Top 10 Best Travel Destinations in Nepal

Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Buddha, is one of the most famous adventure destinations. The 800 km stretch of the Himalayas that falls within the territory of Nepal comprises 8 out of the 10 highest mountains in the world.

The lush hills, charming villages, and lush tropical forests roamed by tigers, rhinos, and elephants add to the charisma of nature, making it perfect for people with different interests. Against the backdrop of majestic Himalayan giants, one can trek, climb, raft, paraglide, or simply relax in luxury hotels.
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1 Lumbini - The Birthplace of Buddha

People who are reading this comment, read carefully and tell everybody that Buddha was born in Nepal, and India is trying to cheat. They have already made a fake Lumbini and are trying to take everything from Nepal because they want to bring more tourists in the case of Buddhism in India. They are just cheaters, so please everybody share this and make people aware. If you want to see the real Buddhism place, you must visit the real Lumbini which lies in Nepal, not the fake one which they just built recently in India for the sake of money. Peace.

2 Pashupatinath Temple

Even the USA was not found when this temple was built.

One of the best heritage sites in the world.

3 Bhaktapur

12 km east of Kathmandu lies Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is one among the UNESCO recognized Cultural World Heritage sites. The medieval city is also known as a living museum for its citizens still maintain their lifestyle to go with the old city. The city is a combination of architecture and culture.

Beautiful... I will visit very soon.

4 Pokhara

A place with both cultural and natural shrines. You would find there a big lake and an island there in the middle, beautiful temples, and greenery. You also can enjoy boating and fishing. And from the lake, you can view the Annapurna mountain, one of the eight thousand meter peaks you can find in Nepal. I would surely recommend you guys to visit there.

Pokhara is renowned as the 'natural capital' of Nepal for its astounding setting of beautiful lakes with lush hills offering a panoramic view of the Himalaya. With the backdrop of three 8,000 m mountains, Pokhara provides the ground for various adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting, and paragliding.

5 Everest National Park

This is the highest national park in the world, with the entire park located above 3,000 m (9,700 ft). This park includes three peaks higher than 8,000 m, including Mt Everest. Therefore, most of the park area is very rugged and steep, with its terrain cut by deep rivers and glaciers. Unlike other parks in the plain areas, this park can be divided into four climate zones because of the rising altitude. The climatic zones include a forested lower zone, a zone of alpine scrub, the upper alpine zone which includes the upper limit of vegetation growth, and the Arctic zone where no plants can grow. The types of plants and animals that are found in the park depend on the altitude.

6 Jomsom
7 Swayambhunath

One of the great shrines in Nepal. Everybody must visit Swayambhu!

8 Mustang

One of the outstanding in the list of must-visit places in Nepal is Mustang. Mustang is in the trans-Himalayan Region. Being part of Nepal, it survived the cultural revolution in the '50s and is known as a thumb in the eye of Tibet. One can find Tibetan Buddhism and other practices intact in the region.

Heaven is a myth, Mustang is real.

9 Chitwan National Park

The protected area of Chitwan is glorified with diverse wildlife and exotic bird species, for which Chitwan National Park is also recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage Site. A full board package based in safari lodges gives you the chance to explore the jungle on elephant back, four-wheel drive, guided jungle walk, canoe ride, and more.

The Chitwan National Park is the oldest national park of Nepal. It has many endangered species including the Royal Bengal Tiger and One horned rhinoceros. It has so many restaurants and lodges with the cultural foods and dances.
It has at least 63 species of mammals and 543 species of birds.

10 Jiri
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11 Tilahar, Kushma, Parbat

The most beautiful village in Nepal.

12 Nagarkot

Among all the places for mountain viewing in the Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot is usually considered to be the best. The views go from Dhaulagiri in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha). You can also see Manaslu (8,463m), Ganesh Himal (7,111m), and Langtang (7,246m). Many people go up to Nagarkot in the afternoon, stay in a hotel in Nagarkot, and then get up at dawn to see the Himalaya Mountains during the sunrise.

Good view as well as the environment, quiet, makes it enjoyable for couples. It is really cool and nice. I will never forget that day when I was in Nagarkot. I miss Nagarkot.

13 Annapurna Conservation Area

The Annapurna Conservation Area comprises the famous trekking trails, villages, and mountains in the Annapurna Region. Annapurna I, at 8,091m, is the highest of the Annapurna. It is the 10th highest mountain in the world and the first of the 8,000m to be climbed. The region hosts many short and long treks, equally beautiful and charming. The Ghorepani Trek is the shortest (5 days) recommended trek in the Annapurna Region.

14 Bardia National Park

The Bardia National Park is the largest and most undisturbed protected area in the Terai. It is home to the endangered Royal Bengal tiger and Nepal's famous one-horned rhinoceros.

15 Daman
16 Khaptad Kshetra

It's like heaven on Earth... A must-see destination, though remote.

17 Damak
18 Palpa

Very pleasant and beautiful place... Must-visit place.

19 Rara Lake
20 Chisapani
21 Gulmi Resunga

One of the hills at high altitude where snow caps sometimes during winter. The whole city of Tamghas can also be observed from here. It will take 1 hour (more or less) to reach the top. The hill is green all the time, covered with various species of trees and much more things to find.

22 Dolpo Region

The Dolpo region is a very remote area and Ancient Buddhist Lands of Nepal. Dolpa appears analogous to the image of the Shangri-la of Nepal in many aspects. One has to see the scenery in all of its natural beauty and experience the isolation to know this is so. Dolpo is the homeland of the snow leopard, the famous Shey Gompa, and Phoksumdo Lake.

23 Muktinath
24 Vedetar
25 Pathivara Devi Taplejung
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