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81 Orned "Chicken" Gabriel
82 Gene LeBell

Known at one time to be considered by other marital artists such as Bob Wall and Chuck Norris as "The toughest man alive".

83 Jigoro Kano

Mr. Kano codified and modernized Japanese JiuJitsu, creating Judo. He helped promote Karate. Without Jiguro Kano Brazillian JiuJitsu would never have existed.

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84 Aaron Duncan

He is a beast in fighting, His training is to the extreme. Why isn't he on this list?

85 Ibrahim Mirzaii
86 Sasha Mitchell
87 Hirokazu Kanazawa

. Only living 10th dan shotokan master One of the few left to study under the styles creator. Won the inagural all Japan kumite with a broken hand and won the title 2 more times. Well known for his power and precission while performing kata and board breaking feats. Also holds 2nd dan in judo and top rank in tai chi

88 Egan Inoue
89 Laurent Buson
90 Darren Shahlavi

This guy was awesome when he was living. I loved him best when he played the evil British boxer taylor the twister milos in IP man 2.

91 Babu T Raghu
92 Wong Fei-hung

Courageous and respected fighter and also a part of Chinese and Shaulin History, More storied should be told about him I am currently just scratching the surface about his life and training, One of the last Monks to leave Shaulin at the turn of the century. Many great techniques died with him

93 Lahiru Devinda

He is the best of Sri Lanka

94 Gordon Liu
95 Chad Jones
96 Rocky Marciano

Marciano was the best boxer of all time, hands down.
Even Ali admits that's both at there best he would of lost.

97 Mikio Yahara

8th Dan Shotokan. Once competed in jka karate tournament after being in a knife fight with yakuza.

98 Masahiko Tanaka

8 time all Japan karate champion.

99 GM Yuli Romo

His deep understanding about human biomechanics,
The Filipino combative art and history have made him one of
The most innovative and creative Filipino masters. Witnessing this
Man manipulate his body to move in, out and around a
Complicated combative situation with an uncanny sense
Of timing and accuracy is a sight one would never forget.
This is why practitioners would fondly describe him as
Legendary, genius, out-of-this-world.

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100 Shifu Kanishka Sharma

Shifu Kanishka Sharma is a dynamic martial artist. From India, has mastered 8 different Martial arts, is the official trainer of the Indian Special forces of India. has Choreographed actions sequences for various Bollywood movies. Runs his training center in India,

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