Rise Against

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Rise Against is an American hardcore punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band's current line-up comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. They are known for popularizing punk.


My favourite band, just listen to "paper wings", "behind closed doors", "give it all", "heaven knows" and you'll see what I mean

They convey a powerful message in all their songs. Great musicians on top of that and really the best (and maybe last) mainstream punk band. They seem to just get better with the years and continue to produce amazing albums. Best band listed.

I'll tell ya one thing, Rise Against is one of those bands that aren't mentioned often. In fact they're probably one of the most underrated bands today. They might not be #1 but they definitely deserve at least a top 7. Just for the simple fact that their songs have incredible guitar riffs, a very good bass and some very nice fast paced drums. Their singer has an amazing voice and doesn't mess around. Although in my opinion I think their live performances are a bit lacking, they still know how to put a show.

By far my favorite modern bands right now, no one can even touch them. Saviour, paper wings, under the knife, the list goes on and on I think I like just about everything they have ever made.

Don't get me wrong, I like linkin park I just personally think Rise against is better, and a lot better than a lot of the bands up there, it's shameful they're number nine, at least they cracked the top ten, or there would be no faith in humanity, not even joking in the least.

Rise Against is definitely one of my favorite bands and they definitely deserve to be in top 5, if not number 1. Their music has great message and it is fun to listen to (not to mention Tim's awesome vocals). Also, Bad Religion deserves to be in this list, as well.

Have to be one of the best lyrical bands today... Very political and have an educated message that they put into hard driven fast paced punk rock! They are actually kind of pacifists in a way. Big animal rights supporters. Somehow they don't seem to be pacified with their sound. Gotta be oe of the best if not the best of todays modern rock bands!

Simply the best band ever! With strong lyrics and awesome guitars. Every album is different in its own way but still maintain the RA taste, my favorite is The Suffer And The Witness, if you listened to it you'll know what I mean...

Though Rise Against isn't my Number 1 Favorite band, they're the only band with a legit shot at a high, high spot on the list, Billy Talent being my favorite. Rise Against is a band with beautiful, hopeful, revolutionary lyrics that need to be celebrated and acknowledged more. They are true artists, and should be higher than the Chili Peppers. - YoshiDragon240

Rise Against is by far my favorite band. Aside from there incredible musical talent their songs have so much meaning behind them and can really make you think. I'm really surprised that they are not as popular as some other groups and they definitely deserve to be higher on this list.

I think I have to vote for Rise Against for the pure reason that they have influenced who I am so much that it would be wrong to vote for another band. Most (if not all) bands on this list deserve to be here, but Rise Against definitely deserve to be near the top for their inspiring lyrics and awesome music. 7th album announced!

Definitely the best bands I have ever heard. I have every album, and I love them all. Favorite songs are Make It Stop and Whereabouts Unknown. RA should be number one, or top 3 at least! Hope they release another album soon.

Rise Against. Even the name has a level of emotion in it. Savior to Drones. Hero Of War to Behind Closed Doors. Each one of those songs bring a higher level of awesome to the band. Now I will ask one question-

How the HELL isn't this in the top 3?

Rise Against for life, such a remarkable and underappreciated band. Deep, MEANINGFUL lyrics...often about helping, overcoming and generally being a decent human being or raising awareness rather than getting bogged down by the negativity that so often surrounds hard rock/ metal lyrics.

They're not afraid to play around with their music from album to album so were not hearing the same thing time after time as well there's always so much meaning behind their songs. In my opinion they should be at the number one spot

Rise Against seems to provide what is best about call-to-arms punk while keeping the levelheadedness and wisdom of politicians. An exact spot on this list is hard to put them into, but they deserve some sort of recognition definitely.

Probably my most favorite band ever, they got everything a good band needs and they have great lyrics. Just listen to Hero of war or Behind closed doors it's amazing actually. Love them.

Rise against shouldn't be number 9 they should be higher! Don't get me wrong I love linkin park and breaking benjamin and three days grace they deserve to be up there and so does rise against! Screw muse and foo fighters

Rise against are truly amazing, their songs hold so much meaning, they play music for the greater good, not just for a paycheck. They are bands on this list which I truly love but in my view, Rise Against tops them all.

Prayer of the refugee is one of the best song of rise against and it should fairly deseeve a place in top 10. Saviour is also powerful song which conveys a very good message in the song. So guys listen to them and vote it bring the band up by voting. Rise against is cool

Rise Against should be higher! Definitely. One of the best rock bands out there today. Their songs are catchy and meaningfully awesome. - TheLunchTrey

This band sounds amazing, and their lyrics actually mean something unlike a bunch of these bands. Amazing guitar rifts, and Tim has an awesome voice just gets the adrenalin flowing.

After accidentally voting for System Of A Down instead of Rise Against on the top 10 rock bands of all time list, I was searching for another list where I can vote for Rise Against, the best band ever. Found it!

Rise against is the best band in the world and they are the hardest working band out there they have had 5 great albums in the last ten years and are working on another one

Best modern band without a doubt. Listen to prayer of the refugee, ready to fall, make it stop, halfway there, and swing life away. You will not be disappointed I assure you

This band is literally the only thing that makes me happy they have been so good (vegan and not doing drugs) for so long they got great music and the music has some great political aspects