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21 Light

I think it could be good with sun out

Light only makes sense if you make the reason for being super effective against Dark not "Light and Dark counter each other". I think that it should be "Light scares evil and makes them retreat" - SoaPuffball

Or you mean "Fighting against Dark" - PokemonGOSucks

Fire, Fairy, Steel, Electric can produce light - PokemonGOSucks

Haha big dick

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22 ???

To clear up this subject, I believe this was never a type, I think it was a misconception as? had a move, but I think the people at game freak just could not figure out what move type it should be before the release date of Pokemon pearl and diamond, but in platinum they could not just change it in that gen so that is why I think the move curse had the?. besides what would it be called? question mark question mark question mark? no if this was to become a type they would have had it something other than?. hope this cleared some things up

Too bad it retired, I believe it had so much potential, but right now the only thing defining its power are weather orbs? Or are they called something else

Too OP, Curse is the only? Move and it can do wonders.

Actually, the latest generations changed Curse to Ghost type. I think it was a? Move because it changed its effect depending of the Pokémon type. - FernandoLemon

Thank god Burn Up brought this back.

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23 Bug

Although bug types were terrible in the first few generations, they came out as almost essential in gen 5 with their advantage over psychic, grass, and dark. DARK AND PSYCHIC WERE TWO OF THE ELITE 4! Bug types also have a great variety of powerful moves, such as X-Scissor and Bug Buzz. Some of the most interesting and powerful Pokemon are also bug type, like Scizor, Heracross, and Volcarona. I have never played a game without a bug type on my team, and never plan to.

Why is bug bad?! It has helped me through TONS of battles and in my opinion is better than the top 5 up there because I have beaten all the Johto gym leaders with them. Plus, it evolves at a low level giving them a cutting edge at battling and you get to see them look more epic and powerful. Maybe they are not as well in a cocoon form (medapod, kakuna) but its not my fault you never train them. In conclusion, I'm upset that it has been so underrated that it is in last place.

This should be at the top with dual typing of Scizzor only have 1 weakness and others like volcarona being able to counter fire they are more strategic than any other type in my group of friend we use mono teams with no legendary and I'm number 1 with only 1 loss and numerous wins. And if u wanna get into legendary the all favorited metro falls victim to genesect. Who by the way types out almost every single legendary due to being bug steel and the few fire legendary are victims to his type discs and overwhelming stats he don't need a mega as he stomps the primary of ORAS and mewtwo

Bug is so awesome because it can wreck every single pokemon, even the fire types. You can sweep legendaries with Butterfree, with its sleep powder and psychic combo.
-Bug Catcher Henry

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