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1 The Last of Us

No game compares to the last of us! Its an incredible experience, a gene defining experience! Best game of this generation hands down! And to see heavenly sword higher up on the list than this! That is just awful, vote this masterpiece up! - usdyftsws4hgf

Best single player I've ever played. Online multiplayer is fun too, but none of my friends have this game and playing against strangers isn't nearly as fun. So not really a knock against the game, but where this game shines is campaign. 10/10.

Games like uncharted 3 the legend of zelda batman arkham city are all great games and they all got 10/10 but the last of us ACTUALLY DESERVERED 10/10.

The last just prove that it's better then any game I played.

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2 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

To be honest all the games on the list is a class but my pick have to go uncharted way what a game naughty dog continued on with the magic from the jak and daxter series

I stayed up for hours playing this game and I recommend getting this game even though it's 4 years old.

Screw The Last of Us, this flipping game is one of the best ever!

To be honest, one of the best games ever deserves to be number 1.

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3 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The greatest game for the ps3 this and god of war 3 are amazing! Epic, fun and thrilling uncharted 3 has it all! This is the best game ever... Until I play the last of us.

Best game ever made by humans

The prequel to the best ps3 exclusive ever made.

It is really the worst of of the series but still can kick some ass without a sweat. Sony's own version of Indiana Jones. a combination of Lara croft and James Bond!

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4 God of War III

Before the age of the twilight set upon the gods, a legend rose to take his place among them. And even though Kratos sat on the throne as the new God of War, he was haunted by visions of his family - a family he himself murdered. But the Hands of Death could not defeat him. The Sisters of Fate could not control him. And on this day, the man, the legend, Kratos, will have his revenge. - reaperam

Badass, ripped, and bloody, this has got to be one of the best ps3 games of all time.


Want to kill a god? this is it. a lot of Gore, epic boss battles, cool powers to have, puzzles are fun... A real stress-reliever.

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5 Infamous 2

InFAMOUS2 is a flawless game. It has everything a good game needs. Amazing story, fluid gameplay, great responsive controls, characters with awesome voice acting, an epic climax, cool bosses and lots of replay value. Zeke has got to be one of my favourite video game characters. Many games have given the player good and evil paths, but none have done so this well. I gotta say, the missions are innovative, dynamic and downright fun. I do prefer the good missions and ending, but it's just so much fun beating up civilians. The melee combat is excellent and a lot of fun to use and still kept simple, which is a good thing. As said before, the story is amazing filled with plot twists, great dialogue and two great endings. The good ending even made my eyes watery, and on a superhero game too. On the term of "super" using powers is really fun. Just fun. Being able to use grappling hooks, freeze enemies, bend gravity and much more is an amazing experience. Having fire, ice, electricity and ...more

Nothings better than a electric shooting 20 year old.

Only flaw of this game is the ending for evil karma.

This game is phenomenal.Traversing the city is fun,the rpg elements are perfect,the combat mechanics are unique and fun,and the story is top-notch.Sucker punch knows exactly what gamers want,and they deliver it in spades.

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6 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

This game is an absolute masterpiece! Perfect story, flawless gameplay, and it allows you to be creative and forces you to think about what decisions you should make in the game.

Guys this the best game just think of it metal gear the story is good gameplay is good and the stealth is awesome

Best stealth ps3 exclusive of all time

I bought a ps3 just to play it.

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7 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

One of the best games of all time.

Gun fight, compact story, good puzzles, great graphics(consider the release year) one of the best game of it's own era.

Not as good as among thieves
Also super hard 4 some reason. took me like 2 months to complete it. I did 3 in 1 week!

8 Heavy Rain

Why is it not in the top 10? I guess no one has played this awesome game...

I only like it because of the shaun! And Jason! Glitches. never heard of the game until then. if you haven't seen it you can on YouTube

Awesome game by awesome director David cage is the king of mind twisting plots

This game is better than all movies I watched, and YOU get to play it...

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9 Infamous

Again, whats better than a electric shooting 20 year old.

Better than Prototype

I love this game and it's sequal.

10 LittleBigPlanet

Best game I have ever played great for any ages!

My god, the nostalgia is real - carafa0123

Favorite of all time!

Another one of the best side scrolers in ps3 history.

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11 Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

Can't go without playing this game, you gotta play it. ITS ADDICTING.

This game has excellent game play, and a great story.

OKAY I know I'm only 13 and got a lot of life to live to. I love this game best game of all time just this is better than ocarina of time laugh out loud and Call of Duty F**K Call of Duty it sucks I hate kids my age who are a Call of Duty addict!

12 Demon's Souls

Most people praise this game because of difficulty.
I agree, it was rather refreshing, to play a game that doesn't hold your hand and doesn't show you big indicator to point you in the right direction, while robbing you from freedom of choice.
But personally I recommend this game because of atmosphere, constant sense of hopelessness and plot, which you actually need to unravel by yourself. Not everything is explained, so you can use you imagination and intelligence to help yourself understand what actually happened in Boletaria, and more importantly - why. So instead of just yet another forgettable adventure you get something that will make you think about human nature, and of course die a lot, and in turn experience great success when you get that boss that get you killed so many times, just to see what lies ahead.
Or to get to that shiny item on a cliff, that you weren't able to access before.

"Has the land found its savior, or have the demons found a new slave? "

The atmosphere and difficulty are like nothing else, this is an absolute classic.

This should be No1

Needs no introduction

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13 Beyond: Two Souls

Brilliant game can change the endings

Amazing experience, it has almost everything-
Unique plot ; great controls ( If you are using a controller made by sony ) ; emotional ending..
I would defiantly consider buying this, it is easily in my top ten list. Right next to Last of Us.

This is the top 10 best list, not the worst. Get this out of here.

Complete garbage.

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14 Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

This game along with Ratchet and Clank a Crack in time should be MUCH HIGHER this game is the game that actually made people buy a ps3 (some could argue its Uncharted:Drakes fortune) But I think it's Ratchet and Clank tools of destruction

Nope. - Extractinator04

15 Little Big Planet 2

Amazing for all ages even 40 year olds. Easily the best side scrolling ps3 exclusive, maybe even the best side scrolling game.

This game is really good it gives you time to relax

One of the best and most addictive games ever - carafa0123

16 Resistance: Fall of Man

One of the best games of all time

No - Extractinator04

Had a good story my faovurite fps

17 Journey

This game may not be the best conventionally but it's more like a stunning work of art than a video game in my opinion, so it's not really comparable on this list. Plus you have to admit that it is impressive budget-wise.

All right, it's corny, but I found Journey kind of profound. Like, a real "games as art" type of game. An experience of an emotional journey that could only be done through an interactive medium.

18 Killzone 3
19 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Love the story and the animations. The gameplay is also exellent

20 Resistance 3

Excellent game, I played this as a stress reliever during a difficult time in my life. I even got the platinum trophy.

This Game is AMAZING!
Best resistance by far

I played this 3 yrs ago, couldn't get past 1st level. then again I was 8

21 The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

These are two very special games from PlayStation. If you haven't played them yet you may think twice before voting but... if you have played it I am quite sure you have voted already. I never met anybody who played and didn't liked these two epics!

Two of the best and most beloved videogames of the 21st century in just one package. Enough said.

22 PlayStation All-Star: Battle Royale
23 Heavenly Sword

Underrated as fk

24 ModNation Racers

Modnation racers is like LBP. But it's a racing game.

25 Gran Turismo 5

Was my favourite car game of all time until GT6 came out. Who can get board with 1,000 plus cars? - DunnaNunnaBatman

26 Gran Turismo 6

I prefer this over the other Gran Turismo games, I didn’t like it at first, but lately I’ve had a better appreciation for it

27 Killzone 2
28 Valkyria Chronicles

How is this game not #1 beautiful watercolor and anime blend an excellent story line and memorable characters that progressed emotionally throughout the story my god! it's way better than Killzone

Great game but it's also on PC so not sure I'd call it PS3 exclusive

Best game on PS3!

29 Resistance 2
30 Dust 514

Such an underrated game. I love it

31 Warhawk

Besides Skyrim, Warhawk is the most fun, and amazing game I have ever played. It should be number one. It's a classic.

32 Starhawk
33 Grand Turismo 5 Prologue
34 MotorStorm

Great game well a chalange. G G MAN

35 The Jak and Daxter Collection


36 Tokyo Jungle
37 Tales of Xillia
38 One Piece: Pirate Warriors

Great story and Great gameplay

If you are a fan of jrpg, if you liked naruto, if you liked dragonball z... Then Try it.

39 Puppeteer

Best HD platform game

40 Lair
41 Castle Crashers

This is just...I love for some reason.There are SO MANY characters to choose from and the magic is so cool! Not to mention Insane mode! This game is just...Wow. - ilar9118

42 Littlebigplanet Karting
43 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

The best collection of all time! - Alpha101

Best RPG of all time. - playstationfan66

44 Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

The most recent Ratchet and Clank and after the Games all 4 one and Full frontal assault it was nice to see a good R&C game

45 Flow
46 Ridge Racer 7
47 Haze

A ps3 version of halo - xCHAOSNARUTOx


48 Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm

The first frachise in the ninja storm game series for ps3. If you are a fan of Naruto, this is a must have. I pretty enjoyed the game, although it lacked of trophies/acheivements; however, the game is fun.

49 Katamari Forever
50 Grand Theft Auto V

This is for PC, not an exclusive. Thanks for paying twice for the game and beta testing it.

I suggest Grand Theft Auto online here

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