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1 Roger Ebert Roger Ebert Roger Joseph Ebert was an American film critic, historian, journalist, screenwriter, and author. He was a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013.

Such a good critic
RIP Roger. - iliekpiez

He Was Such A Brilliant Critic And Guy All Together - JPK

Agreed - PeeledBanana

2 Chris Stuckmann Chris Stuckmann Christopher "Chris" Stuckmann is an American film critic, author, and YouTube personality. As of June 2018, he has over 1.2 million subscribers and 341 million views on YouTube.

Stuckmann is where It's at!

I Watch Him Everyday - JPK

3 Gene Siskel

Incredible critic - iliekpiez

4 Doug Walker

Best movie critic is seen forever!

Very funny and informing. - BeefJesusSupreme

5 Leonard Maltin

Great critic. His movie guide is very useful and interesting.

6 A.O. Scott

Pretty Good - JPK

7 Pauline Kael
8 Jeremy Jahns Jeremy Jahns Jeremy Jahns (born May 8, 1981 [age 36]) is an American YouTuber that makes weekly movie reviews on the newest film releases. Jahns is known for his traditional suit, with red background and delivering his thoughts on movies.

Great - PeeledBanana

9 Richard Roeper

Very good, but preferred Siskel and Ebert are better as a duo - iliekpiez

He's Just As Brilliant As Roger Ebert - JPK

10 Peter Travers

He's Awesome - JPK

The Contenders

11 André Bazin
12 Brad Jones
13 Lisa Schwarzbaum
14 James Rolfe James Rolfe James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.
15 Richard Brody
16 Richard Schickel
17 David Ansen
18 Mark Kermode Mark Kermode
19 Amy Nicholson
20 David Thomson
21 Paul Zimmerman
22 Charles Champlin
23 Alexander Walker
24 Gene Shalit
25 John Flickinger
26 Christy Lemire
27 Vincent Canby
28 Jay Cocks
29 Jeffrey Lyons
30 Molly Haskell
31 Kenneth Turan
32 Kevin Thomas
33 Elvis Mitchell
34 Richard Corliss
35 Joel Siegel
36 Janet Maslin
37 Lindsay Ellis
38 Alonso Duralde
39 Matt Brunson

He's On Creative Loafing Charlotte
Trust Me, He's Quite Good And He's Very Nice - JPK

40 Paul Chambers
41 Bobsheaux
42 ElectricDragon505
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1. Roger Ebert
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1. Doug Walker
2. Roger Ebert
3. Chris Stuckmann

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