Top 10 Ways to Tell If a Boy Likes You

If you're a girl, see if the guy you like does any of these things. He really might like you!
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1 He stares at you and when you notice he is staring he quickly looks away

In all my entire life, I have only had one major crush. It started in 6th grade with this guy who sat next to me in my Math and Designs elective. He always tried to make me laugh with his designs and math jokes (which were lame, but it was super endearing). He was a major dork who loved classical music, playing the piano, and was completely quirky. He practically did everything on this list to get my attention. We practically both knew we liked each other because my not so secretive friends dropped major hints to him. And his not so secretive friends dropped major hints to me, too. I was too shy and my social anxiety practically just stopped me from telling him. I don't know what was his excuse, but he never told me either. We both knew, and were in deep denial that either of us liked the other more than friends, but we just never told one another. This practically continued all through middle school, with his and my friends trying to set us up. It never worked. We were too awkward. Then 8th grade promotion came and we said our final goodbyes since I was going to move away once again. I still talk to him, but he's moved on and has a girlfriend. Me? Some feelings still linger here and there.

2 He stares at you

When I do gymnastics in the field he says "Wow how do you do that" and I just say nothing.

A boy in my class does a lot of weird stuff and I am trying to figure out if he likes me!

All the time and never looks away.

3 He always tries to make you laugh or smile

Sometimes my crush manages to make me laugh when he does something stupid or says something funny. He does this because that's the way he is. Almost every time we talk though, I manage to make him laugh

Well, what else can that mean? And if he only targets you, like he does to me, what can that mean? I think the kid would like you if constantly tries to make you smile and laugh.

ALWAYS! But I laugh at everything but when I laugh at his jokes he smiles and makes more.

4 He smiles at you a lot

Because across the room he stares at me, and when I catch him, he smiles at me.

He does. Every time I say anything or look at him.

5 He teases you but doesn't tease other girls

Yes! My crush always teases me in a playful way. But he never does it to other girls. It's actually kinda cute.

It's the complete opposite with me. He teases other girls but not me.

Some boys tease girls my mom says they like you.

6 He always tries to be with you
7 He tries to act all cool around you

YES! He tries to show off when he plays basketball then when he misses he looks straight at me to see if I saw and blushes.

He tried to show off his strength and he ripped an apple in half... But it worked, I was amazed.

He always acts like he's doing everything right.

8 He tries to be friends with you

There's this weird boy at my school that used to flirt with me and now he only smiles at me so he likes me yea! The reasons why he's weird :
1. He dies his hair brown, but he's a natural red head.
2. He has an earring in his right ear.
3. He's weird.

Yeah. He talks to me a lot and we're really good friends.

I don't agree. Maybe he just wants to be friends!

9 He always makes you smile

I can't help it. We always just smile around each other.

Uh the kid I like does that to me all the time and when I'm around him I'm always laughing

10 When you walk near him and his friends, his friends start to tease him about it
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11 He tries to bully or tease you to hide his true feelings

. Wow I just found out the boy tat used to bully me likes me. But I don't know if I can forgive them for bullying me

That's how my mom and dad met and fall in love.

12 He is nervous when he talks to you and he stutters

Yeah this sounds like me, yeah I'm crushing on...

13 He looks at you all the time and never looks away

He stares into my eyes all the time!

We stare into each other's eyes and don't look away until someone interups.

14 When someone says that you like him he says "I don't care" and "shut up".
15 He imitates you
16 He asks you out

I think this is kinda An obvious hint unless it's a dare. I'm a girl and I got dared to ask out someone and now everyone thinks I like him. I don't, so just in case for this one u should say your answer then make sure it wasn't a dare.

Lots of these are just normal non-crush things that get misinterpreted.

I don't know, he said "I love you" but I think it's just as friends.

17 He puts his hands on your shoulders when he talks to you

Well not really he wouldn't put his hands on your shoulders that would be weird!

That would be creepy, unless he was actually your boyfriend.

18 He listens to whatever I say

He listens to me even if it is a dumb question or answer.

19 He tries to play fight with you

We played Footsie for a while but we made a twist and it was so fun!

We always argue with each other about random stuff but it's fun

20 He always picks you if you guys are playing Heads Up 7up
21 He tries to stay away from you because it is embarrassing
22 He stays completely away from you but hangs out with other girls

He does this to me, but it's kinda annoying.

23 He invites you to hang out or something
24 He always looks you in the eyes and avoids you

He always looks right at me but never talks to me.

25 He is protective

It's actually kinda sweet. When I'm talking to another guy he kinda shoves his way into the conversation and makes sure the guy I'm talking to knows I'm not up for grabs, but we aren't dating T^T

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