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1 SAW - The Ride SAW - The Ride

close one. saw beats stealth by just a bit.

The biggest drop goes super high and vertical as you go up and then goes over the top and plummets down as it curves in and sweeps back up again and round! It's the most thrilling ride, and I highly recommend it!

Starts indoors as pitch black then goes outside and into a beyond vertical drop! Blades sweep past your head and a bunch of twists, loops and turns come into action. Absolutely love this ride. I recommend it

Best ride on the resort

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2 Stealth

Went on it five times in a row front seat and it just gets better and better. The only thing bad about stealth is its not in my garden. Orgasmic.

Accelerates so fast and has a unique feeling from all the other rides!... as though you have been yanked and you are being dragged through the entire track... You can't feel your legs either! Out of this world sensation! Before I went on it I wouldn't dream of going on it. Definitely make sure you ride it!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE STEALTH! The launch at the beginning is so nerve racking, however as soon as those lights turn green, THE RIDE IS SPECTACULAR. The only thing with stealth is that the ride only lasts a mere 10-20 seconds and the queue is usually always the longest!

It was very fast, I also liked Colossus.
It was very fast.

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3 Swarm

I was screaming non stop at this unbelievable never ending thrill ride! IT WAS LIKE I HAD LITERALLY BEEN CAUGHT BY ALIENS!

When I was in the line for this I near enough had a panic attack because it looked scary, the ride started and I loved it, you go through a broken build board and under a plane, so that was great.

Went on this as my first time going upside down on a rollercoaster, it was so fun that I went on it 3 times in a row! Definitely my favourite ride at Thorpe Park!

Best ride ever! even thought it felt like 15 seconds long. I'm definitely going on it again!

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4 Colossus

Colossus is so amazing, 10 thrilling inversion in a row and the worlds first roller coaster in the worlds to do that, I think colossus is the best ride at thorpe park

Colossus lasts just the right amount if time and the thrill of the loops were amazing, the best ride.

It is just the best ride so it should be at top and stealth should not be top

The barrel rolls are the best part - Maddox121

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5 Nemesis Inferno

Love this ride so much! Just imagine as though you are flying. I would defiantly recommend queuing for the front seat, well worth the wait!

It's not the fastest one statistically speaking but it definitely feels like it when the ride twists and turns and accelerates while you are upside down just remarkable!

My first upside down roller coaster and I loved it! Scariest part is getting into the seat but other than that, it's a fantastic ride!

SO fun

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6 Rush

Rush is totally awesome, it is like an insane pirate ship ride but twice the speed and triple the intensity! It is astounding and a great fun ride to definitely ride on the day!

It's quite fast and adrenaline pumping but is definitely a very good sky swing.

Totally brilliant I was blown away

Rush is awesome! So cool!

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7 Samarai

It is so awesome it is like you are flying but going upside down instead

Top scans are always like that

Favourite Flat ride here

8 Slammer

Slammer is by far my favourite non-rollercoaster ride its epic!

Haven't actually been on it and am glad too it looks HORRIBLE!

It's uncomfortable and horrible. Other people might like it but it's not for me.


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9 Zodiac

Had to sit on my best friends lap and it was painful

10 Detonator

Up 100 ft, and then down! - Regizap

Its scary however its even more scary when the guy controlling the ride decides to let the timer go "5... 4... 3... WOOOSh" DOWN! It was funny and scary because normally it goes down to "1..." then we plummet. who ever did that is a genius xxx

Lasts around 10 seconds but still worth doing. The contents of your stomach will flip

Scares me more than all the coasters, to be honest.

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11 Vortex

Love zodiac. Great ride, look backwards and u get so much adrenaline


12 Tidal Wave

The best ride ever at Thorpe park on a really hot day. Normal waiting times are 2 hours + but when I went no waiting time. The splash was epic was thoroughly soaked by the wave a good ride for junior thrillseekers

Why is tidal wave so low its great!

You get totally soaked on this!

Why is this so low? this is the greatest thorpe park ride ever for junior thrill seekers. there is only one dip and although it is quite high, it is worth the wait. at the end, you get soaked to the bone, so it is a great ride for a really hot day. the only thing wrong about it is that it isn't in my bedroom... or my garden...? nah, my bedroom.

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13 X: No Way Out

I didn't like x no way out but when it turned to x it was better because it went forward and it was like a roller coaster going through a night club. A good ride for kids and adults.

Whys X so low give it some help its great you can rave in the line while waiting and its got strobe lighting! Although in my opinion Saw- the ride is the BEST!

Backwards in the dark. Uh oh. - Regizap

In my opinion, X might looks like the best enclosed coaster that’s not in Disney parks. It uses lasers and strobes during the ride, which are basic but still makes the ride more fun. And it also has a nightclub-ish theme (formerly an intelligent computer virus). Sadly it’s being rethemed to the Walking Dead in 2018, which means the spectacular strobes and lasers probably might be removed.

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14 Derren Brown's Ghost Train


it amazing

But like his shows, lots of hype,but the buzz is just not their,Alton towers ghost train is better, than this load of tosh!

15 The Walking Dead: The Ride

Amazing ride! The walk,run to the actual ride is great as you feel like zombies are going to jump out at you! When you get on the carriage can hold about 16 people on it but I was with my mum and two friends and although there were other people in our group they made us 4 go by ourselves which made it much scarier especially when you exit the ride and there are zombies chasing you, the less people there are the more the zombies focus on you! ’

16 Depth Charge

I went on this and there was a fat guy and his small child next to us and I got soaked

Great ride, it has small lengthed queue and very speedy. It's definitely a underrated ride.

17 Loggers Leap

Loggers Leap is awesome, a really high fun ride with a great splash at the end. Like Tidal Wave but through better scenery. EPIC!

18 Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride

Whe! Give me more bananas! - Regizap

Mitch loved this thing

19 King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems
20 Saw

T was so scary seeing the spikes rush toward you

Saw is amazing.i went on it first in the front then at the back. The back is definitely the best because you don't see anything!

21 Flying Fish

It's so scary...LINGLY BAD

22 Angry Birds 4D Experience

An experience like no other

23 Wet Wet Wet

It is perfect for the little adventurer's as they love to splash around and play in the water

24 Rocky Express
25 Timber Tug Boat
26 Jett and Jin: Jetpack Adventure
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