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21 Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim

Nicki Minaj completely murdered Kim on Romans Revenge, Did it on em, and many more, Kim shouldn't start what she can't finish!

Sicki Garbage wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Kim breaking down doors for female rappers and birthing her. Poof..she gone!

Niki Manaj copied Lil Kim's style. Lil Kim took all the hate but she kept bouncin'. Lil Kim for life! Lil Kim won!

22 D12 vs. Ja Rule

This should be number 1 have you heard of go to sleep? Or maybe Doe Rae Me or possibly Hail Mary

Anyway ja rule got murdered 2 by D12 and 50 cent

Ja rule got destroyed by d12 and obie in doe ray me

23 50 Cent vs Jay Z V 1 Comment
24 Drake vs. Meek Mill

This is top ten, Back to Back blew up just because he was roasting Meek

V 1 Comment
25 Eminem vs. Canibus V 1 Comment
26 LL Cool J vs. Canibus

One of hip hops greatest, since canibus was the new kid in the game and LL was like a 15 year rap veteran and canibus destroys LL street credibility with 2nd round knockout, and just to make it worse he managed to get mike tyson on his song to take down LL, although canibus never hit it big, this surely did hold LL's career back

27 Ice Cube vs. Common
28 Boogie Down Production vs Juice Crew
29 Dolla vs. 2 Pistols
30 T.I. vs Shawty Lo
31 Eminem vs. Cage

Cage? He gave em a run but we all no who won this

32 Nas vs Eminem V 3 Comments
33 Nas vs Big Sean
34 Eminem vs Everlast

Quitter and I remember are the best diss songs after Hit Em Up

35 DJ Quik vs. MC Eiht

One of the longest beef in rap music and it's my favorite one. I know a lot of people say quik because of that one line but to me eight destroy him in definitely wish II and other track as well but I will say quik has good diss track as well

Great beef the best one from two of my favorite mc's

36 Common vs. Too $hort

Common coming at Ice Cube & Mack 10 - xXLennyKingXx

37 Havoc vs. Prodigy

They were really good in Mobb Deep but now they're taking shots at each other

38 Justin Bieber vs Flo Rida
39 Tech N9ne vs. The Industry

Mainstream's going Tech, so he's winning.

The industry is punks

40 Aka vs Cassper Nyovest

That's the beef from South Africa

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