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81 Drawn to Life

Loved this game the first time I played it. Bringing my drawings to life felt great. dream come true

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82 Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits

Modern song, it's cool...

83 The URBS Sims in the City
84 Jump Ultimate Stars

This is a game only released in japan. I had it imported. It rocks. - dragonluigi2

85 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

FAVORITE SERIES! This was the first game I got of the series and I fell in love from the start

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86 Nanostray 2
87 Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue

It's a 3ds game not a ds game?

88 The Legendary Starfy
89 Naruto: Ninja Council 3

Taught me how to run through school at blazing speeds.

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90 Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

One of the best games ever made. If you want a Turn-based games with a sense of challenge that is going to make you question every decision you do then definitely pick this game up and the whole series

91 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Number 100!
I actually vomited by seeing this. This is a infamous Pokemon GAME AND A SEQUAL OF DARK AND TIME. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. This game should AT LEAST. Be in the top 30 if not top ten. This game is better than Mario Kart. In Mario Kart, all you do is race. In this game, you collect train, solve mysteries and enjoy doing it! I am so angry that this is so far down in the list. The only game I enjoyed on my DS was Explorers of sky, Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Black 2. And I played a lot of other games too like Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown and accurately 13 more.

Best game I have ever played more features than darkness and better additions

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92 Aliens Infestation
93 The Golden Compass
94 Battles of Prince of Persia
95 Charm Girls Club: My Perfect Prom

Probably the best DS game to have at someone else's high school prom during prom night because Electronic Arts created it. - playstationfan66

96 Inazuma Eleven
97 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009
98 Final Fantasy IV
99 Advance Wars: Dual Strike

I can't believe the advance wars series dried up here at 146th...This game is so outstanding...Characters are plentiful and wonderful. There's people to actually relate and care about. The story is simple but the theme is strong. Dialog and writing is incredibly enjoyable to read. The gameplay is simple, satisfying and interactive. The soundtrack is a A-. Catchy and memorable. Multiplayer is crazy competitive and fun. But its not all sugar and sweets, there are some annoying broken factors of certain because(characters) in Vs Online. Story is challenging and might give you a few days to understand "what am I doing wrong in this level" scenario. Aside from that, most of all, it's still the Advance Wars from the GBA series, just underrated. Please, this might look low of a game but try it. The quality of this game is top ten worthy.

100 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

This is one of the most underrated games I have ever played - SkullKid

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