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141 Paul Barnett

6th dan karate and student and agent of some martial artists - bill Wallace, scott adkins to name a few

142 Bob Sykes

Mai magazine editor and top fighter

143 Sifu Kisu
144 John Matrix
145 Robert Conrad

He won 4 pro boxing fights. Could drive nail through board with hand

146 John Keehan

Could slap trough 2 bricks with no spacers

147 Al Roy

That would be me for #125 spot, simply for surviving reading through all of these names. After the first half dozen or so, you start seeing names of actors who in some cases are not martial artists; nor do they even claim to be martial artists. "Mr. Miagi? " Come on folks - Pat Morita is just an actor. Not knocking him, but some of you guys are complete morons. One guy here talks about what a great fighter Chuck Norris is (and I'm not saying he isn't), on the basis that he 'stood up to Bruce Lee and got a broken arm and leg'. Folks, that was a fight scene in a movie, not real life. Some of you need to get out of your parents' basements and get real lives.

Just saying'.

The rest of you, keep on keeping on. Peace, out.

148 Matt McColm
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