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She is the one of the three main characters in the show The Powerpuff Girls. She was first created by Craig McCracken in 1992. She has short raven hair and green eyes with a green dress. She is known as the "toughest fighter" for her tomboyish attitude, being aggressive, and her love for fighting crime. ...read more.


She is my favorite, I feel very sorry for her being the most hated and treated like she is useless. She actually did so many good things to the team in fact the Powerpuff Girls would be weak if it weren't for her. Even Blossom, who is the smartest, called her a genius. She corrected Bubbles eye vision, Bubbles needs her vision or else how can she save the day and the team would be weakened. Buttercup does most of the work and is willing to help, not just sit there and be lazy. She was in fact the one who found an easier way to fight enemies, proven in the movie. She may bully and have insecurities, but I can relate to her in those situations. She also has no special power, which is not fair, and feels like she is not special, which makes me feel sorry for her. But guess what? She does not needed because she is gifted to be naturally strong. She is little bit of everything, from intelligence, to cuteness, to toughness, to happiness and more. - AnimeDrawer

I love Buttercup because she stands out. Among the three she's the most relatable one. Bubbles is the girly-girl stereotype (that episode when she went evil was pretty cool though) and she's those rare girls that don't really exist. Blossom is the smart leader and again not many are just born that way, she's an ideal hard to reach.
Buttercup is however the most realistic of the three (in my opinion). She violent yes, but what kid wasn't? She's impatient and impulsive, like a million of other girls and boys. She wants to kick butt, and what kid doesn't want to kick the butts of the evil guys?
While each girl represents a stereotype, Buttercup comes off as a real person. It also helps that she's so badass and strong, making her my favorite character.

How come no one says buttercup is pretty? Seriously, dark haired girls with light eyes are gorgeous and I don't get how blossom and bubbles are so pretty, all though they are pretty but not that much. Buttercup's hair style looks so unique and I like how she has dark hair and light eyes, which is what makes her prettier than her sisters. She is mean, but gorgeous looking and when they showed her older version she was the best looking out of her sisters.

Buttercup is strong and one of my favorite characters from the powerpuff girls series but in a really weird way she kind of reminds me of mackenzie hollister from the dork diaries series. But anyways you should look at blossom, bubbles, buttercup, brick and all the others in anime version!

She's my favorite. Yes I do love all of the girls, but I love Buttercup the most for her coolness and toughness. Plus we're both tomboys and her eye color and dress color is my favorite color. But the color of her eyes and dress aren't why I love her. Yes I can relate to Bubbles (my second favorite Powerpuff Girl) because we're both super nice and super sensitive (yes I am overly sensitive in real life, something I hate about myself), but I love Buttercup more. - Anonymousxcxc

Buttercup is so much better and is easily number 1! An it's unfair that she doesn't have a special talent. And what about those times when she saves the day? Or when she gets blamed for everything. She is the strongest ppg of all time is is AWESOME! Love her so much.

I don't get how buttercup and Mckenzie Hollister are the same? Seriously, buttercup is basically more boyish while Mckenzie is more spoiled and more into fashion and girly.

Yeah I hate the way Mackenzie is mean to Nikki and her friends. Buttercup and Butch should beat her up. - TwilightKitsune

Buttercup is the best in fact she reminds me of Adagio Dazzle from MLP and Aria Blaze is Blossom, Bubbles resembles Sonata Dusk, but Adagio is Blossom only for 3 reasons but Aria is more likely Blossom, both Buttercup and Adagio are the meanest, have a mind of a bully, strong, loves doing the things they love doing, loves to win, Tom girls, athletic, competitive and confident and their eyes are kind of green accept Adagio eyes turns green!

Buttercup is awesome, she should defeat rainbow dash in a fight. I hate rainbow dash by the way, buttercup is infinity better than that jerk, I don't get why so many people like her.

Vote her number 1 please, best Powerpuff Girl out there. I hope she becomes and iconic cartoon character, that will be really cool. If there was to be a live action The Powerpuff Girls movie, then I would definitely get Milla Jovovich as Buttercup, she would perfectly fit the character and role. I would get Dakota Fanning as Bubbles and Emma Stone as Blossom. - AnimeDrawer

Come on she's totally kick ass but funnily enough, that's what makes her cute! Bubbles is overrated but I still love her, I love all the Powerpuffs but Buttercup is quite relatable and also just a fun fact: She is the only Powerpuff who looks like she could legit be Professor's real daughter, look at the black hair and that somehow along with the pale skin all Powerpuffs have is enough resemblance for me to almost believe it.

Buttercup is the best in fact Buttercup reminds me of Adagio Dazzle from MLP and Aria Blaze and... kind of Adagio for Blossom, Bubbles resembles Sonata Dusk, but Adagio is Blossom only for 4 reasons but Aria is more likely Blossom, both Buttercup and Adagio are the meanest, have a mind of a bully, strong, hardworking, talented, loves to win and loves doing the things they love doing.

She's easily the best. She was the most aggressive, toughest, and strongest one in battle. She can be stubborn and a bit mean at times but that's honestly what made her the crime-fighting badass she was. Deep down she loved her sisters and everyone she knew and always fought for what she believed in.

Buttercup is the best powerpuff girl she is totally like me! Buttercup reminds me of Apple Jack from MLP like me I'm Apple Jack Bubbles is Pinkie Pie and Blossom is Rarity. It's like never ending AWESOME of Buttercup!

Yeah, Buttercup is awesome, she's the coolest and most kick butt PPG ever! You can even tell she's the muscle and fighter from her name: BUTTercup, she kicks BUTT! Vote Buttercup for number 1!

Buttercup is like Raphael from TMNT. She is cool tough and smart. She is my favorite character Also Blossom is like Leo from TMNT and Bubbles is Like Mikey

In my opinion Buttercup is the least annoying. She gets to the point when fighting and is maybe the strongest. She is adorable and is hilarious!

Some people don't like her because of her flaw of Being "too tough". Well, She is actually really nice If you get to know her.

You may think that I like Bubbles but I don't. My favorite is Buttercup because she is totally AWESOME and she's just like me and I think Blossom is the cute one. Last is Bubbles she is so annoying.

Way better than Rainbow Dash. She's good, but...

Simply the best, and she deserves to be number one because for her tomboyish, tough and badass nature!. She can be little rude to her sister but she deeply cares about them! So, buttercup is probably the best character in the entire show! - Crystalsnow

In the reboot, she sucks. They made her really annoying and unlikable, she also threatened to beat up a kid for not voting Blossom. The real, original Buttercup is much better, at least she had remorse, she was funnier, and overall great. - AnimeDrawer

Buttercup is better than bubbles

Buttercup is the best because she is a bad ads even though she had no unique powers like the others.

Buttercup rules, rainbow dash drools, who agrees?