite but they should be higher on the list

How can this band be this low on the leader board vocal talent and musical immersion is second to none.

I love yousei Teikoku, this band is amazing, magnific, is perfect.

Das feenreich shoul be number 1 on this list

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163 The Yellow Monkey

The most underated JRock band
Yoshii's lrics can move anyone when he sings whith emotion.
Emma's Guitar is just great and Heesey base is one of the best. Annie plays with lots of energy. Great band

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164 Humming Bird
165 Megaromania

A good band to be recommended since its music is delicately composed like Versailles, including the costumes and has an elegant flair. They are as good as Versailles.

166 Gedo

Just pure silly rhythm+blues/ punk rock n roll. Been around since the mid-70s, Their first and most well known album (self-titled) was recorded entirely live and not even mastered properly. I'd say The Stooges are a similar-sounding western comparison.

167 Sadistic Mika Band
168 Acid Android

There music is different and unique, have to hand it to Yukihiro! He did a great job with this one, I recommend others to check them out!

the song of acid android have such feeling... they are full of passion!

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169 WAG
170 OZ

Best Japanese metal band hands down, sad to see them go. Not copy-cats they own their own sound and at one time their own look in a sea of Kei.

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171 Breakerz

Anyone heard of them?
this is daigo stardust's aband


Granrodeo have a lot of good songs! You should definitely check them out

GRANRODEO is my favorite.

How the hell is GRANRODEO so low!? It's such an amazing band! It sung almost all the openings of Kuroko no Basket! Don't u guys even watch anime? Come on!

I really love GRANRODEO one of my favorite Japanese rock bands the vocalist (Kishou Taniyma) has a very beautiful voice I like there songs I suggest to that you go check it out

173 Lucifer
174 The Mad Capsule Markets

The best band that has EVER walked this earth. Kyono and his unique voice, takeshi and his head bobbing bass, the various guitarists throughout the years, and motokatsu on drums. They strted my dream of me moving to japan and my dream continues to grow to move there and I hope so soon. Its a shame these guys split though, but WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY and aaeual are bands that have broken off. I stroongly reccomend them.

175 A -Anonymous Confederate Ensemble-
176 Ayabie

I LOVE Ayabie. Although they disbanded, Aoi's vocals, Yumehito's bright colorful outfits and cute appearance, the way the band members looked as if they had so much fun, it always kept me going! All the songs, so beautiful that I can hardly describe them. I would love to see this band be #1 but it would be just as good if others took time to listen to this band and say, "oh gosh, I love these people" like I have. I will forever love Ayabie, AYABIE and Aoi from Ayabie. I'll always hope they get back together or continue their separate ways successfully.
Forever a fan and always loving them.

Ayabie or AYABIE this band is and forever will be the greatest band I've ever heard. Their music is the best.

There is not one Ayabie song I do not love! Their music is beautiful and Aoi's voice is entrancing. I'm really sad that I found out about them after their disbandment... But Aoi and Ryohei's new projects 168 and Megamasso are amazing as well ^_^

177 Balzac

Balzac freakin owns, they should be higher on the list. Japanese punk rock is amazing!!!

178 Sons Of All Pussys

Best band ever. Ken from L'Arc~en~ciel is amazing. I'd go as far to say that they're even better than Laruku themselves.

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