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1 Fist of Legend

This deserves to be number one, very nice movie. Many have even tried to come as close to how awesome this movie is!

Jet li you're best in all the world and jack chan continue the best you're that's the word I have for you

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2 Fearless
3 Hero

Great film! Loaded with tons of awesome visuals, stunning martial arts, and beautiful scenery. Jet Li's best by far!

4 Unleashed

So much action.
Plus it has Morgan freeman,
And a good story - CornerbacKING

5 Once Upon a Time in China
6 The Forbidden Kingdom
7 My Father is a Hero
8 Once Upon a Time in China II

Why is this so low, should be in the top 10 - germshep24

9 Kiss of the Dragon

Lot of action in this movie

10 The Bodyguard from Beijing

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11 Lethal Weapon 4
12 Cradle 2 the Grave
13 The Expendables 2
14 Tai Chi Master
15 The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk
16 Romeo Must Die

This movie is about betrayal to family gangs rival, should be more higher on the list.

17 Black Mask
18 Danny the Dog

Why is this on there twice, it is already in the number 4 position - germshep24

19 The One
20 Shaolin Temple

Why are there so many iconic movies below his more subpar movies like badges of fury, shaolin Temple, Once upon a time in China, fong Sai Yuk, and tai chi master should be way higher - germshep24

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1. Fist of Legend
2. Hero
3. Fearless
1. Fearless
2. Hero
3. Fist of Legend



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