SID is the first jrock band I knew that time, and I completely in love with them.. they're songs are inspiring me. I could get through all the hard times with their songs. Mao has a wonderful singing voice, Aki has a god-like bass playing, Shinji has a guitar hero skill, and Yuuya with all his greatness in drum. Yuuya also one of the "All Drums in High Level Technique Drummer" category. not all of drummers could be in it since he was being recruited. I'm very proud of this band and couldn't get enough of their music. all of the songs are very unique and high-taste. every bit of their musics have it's own style. and it makes me love them even more. especially when they're having live. they played with hearts that reach my heart too.

Pleas vote for SID

SID is always be the greatest help for me. They're my inspiration, my life and my grip. WIthout them, I don't know what would I be. Maybe I wouldn't be in this world and wrote this here. I respect them for their great music and they're personality. I've never been respecting anyone as much as I do for each members. They have such a kind heart that everyone should learn for. And how they support their fans, as much as we support them. SID is a great band, the greatest band, I would say. They make greatest music. Most important, they are not a monotonous band. They have various music, various lyrics that you can not predict any upcoming single, and they would make you like.. "whoa" for their surprise. They are the truest artist and most talented artist.

So yes, I'll vote for SID.

Their music is versatile, ranging from soothing to rockin', sometimes playful sometimes heavy, always pleasant to the ears. They have a lovely jazzy sound that I haven't found in other bands. I love their group dynamics, how they fool around, how they look out for each other, and their WEIRD senses of humour (their blog posts, their backstage antics, all GOLD). Shinji, Aki and Yuuya have done wonderful compositions, and Mao's singing just seems to get better and better. Not forgetting his poetic lyrics as well! And their lives are majorly fun to watch. The fact that they're all good-looking men with individual charms don't hurt either. ;D They are the first band that got me listening to their songs every day, and they'll continue to grow. I love SID

SID is incredible across the board. They heavily combine jazz with their energetic music for a unique sound. Mao has an insane vocal range, and is a lot gentler in his singing than some of the other JRock singers out there. Shinji's guitar has very impressive solos; not simply fast, but very creative. Yuuya's drumming and Aki's bass are perfectly in sync. Yuuya really knows how to make a fill. Perhaps what draws me most is the bass-driven element in many of the songs. Aki's bass playing is out of this world.

Mao has an amazing voice and he sounds even better live!
Shinji is a great guitarist and I really love his style!
Aki is the best bassist I've seen and he really knows how to perform live!
I absolutely adore his smile and he really looks so cool playing the drums!
SID have great personality and are very individual and special, they always try to experiment with different genres and have some great songs!

Sid is the best Japanese rock band I've ever heard. My whole visual on life has been changed. I'm thirteen so I'm not at the exact age appropriate to listen to their music but I understand a lot of things in life. I have listened to a lot of love songs and theirs I have found to be the best. Maos majestic voice and Aki has this amazing ability to play his bass with both hands! Man and Shinji he has the ability to play guitar like a master and yuuya his ability to make people laugh! I get excited over every new song the come out with.
I live in Kentucky so we don't get foreign people here and a lot of these people put me down and say I'm weird for liking them but that's me and they don't understand... Mao said that I can't help everyone individually but I can be someone you can look to. That inspired me a lot to help others and support them they're the only rock band I like! I usually only listen to country or bluegrass so leaving my roots was a big deal be thankful that you guys ...more

I love Sid. I lived in Japan for 5 years and saw them live every chance I got. I fell in love with them from the song "Rain" and have been to all their concerts since :) They are a huge part of my life and have helped me overcome so much stuff. Greatest time of my life was then I was able to shake their hands at a handshaking event and when I was able to get Aki's pic he used during the concert when he threw it into the crowd and I got it :) Anyways, my favorite is Shinji because of his kind of ero but funny personality, but I respect all of them from the bottom of my heart. I came back from Japan last year so its been a while since I went to one of their lives but I am going back to Japan this year to go to their 10th anniversary live tour in Fuji-kyuu so I so excited to see them again. Anyways, Sid is really a legendary band and I hope their popularity increases to grow and that one day they can come back to America and perform

These guys are amazing!
Mao has the most prettiest voice, and not to mention he has the most adorable baby face ever! :D
Shinji is a amazing guitar player, not to mention his laugh. *He snorts! * xD
Yuuya is funny as crap! You always have to have a clown in a band. It makes it even better!
Then Aki is awesome! He is pretty much the sane one in this group. I'm scared for his sanity from Yuuya. xP But hey! We don't mind Aki being insanely funny!

So, Just to get my point out loud and clear. SID is the best! :D Arigatogozaimasu for your great music SID! Keep the greatness coming!

SID is not my first jrock band. before this, I listen to many jrock band such as l arc en ciel and uverworld. but when I encounter with SID, my world has become as good as new. they serve us a very satisfying music and melody. not to mention that the lyric are always be my inspiration to be the best as I am now. plus, Mao, the vocalist, has the best vocal ever. not to mention the other members skill on playing the instrument. so it is a MUST for all of jrockers to try SID. please support them! douzo yoroshiku! vote for SID!

SID is my first favorite Japanese band. Oh! It's actually my first favorite Asian band!

SID really is creative in creating songs. A pop rock genre is really super great. A rock music with a touch of pop, isn't it amazing? I like how the bass take a role in their music. From supporting the guitar, to supporting the drums and having it's own rhythm.

Mao is very good in controlling his voice. Aki, Shinji and Yuuya are really good supporting vocalists and are amazing artists.

Please vote for SID.

I love their so much I listen to them EVERYDAY! When they play live they put their heart and soul in it. Mao sounds so great when he is playing live. He sounds so much better when they don't fix his voice. This maybe the most randomest comment ever but whatever Mao does it just reminds me of a "teddy bear"! His makes the crowd go crazy with his random looks and other things. Aki is the best at BASS. That's all I can say. Shinji is a great guitarist ever, he shows so much emotion in his play I give him #1guitarist. Yuuya also shows feeling in his percussion instruments he plays as well. SID

SID is an experimental band. There is no sole genre that defines their music. Every song takes on a creative route while keeping a recognizable aesthetic. From their Visual Kei era into the Major Debut, SID is always changing, but the emotional content remain unchanged. Aside from the music, getting to know the members also places this band as a personal number one on any list.

Mao sings with utmost skill, and his lyrics never fail to portray a beautiful story whether simple or complex. His writing reflects his genuine personality, and it is one to admire. From having nothing, he has created everything with this four-piece band.P.S. He is a questionable man.

Aki is an enthusiastic performer. He is entertaining to watch, and his bass-lines are solid.P.S. He is a dork, so he is not as shy as he seems... It is funny considering he really does represent ARU O SHI KE. He is the only member currently without a twitter account, too. What is up with that?

Shinji is an ...more

This band is the best band I've ever heard! They're songs, they're music, and the way Mao sings it beyond wonderful! He put his heart into every songs he sings, and it reaches my heart. So many helpful and supporting songs they made that made me move on and being who I am now.
I can't get enough of their songs, their lyrics. The whole band made it complete with the guitar, bass line and the drumming. 4 of them are genius musicians! And most of all, they never failed to make their fans surprised with every single they up to. They're not monotone, and the happiness to hear them just wonderful. They help me smile everyday.

I came across SID two and half years ago. I fell in love with them right away, and they have a special, big spot in my heart. I don't know where I would be now without them, or their music... One of my biggest dreams is to get to see their live someday. SID is my favourite band. They always do their very best with their hearts leading them. Thank you.

I love Sid as my Japanese band in my whole world :O because the song are very awesome! I love mao though, because he so cute :3 I kinda sad sid on no.10 D: at least at number 3 I kinda happy bout it :D LOVE SID FORVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER! LOVE MAO FOREVER TOO :D Well, sid music is always great because they always make different kind of song like happy, sad, rock, pop, love and dirty :L love them very much *drowling* JEEZ, I CAN'T STOP TYPING Sid is always be my number one j-pop in whole world :3

Love their different music genres. They are absolutely unique! From jazz all the way to rock, you name it, they have it!

Seriously, this is the best group in the entire world. I am absolutely hooked. Plus, all the members really do have a talent for writing music as well as creating music.

Lastly, the vocalist is seriously adorably handsome.

I have to say this their what I have heard until now are like awesome!
their songs are never hardcore or to hard music in it. They really know were to add the tempo and etc...
i have really loved this song in kuroshitsuji and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood - that is - monochrome no kisu and uso.

i loved it! YOU ROCK SID BAND! Live long..

though I really don't understand the language as I am not a Japanese or don't know Japanese but still I love their songs this is kinda weird though

I think SID has a way of getting into the hearts of everyone. Every song that they make has the power to revive a soul. From romance to family issues to self confidence, SID makes it clear what life is. More than the messages of the songs (which I believe is most charming about them) the melody and the instruments are skillfully played. The members are fun and handsome at that. SID is a full package and it is definitely a good try to listen to them.

SID... Lets see I first heard their music through my favorite anime Fullmetal Alchemist "USO" and "Rain" I love those songs particularly "Rain" so much that I had to YouTube and when I saw them I was amazed at how gorgeous they were, and they have awesome moves when they preform. I was shocked when I saw how feminine they were, but mind you, I have never really been into Jpop/Jrock at the time. I did more youtubing and googling; I looked at all their old interviews, comments, their blogs etc. And I was hooked. Their so talented, they have wonderful personalities, and I just adore them. If I can say one thing I love about each of them it would be that; Mao has a lovely voice that you don't really come across. Shinji is sort of quiet, but he can act like a goofball at times. Aki, I absolutely love him and I would have a lot to say about him but I said one thing for each so, I guess it wold have to be that I can relate to him in many ways. And last but not least the handsome Yuuya, he ...more

The one and only band ever I love... Love their music. Very talented, amazing, creative... Really different from others bands. All of the members have ability to express their own ability.. Trying hard... Don't give up.. Become stronger and support each other. To become best band!

This band has been my favourite band of all time (Not just limited to my favourite J-rock band) since 2008 :3 Their music is amazing with a wide range of style. I love them so much and want ALL of their music. It is so wonderful I would fly to Japan just to see them live :3 Mitsuyubi

The music they create, as well as their undying passion for it, has been nothing short of inspiring for me. I cannot even begin to express how much they have moved me since I started listening to their music. I have been heavily influenced by them since, and will continue to be influenced by them for many years to come. They truly are one of the most amazing bands I have had the fortune to encounter.

I have known sid for 3 years now. I just turned 13 in August so I'm still younger than most sid fans. I would like to say that I'm still new to this world and I'm not very wise. All I know is that my Japanese obsession started when I met an Okinawa woman. She told me to look at suki yaki by sakamoto kyu. After that I was hooked! One day I was introduced to full metal alchemist and I started looking up openings. Once I heard rain my heart was set on this band I wrote about them for weeks. I'm still here to support them and I hope you guys do to. I live in Kentucky and not a lot of people wants to here foreign music. I hope you guys care. Even if I'm only thirteen I will always be with sid and maos amazing voice!

I love SID! I do listen to other J-rock bands but none of their music touched my heart like SID's do. They're the only band that I listen to every single song. Their song not only encourages me to dream and try my best to achieve it, but also calms me when I want to go to sleep or soothes me when life is hard on me. Some of Mao's lyrics are pretty interesting (especially those that are from a woman's point of view).

Words can't express how much I love them. They're pure genius.

The lyrics are incomparable. Mao is such a genius when it comes to writing lyrics, be it smexy, happy, lonely and blah blah.
shinji's guitar is amazing and he is such a DORK
aki is SEXY.. And his bass is LOVE
yuuta's drums is amazing too and his OWN DORKY WAYS