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1 Nietzsche

If you haven't read his work, it's like you haven't kissed a girl yet but once you do you inadvertently fall in love with her...

No doubt Nietzsche is the most sublime and deep and high philosopher ever been.

Nietzsche #1? Didn't see that coming. That being said, I agree with him on most points.

Nietzsche is by far the best person on earth.

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2 Socrates Socrates

Socrates never wrote anything. All the Socratic theories are in fact the theories of his pupil Plato.

3 Plato Plato Plato was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.

Although Plato is not my favorite philosopher (because his writings lack the qualities that a philosopher should pursue most of all: clarity and being concise) and hardly any of his ideas can be considered indisputable, in terms of influence on the whole subject of philosophy he has no match. The modern philosophical disciplines, such as ontology, epistemology, and ethics, can be traced back to his dialogues; and virtually any philosophical problem which philosophers have been trying to solve for the last two thousand years was initially formulated by Plato.

As whitehead said the entire western philosophical tradition is a series of footnotes to plato... It seems though that in this poll the footnotes take precedence over the main text - prospero

Plato had the right ideas, and it's a shame they weren't executed. According to him, philosophers should be kings, as they'd make the best rulers, to which I agree for the most part. He deserves to be 1st.

It's very difficult to explain Plato's philosophy because it treats about many things ( ethics, politics, love, justice... ) but a great part of Plato's philosophy is based on the ideas of ideal forms. The world that we're experience is an illusion because only what's unvariable and eternal can be reality ( a theory by Parmenides ). There must be something that has eternal and unvariable forms who are the " blueprints " for the factual things we see trough our senses and our experience. Plato says that there are different individual horses, dogs, cats etc.. but they all made of one universal idea or form of a horse, a dog, a cat and so on. To understand the concept of Plato's theory of ideas, we can explain it trough an example ( the idea of a car that didn't exist in Plato's time ). The blueprint of the " idea of a car " was there. After someone experienced the idea he made out of his experience of the idea of the form a car. Once this idea is put in practice in ...more

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4 Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist born in the city of Stagira, Chalkidice, on the northern periphery of Classical Greece.

Aristoteles was for slavery. Anyone who thinks so don't really deseve to be called a great philosopher.
His teacher Plato at least was not in favor for slavery.

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5 Kant

Great works of metaphysics

One of the best


6 Heidegger
7 Descartes

After analysed every radical doubt he came to the conclusion that one thing is sure ; that he exist.
His saying " I think therefore I am " was true even if he was dreaming, even when his senses played tricks with his mind. It was even necessarily true because it's impossible to deny it without being in contradiction with yourself ( if you're saying that you have doubts about your existence it proves in fact that you exist otherwise you wouldn't have a doubt to begin with ). You also can't ignore the existence of your thoughts because it's with your thinking that you're able to get doubts. Therefore thinking and I ( my existence ) are the same. A proven selfidentity that has a body and mind.

Which, unfortunately, does not necessarily equate to "I am, therefore I think."
Something painfully apparent in many of the posts on these lists.

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8 Kierkegaard

Is concidered as the " father of existentialism " even if Soren Kierkegaard would not accepted that notion. Existentialism would be nothing more than a label in his point of view. But the " label " of being an existentialist has its origin because he said that many philosophies before him never said anything about fundamental human conditions like for instance choise. He said : " What I'm really missing is a clear image in my mind about what I have to do, not of what I have to known... It's all about finding a truth that's true for me, the idea for a purpose with my life and what to do with it... " His answer to finding his own truth is passion because the conclusions of passions are the only ones you can trust in his point of view. What the present time ( according to him ) is missing, is not reflection but passion. We are in a non-stop confrontation of taking decisions. Choise is therefore always with us and that is a companion and a burden at the same time. Hence his search for " ...more

9 Plotinus
10 Suzy Kassem

Sharp and prolific. Shame censorship keeps breaking her ladder every time her popularity rises. Hope she outdoes the dirty devils and reaches the masses in due time. She needs to be heard

Ah get off it mate I wouldn't say she's better than all males but certainly one of the best

Best woman philosopher and still young. I'd say she's better than the males before her, but then that doesn't say much about us, innit? 50 quid she's beats out all the tossers in influence.

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11 Marx

Karl Marx philosophy is based on dialectic materialism as opposed to Hegel's dialectic absolute idealism. According to dialectic materialism there are conflicts between economic classes. After feodalism we came in a new these. The Industrial employers of capitalism. The new these of capitalism will generate the antithese of the proletarian or working class. The synthese that will come out of this conflict is in Karl Marx's view socialism. To stop the conflicts that capitalism is generating it is necessary to maintain the productivity of economy trough socialism. Because capitalism will strive only to make benefits and therefore take advantage of the working class for producing more and more things that society really doesn't need. The unequality between the two classes will grow till there will be only rich and poor classes. Capitalism VS work. Only socialism who will maintain the equality can stop the unhuman conditions that will come if capitalism can do whatever it wants to do.

Marx was a genius with his philosophies, and it's a damn shame that it essentially was turned bad thanks to Stalin (not bashing Lenin, Lenin was never wrong by building off of Marx)

Helped in creating one of the most well known and thought out guides to a classless society ever made. Too bad no societies have managed to follow it yet. - iansallgirlband

Proletarians of all countries, unite! - DieGedankenSindFrei

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12 Epicurus

The Epicurean Paradox shows how a god can't be benevolent and omnipotent, but still allow evil in the world.

13 Schopenhauer

This dude is way too underrated, need more recognition for his spectacular works!

14 Baruch Spinoza
15 Thales
16 Locke
17 Parmenides

THe opposite view of Heracleitos. How can what "is" now be in the future? Or how can it be have a beginning? If it still has to be in the future how can it exist now? The past is over and the future still don't exist. Heracleitos says " The world was Always, is now and will Always be a eternally becoming."

18 Gemistus Pletho
19 Pythagoras Pythagoras Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and the putative founder of the movement called Pythagoreanism.

More a cultleader than a philosopher although Plato was for a part influenced by his thinking. But we can call him the godfather of modern mathematic philosophy if you will. Egyptians before him were also great practicers of mathematics but they didn't make a cult or philosophy of it.

20 Heraclitus
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